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Author fami ji funclub (5 days)
guys if you really want this game just for free simply go to *freenfastlink.weebly.
its really safe free and legit also all the expansion packs are available
just for free.

Author Anime Robin (6 months)
finally a program that works

Author Estefanía Marco (1 month)
Can anyone help? I have found a way to get in the website but now I have a
problem with the magnet links, it would not let me open it :(

Author Regine Smiley (1 month)
thank you so much! I guess mine worked! :D But my computer kinda got a bit
laggy, is it suppose to be like this after you download or maybe it's some
other stuff in my computer that cause it to be laggy? thanks again!!

Author William Scott (7 months)
guys download sim 3 for free
go to freenfastlink.weebly. com
search for it and download it

Author Estefanía Marco (1 month)
The access to piratebay has been blocked, which other site do you reccomend

Author farahnur adiyaguan (8 months)
oh........ so many steps want to do.....

Author flame games (1 month)
you dont have to get the keygen just use his

Author luke noel (2 years)
New Youtube Video, How To Get Sims 3 Free For PC
How To Get Sims 3 Free For PC

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
I swear that that's what this video is about .

Author Nicole Hemingway (1 year)
Do you have to download anything?

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
No viruses, promise .

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
I think they're fine with the keygen I gave to them .

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
Yeah, I guess it could . Thanks for the advice though, I'll definantly take
it into consideration .

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
Chill man, let ignorant people be ignorant .

Author applesuba (1 year)
this may cause a virus

Author 1004bjorn (9 months)
Damn it i cant use piratebay

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
How .?

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
That escalated quickly ..

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
Yea, message me and I'll give you the link to the UK's version of
Thepiratebay .

Author glacine (1 year)
exactly my problem how the heck can you finish the surveys coz i cant seem
to ><

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
Pisses you off too .?

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
Umm . Unless you want to do a survey, I highly recommend torrents . This is
the fastest way of downloading this unless you wanna buy the actual game
for something around $35 .

Author KeepinIt RealssForreals (1 year)
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ggeett iitt

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
You live in UK .?

Author Squishylime (9 months)
can you update the key generator? that cite isnt available anymore

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
Now it's .sx .

Author Aleksander Kerner (11 months)
So what are you gonna do? Bitch about it to your dad?

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
Well I assure you kind sir, this does not cause and viruses .

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
Do you understand my instructions .?

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
You need a newer computer, sorry about that .

Author Max (11 months)
So is this

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
Thanks for the construtive critisism .

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
Thanks for helping people out, appreciate it .

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
If you follow my instuctions, no . Not at all .

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
Shut up ..

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
What do you mean .?

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
What .?

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
No offense, but did you really expect it to .? Hundreds of people can vouch
for my videos though .

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
Lol, well I stopped and I hope that you do eventually care about being
happy . Have a nice day .!

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
Heeyy you . Fuck off .

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
Go away .

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
Keep the disc mounted for a while, get back to me if it doesn't work .

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
Guess who just got blocked along with about 20 other people already .?

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
This needs to stop . Stop freaking setting up these stupid comment links .
This website has surveys that are supposedly quick and easy, but take over
an hour to complete, countless downloads (including possible viruses), and
don't even let you download what you want . If you want to download Sims 3
from this website, be my guest .

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
Right .? Tell these people that .

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
Yup .

Author applesuba (11 months)
The U.S why..?

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
*Doesn't . And yes, it does . Do you need help with something on it .?

Author lukejoshnoel (11 months)
Goomia .net is a place with a survey, don't try it .

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