Gangster Disciples Threaten Rick Ross (We Pressing Up On You)



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Author MrC00kieM0nst3r (4 months)
These are real gangsters, not the rick fat fuck ross wannabe gangster

Author myusernameistaken23 (4 months)
Heres an idea..... Get a real job and take those silly things of your faces

Author thomas walsh (8 months)
What language are they speaking ?

Author peckyRIDERse15 (7 months)
GDK 060 600 BD Shit

Author Philbert Desenex (8 months)
Rick Ross owns all you crusty little wannabe gangstas.

Too many gays in the highest levels of GD. Rick knows who...

Author Spooky KiId (10 months)
they shud kill that nigga, and lil wayne

Author TheYfdsdff (8 months)
what song is this??

Author Delores Randall (1 year)
Lord have mercy. This sounds serious Rick Ross. Ummmm dude...backs away
from the computer. These dudes ain't freaking around. Give them what they
want! One thing to emulate but the "streets" and real "niggah's" don't "f"

Author Levsta (1 year)
"these niggas can't hold me back" LOL

Author Anna Eisamn (1 year)
Everybody Gangster Disciples are Jewish everyone go and dis them cause they
ain't shit in the world they should kill each other

Author james junior (1 year)
ya face look broke ya in got no money abt ya go get a job at walmart ..rick
ross already got money soooo

Author Devon Harris (1 year)
Every body now rick roos st8 faking and the whole world know

Author Noisecooore (1 year)
can't even get a decent camera dawg?

Author sebasguzman23 (1 year)
in my country if you make a video Threat , first you are so fucking stupid,
second u better act or you're dead. for sure , or your family is in real
danger. im from medellin colombia

Author Kimberly Bailey (1 year)
74 GD folk

Author Patrick Pfeiffer (1 year)
Cock Ross? lame.

Author FuGG SBG (1 year)
you think ross scared of a gang that cant kill zimmerman for killing one of
them.. think again all ross have to do is show his power he already got
more money than yall yout think cant come to your city all he have do is
bring choppas yall aint never seen b4

Author bennymac1313 (1 year)
Monkeys r a funny breed. Trying to extort and threaten somebody on camera
should make it real hard for the feds to make a case. Stupid morons.

Author joekelmen (1 year)
damn that white nigga in the back ......... looks like a fucking ghost him
only would fuck officer ricky up hard GD's are fucking killas and drug

Author Wendell Scott (1 year)
Gang Task Force. "GT"

Author flizzzy (1 year)
i agree,well said

Author fakhrykhalafalla1 (1 year)
Dumb ass niggas

Author Tommy Hodge (1 year)
They have interwebs in da streets?

Author 50guru86 (1 year)
Take America if y'all bout something. If not. Shut that shit upppppp!!!!!!

Author Renee Jones (1 year)
dummies..........aint nobody giving you fools a check........get a job and
read a BOOK.

Author JASON KCMO (1 year)
i bet u wont even say it to they face if u was in person SMH

Author ANGELinFortWorth (1 year)

Author Sequoyah Brown (1 year)
Fuck William Wallis sumbody needa duck tape his azz up and cut his tatts
off one by one..

Author marco437 (1 year)
Combined I.Q. 100

Author Warlord Rebel (1 year)
Ima LMG gangsta

Author JASON KCMO (1 year)
man these GD music go hard as fuck i need them all on a CD NOW!!!! in my gd
from alabama voice

Author str8mobbin09 (1 year)
lol i can careless about a username on youtube. I've had this account for
ages. The world would be a better place without these filthy rats running
around. Wish they could put them in a gas chamber and kill them all. They
should go find a job and make a living,instead of yelling out stupid shit
looking like chimps, making themselves look retarted. Now come lift my sack
for me please.

Author Lordnels (1 year)
Disgraceful. Shameful. Ignorant... and above all inciting to murder?

Author drzpapi27 (1 year)
ill wip my ass wit dat shirt n spray all dem foolz

Author David Dancer (1 year)
Lol at the dude with the dreads! Does he even know the camera is on???

Author POSFUK (1 year)
It's so cool when they pretend they have guns in their hands. Lol idiots

Author Gloomy Dump (1 year)
say it to thay face then...i DARE you

Author drloserface (1 year)
africans in a white country? closed. they simply should not be
there. animals

Author VeggiePandya (1 year)
Was that video from Africa?

Author Danny Ogle (1 year)
GD's are wannabes

Author Richard Donnell (1 year)
The object is to commit crimes and mot get caught.Not have your face seen
so u can go to jail

Author castillo319 (1 year)
Outside ur neiborhood ya quiet as a mouse. Ya bust under pressure when them
boys press ya out. N I dare anyone of ya joker talk that fake g shit to
some real killers. Ross fake ass is just representing the rest of ya for
what ya r FAKE

Author Gordy Binning (1 year)
I hope you guys get that fat piggy.

Author Ryan Hoppe (1 year)
Anthony Cumia does not approve

Author daze deeyanar (1 year)
how the fuck is this fake u fuckin idiots? rick ross is fucked

Author lamleichase1 (1 year)
Ignorance at it's best smh

Author Tierra Ford (1 year)

Author starquan jones (1 year)
all these ppl are idiots! who comes on the WORLD WIDE WEB and tries to
threaten/extort someone? Wow what a bunch of brain surgeons

Author intheshuck (1 year)
im not talking about black people atall im talking about people who thinks
its okay to be 'gangsters'.. i have noproblem with black people and i am
friends with them.I am not racist in any way or sort and i like listening
to 90's rap. you got the complete wrong end of what im trying to get at.

Author LyricalTrackSnapper (1 year)
Dumb ass we not jewish stupid mutha fucka! # 7-4-14 we take this
disrespectful shit serious.. I put that on my 2-15-19

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