Rammstein-Master of Puppets(Metallica)

Master of Puppets

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Author Thrashers9899 (2 years)

Author VigilanteHate (1 year)

Author Danilo Gonçalves (2 years)
Shit Movie

Author el nagla (1 year)

Author marco antonio ramirez burnett (2 years)
no friege compa este no es cover es video editado de rammstein con la voz
de metallica xD

Author Megas Alexandros (2 years)
wait...that wasnt Rammstein playing Master of Puppets?

Author MrChristK (2 years)
I'm sorry to say, no, it wasn't.

Author avall77 (2 years)
убило ,к херам ...

Author sasa gunjara (2 years)
suck dick

Author ილია არდემანაშვილი (1 year)
you son of bitch

Author ERICK SERRANO (2 years)
du hast rammstein

Author MrMetalkiller66 (2 years)
Loool Rammstein can't play Master Of Puppets...Nervermind

Author Felipe Locks (2 years)
this video proves how stupid thinks people can do

Author Valter Firmino BN (2 years)

Author Victor Romero Moreno (2 years)
hijo de puta!

Author Iain McNeilage (2 years)
I cannot believe I fell for this. Utter cunts. You and me. Cunts.

Author Gildas Gros (2 years)

Author Dany P. (2 years)
Es metallica.. jaja osea solo pusieron el vídeo de rammstein y la canción
de Metallica o____o

Author mfrinavi kvercxi (2 years)
why is youtube's suggestion system so crappy

Author thiefwhitewolf (1 year)
really?? this is dumb

Author WIlson So (2 years)
que lixo

Author Ricardo Silva (2 years)
Mam no bastard ... these dudes are not rammstein metallica, what excites me

Author Roger Brüntezon (2 years)
...and that doesn't matter since Metallica sucks and Megadeath is better

Author MrChristK (2 years)
How does everybody know that, may I ask? I can play it, it's not so fucking

Author lalito chokomilk agrat bass (2 years)
no mames ¬¬

Author Juan Carlos Mejía Martínez (2 years)
Is a fucking farce!!!

Author ernesto alvarado (1 year)
vete a cupar pene

Author skywolfe94 (1 year)
That is Metallica!

Author MrTeox86 (1 year)

Author Пахом Братишкович (1 year)
Охуенный кавер.

Author NoBrains NoPains (1 year)

Author Joel Copado (2 years)
Que mierda es esto?? como van a arruinar asi a Master of puppets

Author 999ascension (2 years)
no just no

Author sweetpotatofield (2 years)
two great bands combined together? lol rammetalica

Author Deceptikon121212 (2 years)
Really nice fake :*

Author inyourfaceoiram (2 years)

Author Leon Kennedy (2 years)

Author culonobile (2 years)

Author CRASHtheChief (2 years)
What is the point of this? Both bands are good. I wanted to hear
Rammstein's version. This is just dumb.

Author hugo rubén Ruiz (2 years)
Un asco tu video.

Author 307blackhorse (2 years)
this is metallica singing ya fucking morons. cant believe..........never
mind .........idiots!!!

Author Jose Rodriguez (2 years)

Author Can Oruç (2 years)
Oh fuck of, that's just rude.

Author luis blasphemy (1 year)
jajaja eso seria imposible para rammstein xD

Author Deividy Leonardo (2 years)
mt lokoo

Author Niko Laaksonen (2 years)
what the actual fuck?

Author Bustynun (2 years)
How about fuck you youtube!

Author maledito Rodrigues (2 years)
completeley non sense, lol

Author Iluxa100500 (2 years)
what the fuck?!

Author Lanser87 (1 year)

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