Sonic Shorts - Volume 6

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Hey guys, well its been well over a year since Volume 5. The past year we had fun with parodies of the volumes but its time to get back to the main series. About the amount of shorts, we couldn't fit as many in because we have so many lengthy shorts, but don't worry it just as long as the other volumes. We were originally going to end the series here, but we have so many animators that we decided that we are going to make a volume 7. We already have around 5 shorts done for it, but don't expect the volume to come out quickly.

Also Sonic's 20th birthday is coming up and to celebrate we are doing a picture and music collab. If you would like to join in go to the Sonic Paradox forums in the "Project 20" section for more details. We hope you enjoy our sixth installment, see you next time!

Flash Twister
Atomic Bottle

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Author survivorevil (12 days)
hahahaha OMFG that fucking barrel. When I was playing this game I got stuck
in that level like for months or even a year.... I was so frustrated, and
when I finally figured that shit out, as a kid I was happy as fuck, haha

Author RedstoneFreakCrafter (1 year)
i can tell whoever made this hates tails...

Author Direct Awesomeness (1 year)

Author Direct Awesomeness (1 year)
Oh yeah ok the annoying nerdy fox

Author Seth Scott (1 year)
the prt where i saw eggman dancing im ike DONT WATCH, OLIVIA! DONT WATCH!
*covers olivia's eyes*

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