Sonic Shorts - Volume 6

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Hey guys, well its been well over a year since Volume 5. The past year we had fun with parodies of the volumes but its time to get back to the main series. About the amount of shorts, we couldn't fit as many in because we have so many lengthy shorts, but don't worry it just as long as the other volumes. We were originally going to end the series here, but we have so many animators that we decided that we are going to make a volume 7. We already have around 5 shorts done for it, but don't expect the volume to come out quickly.

Also Sonic's 20th birthday is coming up and to celebrate we are doing a picture and music collab. If you would like to join in go to the Sonic Paradox forums in the "Project 20" section for more details. We hope you enjoy our sixth installment, see you next time!

Flash Twister
Atomic Bottle

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Author طه بن عاشور (2 days)
Start stealing ! :D

Author MarioandSonic13 (2 days)
2:27-2:54 LOLZ

Author Ada08 (3 days)
6:38 - 6:42 lol xD

Author Justin Mads Frederiksen (4 days)
4:28 it was nothing funny at all lol

Author Tails Doll (4 days)
6:35 HAHA

Author Xtremevi (6 days)
Dear Sonic Paradox,

Author smccall817 (9 days)

Author Dario Guerra (11 days)
I know its odd but whats the song at 0:51......Yah the song itself dosnt
cause blood to flow out of my ears....

Author cesarmanuel51 (14 days)
Furries would've loved Sally's funny kiss.

Author Nepgear PurpleSister (13 days)

Author Nunya Beesknees (14 days)
Everyone wants the funny kiss!

Author NeonGames77 (20 days)
It's too FUNNY and WTF XD

Author Diamond Heart (17 days)
BJ? x'D

Author Tails Doll (4 days)
2:54 I actually feel sorry for Dr. Robotnik....

Author cole krout (20 days)
Hail to the king baby!!!

Author Luca Tubertini (20 days)
google search on sonic pix? is that true

Author LosVideosLocosDeTony (20 days)
2:30 Who the heck is that Super Hedgehog?!

Author omar Elmosrati (21 day)

Author Loopy cx (23 hours)


Author Benjamin Pineda (7 hours)
0.01 jajajaj

Author KitShicker (27 minutes)
Nice use of "Rejected" skit audio!

Author Isaac garcia (1 day)
3:02 oh ,I thought it was because he was a fat bastard

Author carlito0404 (1 day)
4:14 GET ME A BUTTA lml

Author Shena Rocks (1 day)
2:41 - 2:53 lol! and some smoke said wtf?!

Author Chavon Ganpot (5 hours)
all I had to do was move up and down.....up and DOWN WHAT THE FU...TIME OvEr

Author Marlem Castillo (20 hours)

Author Paco Javier Rios (1 day)
Shit that's the funny kiss dam

Author Ale Castillo (3 days)
funny kiss there was nothing funny about that

Author AlphaWolf RisingHD (3 days)
OMG 1:51 Was Hilarious XD

Author Nidia Carrasco (2 days)

Author Noah Desousa (4 days)
The funny kiss part was not what I was expecting

Author Alex Cawthon (5 days)
Up and down? UP AND DOWN?! WHAT THE FU-- **Time runs out**

Author Marco martinez (5 days)
cinos sonic spelled backwards XDD

Author Raiden Okami (3 days)
6:37 sweet space christ at least i put some thought into when me and my
girl brain-child'd a character

Author Joshua Crawford (7 days)
I AM SEGA!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Fabiola Cital (6 days)
This is actualy really funny to me I laughed so

Author Rodrigo Gonzalez (6 days)
In 2:48 it in the background it shows wtf

Author La Toya Stevens (7 days)
Hail to the king baby

Author Michelle Kaehler (6 days)
Yeah, all hail king Scourge!

Author Karnimani xxD (8 days)
who was the green hedgehog

Author Andrew Kimble (7 days)
this is copy writed i say everything! in different videos! WOW you copy

Author Marlem Castillo (20 hours)
Scourge dancing and getting fucked up. Perfect!!!! :-D

Author Ladon Waller (8 days)

Author Brianna Davis (11 days)
Y did knuckles licked his lips

Author James Allen (12 days)

Author Rumbie Moyo (13 days)

Author Kai Carr (10 days)
How to steel i mean draw your own stolen I mean original fan art!

Author Jacques Villanueva (11 days)
Hail to the king baby!

Author Dave Russell (17 days)
O yah the funny kiss #FunnyKissThatsAllYouNeed 

Author Joseph Peek (20 days)

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