Sonic Shorts - Volume 6

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Hey guys, well its been well over a year since Volume 5. The past year we had fun with parodies of the volumes but its time to get back to the main series. About the amount of shorts, we couldn't fit as many in because we have so many lengthy shorts, but don't worry it just as long as the other volumes. We were originally going to end the series here, but we have so many animators that we decided that we are going to make a volume 7. We already have around 5 shorts done for it, but don't expect the volume to come out quickly.

Also Sonic's 20th birthday is coming up and to celebrate we are doing a picture and music collab. If you would like to join in go to the Sonic Paradox forums in the "Project 20" section for more details. We hope you enjoy our sixth installment, see you next time!

Flash Twister
Atomic Bottle

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Author Mathew Heise (1 month)
sonic your not sega..

Author Wojtass36 (3 days)
who is the green guy dancing ?

Author Button Mash (2 months)

Author Crocky2Freaky2626 (2 months)
Did Sally do what I think she did to tails?

Author randomness (2 months)
who is the yellow sonic at 02:31?

Author Gamezombie4life (3 months)
2:30 who is that guy
also from what game

Author Blazichic459 AKA Blazi (4 months)

Author Danny zero (4 months)
2:16 what the heck is Tails Pointing at

Author Mane Six (2 months)
Lol cloud at 2:46

Author trina thomas (4 months)
i wish they'd add scourge into one sonic show

Author Black Yoshi (16 days)

Author Wiz kid 320 (11 days)
who is the evil hedgehog in 02:34

Author Darknes115 (11 days)
I want the funny kiss

Author Keyara Keyes (17 days)
WHAT?! All I had to do was move up and down?! UP AND DOWN?! WHAT THE FU-
(dies) LOL

Author ChimpManZ1264 (3 months)
Getting through Carnival Night... that was so me. Until I knew how to do it
I used the Bubble Shield to overpower the double jump because it was the
only way I knew how to get through meaning I could never get through as

Author Shadow the Hedgehog (2 months)

Author Ben Seddon (17 minutes)
What's the song that egg man dances half naked called?

Author Liz O'Connor (3 months)
Get out of my game. Now.

Author Fleetaway Super Sonic (5 months)
2:27 +Scourge Hedge hog +scourge thee hedge hog

Author Feuerburg (26 days)
at 2:30 super sonic.EXE or whatt?

Author XtremeVids (5 months)
Dear Sonic Paradox,

Author Jessica Jones (5 days)

Author Markiki Madness (1 month)

Yeah +Princess Sally Alicia Acorn,that was "totally" the funny kiss 

Author qubonic (8 days)
So sally HAD to been riding the shit outta tails, in some angry sex type

Author Saul Lenis (10 days)
I _ I ...
Tails can't handle that kind of power...

Author Kerby Keith Aquino (11 days)

Author Doublesswords Powerangelmorgan (1 month)
Lol robotnik message

Author Pikachu The Dragonslayer (Pika) (19 days)
Force of habit

Author CerllyBang Paste (1 month)

Author Adelaida Marilena Chetrosanu (1 month)
Stop jomping ?NO!

Author Kiare Carson (4 months)

Author The Bacca KING (2 months)
Fuck you

Author Gustavo Franquez (2 months)
who's the green hedgehog at 2:47

Author Mental Floss (2 months)

Author Connor Davis (3 months)

Author Nino IsEverywhere (8 hours)
The first seconds are ear rape...

Author Sandra Ellis (1 day)
Yo they have sex

Author Symos (2 days)
I remember being stuck at Carnival Night. 

Author Luca Baldari (9 hours)

Author Jorge Zarate (21 hour)
This is crazy

Author UnstoppableTails (4 days)
I mean Tails is supposed to have Yellow four. Not brown four.

Author CJ G (5 days)
All i need is the butter, GET ME THE BUTTER!!!!!!!

Author JEL 94 (4 days)
i want the funny kiss :(

Author mlpPinkie pie (2 days)
hail to dt king baby AWW YEAH!!

Author Asa Terrell (2 months)
1:47 awesome until what happened to Tails lol

Author Starpunk Towerpunk (3 months)
*7:48**!!!!* (@_@)

Author Kristen Brown (4 days)
I hate sonic shorts and team

Author Icy Wind (2 days)
Looking at the comments here, it really bothers me how many people call the
STC version of Super Sonic "Fleetway Sonic". Surely Fleetway Sonic should
be used to refer to the STC version of regular Sonic and Fleetway Super
Sonic be used for Super Sonic.

Author Cameron Shatkowski (4 days)
There was nothing funny about that at all!

Author Derek Rios (2 days)

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