TNT RC X-Craft

Radio Control Hovercraft

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Author dong jiahao (2 years)
@tntoy How can hovercrafts be played on sand? Won't it spoil?

Author fabian171099 (3 years)
it is coll

Author kondakor1998 (3 years)
@kondakor1998 k thanx :-)

Author 1316Aa44 (2 years)
Donde lo puedo comprar en España

Author TheBuildCrfaftingCz (1 year)
0:27 not working :DDD

Author fartinthewind13 (3 years)
looks fun!

Author conte tony (3 years)
at 0.27 the fan is not SPINNING

Author alihamzah0108 (1 year)
Sexy beast

Author fabian171099 (3 years)
whow have you

Author SuperBlakerz (3 years)
awesome all terrian

Author luanmateus321123 (3 years)
how much this?

Author Josh Rudden (1 year)
Do The Still Make Them And If So Were Do i buy It?

Author Hezmeister (2 years)
@toontje1977 and if you look a few seconds beforehand, they were

Author airbagit13 (4 years)
Awesome hovercraft, I am working on a scratch build one right now.

Author tntoy (2 years)

Author drunkinx10 (2 years)
thats the one i have

Author Valentín Jorge (1 year)
Lo puedes comprar en toysaras

Author Jexy (3 years)
how muc is it>?>

Author Frank Barrera (1 year)
U can get the other x craft at toysrus for 80 dollars

Author phrawgg2 (4 years)
Where can i get one and how much does it cost?

Author XXstunter (3 years)
i got 1 it fun as hell :D

Author Thelittlecandle (3 years)
ware did you get it pls respand

Author Carrie fan♡ (3 years)
You have cool toys! I like your JLX Matrix motorcycle, why you delete that
video? It's really cool!

Author MrPenutboy (3 years)
at 0.27 the fan are not spinning

Author kyle Joslin (1 year)
ive looked everywhere to find one for sale where can i get one

Author pfreaka96 (1 year)
Drift King!

Author kondakor1998 (3 years)
@isdykusii could you tell me how much t costs? please?

Author Jhonny Navarro (11 months)
donde te lo as comprao

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