DreamWorks Dragons: Wild Skies [Promo 1]


Cartoon Network is releasing a new 3D dragon-flying game based on How to Train Your Dragon. Here's their description:

Think you've got what it takes to be a rider of Berk? Put your skills to the test! Blaze your own path as a dragon trainer. Explore the island, train wild dragons, and take flight in awesome aerial challenges!

Ride the dragons you love from the movies: Gronckle, Deadly Nadder, Monstrous Nightmare, Hideous Zippleback, and Night Fury! Plus, watch for new dragon species from the series. Every time a new dragon appears in the show, you'll be able to train it in the game!

Earn your wings in DreamWorks' Dragons Wild Skies! Coming soon to

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Author CynthiaMaria Marica (4 months)
also when i go into a new area, it takes 5 seconds to load just 1 % !!

Author CynthiaMaria Marica (4 months)
i have all the dragons apart from the ones with the question marks.... how
do you get them??

Author DeMonae Johnson (9 months)
i cant save mine

Author rickyattack98 (2 years)
Lol I love dragons and found this game xD. I am only confused why there are
places with question marks which are supposed to be dragons, but there are

Author Alice Scarlet (2 years)
Mine's not lagging, it must be your computer.

Author Milomia9 (1 year)
All the textures on characters and objects are just purple when I play this
game, no matter what browser I use. I really wanna play it. It looks like a
full MMO. I'd expect it to be downloadable rather than just a flash game.

Author Alice Scarlet (2 years)
The same thing happened to me, just refresh the page and it will load more
quickly and will work. Hope this helps. ^^

Author Toothlesslover98 (2 years)
Can you please tell me how to get in wreckers reef? none of my dragons are
going in.

Author neia silva (2 years)
The game is availabe in Portugal,on Cartoon Network?

Author Bruce Wilson (2 years)

Author jadarius legrand (2 years)

Author Dulhan Yugath (1 year)
Very cool

Author Wiś Nya (1 year)
LOVE IT!!!!!! TOOTHLESSSSSSSSS <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Sarafina Jean (2 years)
why does it take so long to load!!!!!!?!?!

Author Frungi (2 years)
Did you get past the intro video? THAT was laggy. The game itself was fine.

Author masterbuilder71 (2 years)
its free at cartoon network website

Author ScarisfluffehAJ (2 years)
I tried to play the game, but when its done loading, its just a black
screen. HELP!!!

Author paul kemp (1 year)
i know its so annoying i left my laptop on all night to wait for it to load
then clicked something by axident and now it has started all over

Author masterbuilder71 (2 years)
its in unlandable cove, it eats mutton. It was my tutorial dragon.

Author James Lorinczi (1 year)

Author Bruce Wilson (2 years)

Author Bruce Wilson (2 years)
You trained the two new dragons?! Typhoomerang and Scrauldon!?

Author PhantomSpark (2 years)
i heard there is going to be a new dragons at the great ocean and the
wrekers reef , water dragon , timmberjack , thundertrunk ,skull

Author RedCupOranda (1 year)
click on the window... then click back to game...

Author Bruce Wilson (2 years)
I was playing earlier and now there are 12 badges, and if you scroll down
you can see the two new dragons.

Author J3NNYVO (2 years)
like the whispering death and thunder drum and timber jack and the new ones?

Author XboxTheHedgehog (2 years)
After mine loads it turns white. Does the game show up after a while or is
my computer the problem :(

Author Abigael Joy Salvador (1 year)
this Game was Awsome but ... Too slow to Load =.= i wait 1 hours o 30 mins

Author legenkiller32 (2 years)
anyone knowe how to get to the wreckers reef?

Author Grammar Nazi40 (2 years)
in the tutorial it says to feed him but theres no food

Author SuperCriminal44 (2 years)
stop hating get rid of your 1990 mac

Author Hudson Pereira (1 year)
ai gente tenho uma duvida porque nao podemos chamar os nosos dragoes quando
estiver domando outro

Author melancholyMisfit (2 years)
If anyone replies with an answer please let me know. I've found he entrance
in Unlandable Cove but I cannot get in no matter which dragon I'm on.

Author robirod5 (2 years)
I just played it today and trained the deadly natter

Author RaveanTheWolf (2 years)
anyone else have lag problems with this game? it makes me sad :(

Author PhantomSpark (2 years)
i found the entrence and went to wrekers leaf , it was awsome and snowy

Author fahaft999 (1 year)
كل خراً

Author bravedragon85 (2 years)
The Scauldron is in The Great West Ocean and the typhoomerang is in the
Wild Dragon Cliff,and the thunderdrum is in Wreckers Reef.

Author MarioMarioBW (2 years)
I wish the camera wasn't so messed up when you're ridin' a dragon. It's
almost impossible to do challenges 'cause of the glitchin' camera. Besides
that,I like it so far.

Author Jake chen (2 years)
yes but how do you buy

Author Hrumó Csaba (1 year)
same here... :S

Author Frungi (2 years)
Buy what? The game? It’s browser-based.

Author XboxTheHedgehog (2 years)
It worked 8D

Author RedCupOranda (1 year)
i wonder of that too, i so desperately want to register but i dont knopw
how.. :/

Author Giuly Raainbow (1 year)
How do I register in the game? If I do not register, every time I play I
lose all progress!

Author Hamza Omar (2 years)
You know you can create your own free games online using Unity Web Player?

Author DashieSparkle (2 years)
The 2 headed dragon is called a Hideous Zippleback

Author Brandon C. (2 years)
I think the dragon in wreckers reef is the thunderdrum dragon because in
the show Book of Dragons the thunderdrum dragon eggs hacthed in a snowy
cliff. If I'm right on October 3,2012 Hiccup tries to get his dad to start
flying a dragon but it gets bad when he lets his dad ride Toothless. Hiccup
tells his dad he needs to get another dragon to practice with. So Stoick
gets the Thunderdrum dragon as his own dragon. After the episode airs the
thunderdrum should be available on Wild Skies.

Author Mordecai (2 years)
Do U have Deadly nadder If so Where?

Author PhantomSpark (2 years)
hmmm, well u cant go in wreckers reef ,i think its unlockable , they say
its going to unlocked soon + a new dragon

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