How to Jailbreak iOS 6.1.3, 6.1.6 Untethered & Install Cydia with Redsn0w- iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

READ FIRST: Redsn0w has been updated with Untethered iOS 6.1.6/3 support for the iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch that brings various bug fixes and improvements over the original iOS 6 firmware. More on jailbreaking-

This is the Official Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3 & 6.1.6 Untethered. To get Untethered look up the tweak called "p0sixpwn" in Cydia and Install. Enjoy :)

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Author AidenPearce (2 months)
After rebooting again I don't have the Cydia App. 

Author Enes Çetin (1 month)
I have IOS 6.1.6 , do I still have to download IOS 6.0 Firmware ?

Author Odvas Olga (14 days)
For AT&T users have problem unlock their AT&T devices, go find more home
elevators attiphoneunlocking, we are able to unlock all AT&T device
current, including the new 6 and 6+.

Author unknown Lanc3 (4 months)

Author Astro (1 month)
stuck on uploading first stage...

Author BIGICE BOOGIE (1 month)
i cant get the same home screen on that sight

Author A Ruberto (1 month)
my home button doesn't work... can I still jailbreak my iPod?

Author CrazyDood10 (6 days)
Got it on iPod 2

Author karlysaurr (3 months)
If someone could help me out that would be great. I've followed all steps
accordingly except I'm at the part where it says "waiting for reboot" and
the blue bar is filled. My iphone is black screen, its basically off and
the blue bar is filled and it just says "waiting for reboot" its been that
for a really long time. Is this normal and i just have to wait? 

Author Ryan Elliott (2 months)
So my ipod 4g is stuck on exploiting with limera1n. What should I do?

Author Isaac Sliger (4 days)
you are running 6.0 and you say this is going to work for 6.1.6

Author Vincent Dyson (3 months)
evertime i click the link it doesn't have what you have. it says other
things related to the channel

Author R4G3productionzz (27 days)
My iPod 4 goes to the all the codes and when it's supposed to show the
apple logo it doesn't and my screen stays black

Author Namda T (28 days)
Do I NEED to restore my device? If not will jail breaking restore it?

Author Gaming Legends (1 month)
It says exploit failed

Author Pony Games (28 days)
cydias not there :(

Author iPodHacker613 (4 months)
i try to go to insanelyios but it does not let me it it asks me if i wanna
buy it

Author Jason Lewis (3 months)
When I reach the 3rd step the part dat says keep holding the home button it
says wrong mode detected and says owned dfu mode plz help

Author Mrs Uzumaki (6 months)
Thanks a bunch!!!

Author Megan Bello (1 month)
when tethering it says missing keys

Author christian mcdonald (4 months)

Author kymberly palma (1 month)
Does it really needs the computer?
Cause my mom will kill me if i did this cause im a kid XD

Author Cameron Roy (1 month)
when i jailbreak it gives me an error so i dont know what to do please help

Author Lepko Andras (1 month)
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net to find a reliable permanent unlock provider as i have a little
cell-store on amazon, the website was providing reliable permanent unlocks
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unlock any iphone 3g, 3gs, 4,4s,5,5s and needless to say also the most
recent iphone 6 and 6plus in around 24h.

Author Doug Asker (9 months)
Can I jail break 7.04?

Author WeeD CLAN (1 month)
when ever I download the restores my iTunes doesn't read and neither does
help please

Author Kenderes Marcell (2 months)
I am aware a awsome site for AT&T users if you want to unlock AT&T phones,
it's attphoneunlocking.(com), the most effective site for unlocking AT&T
stuff in the event that you ask me

Author Brandon Gervais (2 months)
thank u so much it helped a lot

Author BETUBFXD (2 months)

I ve downgraded my Iphone 4 from iOS 7.1.3 down to 6.1.3, I always have to
use tethered boot to turn my phone on.. I am wondering if this also works
for me? Please answer me :D

Author algeris17 (8 months)
How to open Firmware after download I don't see white box Any help.thanks

Author Csoma Ninetta (2 months)
Be carefull, many unlocking sites I used are pretending we provide the best
service, however, if you intend to ensure that your iphone wont get barred
or blocked, you should use attphoneunlocking.(com), oahu is the site I have
now been using many times for unlocking my iphone.

Author Shwepnick (5 months)
I was watching another jailbreak tutorial and it left out one important
thing I had to do. I was super frustrated because the JB was not working. I
decided to give it another try and find a different video and see if
anything was different. I found this video and it helped me out soooo much!
Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!

Author Thegamer12746 (2 months)
but cant find posixpwn

Author Ali Alabboud (2 months)
What if I cant connect WLAN

Author Trikki Boy (5 months)
your website has lost its script please buy a new one from go-daddy 

Author Mario Alberto Garza (8 months)
How can I enter DFU mode if my power button is broken?

Author McBoss4571 (5 months)
but does the download of ios 6.1.3 works with 6.1.6?

Author Tactical Technology (5 months)
where 's 6.1.6?

Author V3Classic (3 months)
Website is down :( sorry guys

Author Hidden Man (3 months)
iOS 7.2.x Pangu Jailbreak Untethered Released

Author ToyGamerHD (3 months)
thank you thank you soooooooo much i have been trying to jailbreak forever
and i finally did it thank you

Author Gurdeep Panag (3 months)
Hi guys, could someone help me? I have an iPod touch 4G with a broken power
button and a weird home button that works sometimes and with force.
Basically I tried to use a dfu ipsw on my iPod and it put it in dfu mode. I
then pointed redsnow into thinking its jail breaking ios 6.0 but really
it's 6.1.6. After the jail break, everything was perfect and cydia was
working. I downloaded p0sixspwn for the untether. I turned it off and it
went into dfu mode so I needed my laptop to boot it up. Keep in mind I'm
running a enter_dfu ipsw. I thought it was a glitch. I booted it up with
redsn0w and it was working. I guess I was ok with a tethered jailbreak and
booting it up every time. I realized another problem. If I keep the iPod
locked for a while, it automatically puts it into dfu mode. Anytime I try
to boot it up from the lockscreen problem, redsnow said the just boot was
successful but my iPod was still in dfu mode. I decided to restore and went
through the same process again several times to be faced with same problem.
I know there is something wrong with running a Jailbroken dfu ipsw because
it's not "proper", the sole purpose is just to enter dfu mode which is why
it enters dfu mode after a while of being locked and it won't let me just
boot properly and ends up me restoring it. I know there is something I'm
supposed do with snowbreeze, and a prejailbroken ipsw, and pwned dfu mode.
Is there is a video for this or can someone give me step by step
instructions? I'm an experienced jail breaker but not with iPods that have
broken buttons. I want to be untethered as well. 

Author Chase Alexander (3 months)
it didn't word even after i did cydia

Author TGreenFreeze (3 months)
wrong link bitch

Author Brendon Hallows (3 months)
finaly one that works

Author david evans (3 months)
Stuck on uploading first stage please help someone !!!! 

Author O.G Games (3 months)

Author Thegamer12746 (2 months)

Author Ian Chase (3 months)
I can't find the firmware. Every time I go to a website to go to the link
it is closed. Or can't find the page.

Author CreeperBoyGamer / JaydenYT (3 months)

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