How to Jailbreak iOS 6.1.3, 6.1.6 Untethered & Install Cydia with Redsn0w- iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

READ FIRST: Redsn0w has been updated with Untethered iOS 6.1.6/3 support for the iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch that brings various bug fixes and improvements over the original iOS 6 firmware. More on jailbreaking-

This is the Official Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3 & 6.1.6 Untethered. To get Untethered look up the tweak called "p0sixpwn" in Cydia and Install. Enjoy :)

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DFU Guide-
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Fix Waiting for Reboot Error-


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does the moving applications take so long?

Author Zachariah Mills (6 days)
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Author SydniAnnCummingsx13 (9 days)
I can not get this to work with ios 6.1.6

Author algeris17 (1 month)
How to open Firmware after download I don't see white box Any help.thanks

Author Mario Alberto Garza (1 month)
How can I enter DFU mode if my power button is broken?

Author anethantothepast (1 month)
its a zip folder help

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not working and you make my iphone can open you dick

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Author Chainsawhobo (23 hours)
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Author Xend174KD (5 days)
If ur home button is broken install recboot recboot will allow u to enter
DFU mode just do it on a pc and click enter DFU mode wait 2 sec it wil take
RELLY NEED! so enjoy

Author IntensiveGamingHD (5 days)
the website doesnt load the download on my computer

Author ★BaRnSeY / Pyro★ (9 days)
Look at my channel to see how to do this without doing all that! just threw
itunes! all i did was updated my itunes and plugged in my iphone 3GS and it
asked to update to IOS 6.1.6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Cole W. (6 days)
When he said "Just hold the shift key down on your keyboard" I thought he
said "Just hull the shit key out of this keyboard"

Author John Ruiz (7 days)
Everytime I Try To Restore It It Says Unknown Error 

Author Sem Kole (9 days)
Best Sikmenios, when i want to jailbreak iOS 1.6.5 than hes saying that the
IPSW not by that version can. How is that possible?

Author Víctor De la garza (15 days)
Why u have two files there ?

Author zénó szutor (12 days)
hello my problem is when I turn off and turn on the device is not able to
open the cydia program

Author Brandon Moody (21 day)
your stupid it doesn't work for 6.1.6

Author Halo Knight (5 days)
when you restore those everything on that device deletes

Author henk jan (29 days)
it says exploit failed fix plzz

Author Asger Thrane (1 month)
It says that it cant restore my iPod =(. Can it be becuase I have the
newest version of iTunes, and then its not working with 6.1.x , or do I
have an old version of it?

Author Patrick Thonghom (1 month)
can u backup first or restore only because i dont want my file and song and

Author Colton Davies (1 month)
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Author Cade Heinberg (1 month)
redsnow stops the process and it says waiting for reboot and nothing
happens any help?

Author Kawaii Kokoro (1 month)
after the just boot cydia didn't show up?

Author TheSpaceAgent (13 days)

Author Aarkus9000 (1 month)
thanks this is the best way 

Author Kathy Truong (24 days)
Will it delete all your stuff in your device?

Author Emin Oruc (13 days)
Is this illegal Or legal

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Author Axman Kametches (14 days)
cydia wont open for me. why?

Author Nikhil Meshram (1 month)
it gives me error 37 while I try to diwngrade from ios 7 to ios 6.0.1
what to do ? please suggest

Author MandM Hambrecht (1 month)
+Isaac Lacey same

Author Pruthvi Diu (1 month)
thank i was trying to jailbrrak my ipod 

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Author cj cambell (1 month)
Mine don't pop up with the pineapple at the end

Author Farid Solati (17 days)
It worked. Thanks

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Author Caleb Valentine (1 month)
great but stuffed ipod

Author Trons Trove (1 month)
worked on 6.1.6 

Author Whitey b (1 month)
Ios 6.0 won't download right

Author anthony ortiz (24 days)
What if ur home button is broken 

Author Charmin .B (1 month)
Never mind, p0sisxpwn updated for ios 6.1.6

Author Gyunay Kadirov (1 month)
How long does it takes
?? If been whiting for the reboot for quad a while ?

Author Phil Wilson (5 months)
I have jailbreak my iPhone with this method... Protect
your iPhone!!!

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