Armstrong Louis, 'La Vie En Rose' jazz Trumpet Solo Transcription (Version Bb)

Download PDF version in Bb, C and Eb here:

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Author Hugues Miclo (4 days)
un très grand musicien.

Author RT Rodrigo (2 months)

Author Uhh Apollo (5 days)
He played his a note lower than this i think. I think he started his on C
rather than D. And everything was natural. No sharps flats nothing. But i
could be wrong. idk

Author Veronica Perrin (11 days)
Yes, yes, yes! Thanks to you and your video I can now play this. Now I need
to practise it...

Author Jānis Kurpnieks (26 days)
Supper, music unites people

Author Luis Emili (1 month)
espectacular hoy en día tenemos acceso a todo este material buenísimo
cuando yo era chico esto no existía estoy totalmente agradecido gracias 

Author CitéTraegerRueBoinod1991 (1 month)

Author Sina Fdz (5 months)
El #momentorosa de hoy 

Author Mariofart56 (5 months)
reminds me of the movie up

Author nandosainz (2 months)

Author Elisa Palomares (3 months)
I love this song hope you do to.!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Vladislav Ponomarenko (6 months)
Guys, how can I find piano accompaniment for this?

Author Volkan Çırak (5 months)
whats program's name ?

Author vidrata bs (5 months)

Author Alex Darbinyan (6 months)

Author Mimi K. (6 months)
as a trumpet player,,,that's amAzing how he goes that high through the
whole song and the just WOW. this inspires me so much <33
Thanks Louis!!

Author SELINA TORRES (6 months)
this is amazing !

Author Melissa Aguilar (6 months)
Thank you!!

Author Alex Darbinyan (6 months)

Author Vladislav Ponomarenko (6 months)
I need this playalong, how can i buy it?

Author Abraham Fernández (7 months)
this is amazing !

Author Newton Ferreira da Silva Marques (8 months)
la vie en rose

Author homanasses psilva (8 months)
éssa foi do fundo do baú

Author Zachary Harvey (8 months)

Author UntoldAnimations (11 months)

Author Jon Michael Hamilton (9 months)
i like it, sounds like a really jazzed up composition of The Rite of

Author Daniel Rojas (9 months)

Author EpicnessOverload (10 months)
How to download?

Author Mauro Guenza (1 year)
Because this is a Bb version. Try to use the C version of the video then.

Author Luca Di Donato (2 years)
Molto bello...

Author Dak Fabe (1 year)
you need to pay on this site to get the pdf version.... damn

Author EpicnessOverload (1 year)
Direct download link anyone??

Author Mauro Guenza (1 year)
Maybe I have done an error. Thank you very much for your help. I'll try to
do my best for next transcriptions.

Author zakariya king (2 years)
I'm glad this is here.

Author adriac25 (1 year)
wow love this song and your channel been looking for something like this.
Only question is how would i be able to download the music sheet from your

Author ccartnet (1 year)
Thanks for posting this!

Author boland7214 (1 year)
Love it!!! Thanks, Louis and Mauro!

Author sugarwick48 (1 year)
Thanks Mauro Guenza for this upload. It is very useful. Please can you
mention what software you have used for this live screen shot and the
camera for the score? From India

Author Mauro Guenza (2 years)
Grazie mille!!! :-)

Author Mauro Guenza (1 year)
If you think is so wrong, you can help me sending a correct trascription so
I can do the corrections. Thank you very much.

Author Tgspy312 (1 year)
This song was in wall-e

Author SlikaBezOkvira (1 year)
the c there sounds quite off...dont know if its just me or?

Author VeryWellPut (2 years)
Is it for real? Well let's practice. Thanks

Author fibsernum30 (1 year)
The written rhythms are wrong in many places. Measures 5 and 6, 10, 14 and
15, and 17, are examples. You attempt to give accurate rhythmic
transcriptions (as close as can be done with an improvised feel) in some
measures and not in the ones cited. Why the inconsistency?

Author MrDrteddybear (2 years)
Awesome! Didn't know it would be this easy to find sheet music for a solo!

Author altologist (1 year)
thanks for this upload. i've heard this song on nearly every world war 2
movie but never new the name of it is LVER

Author Mauro Guenza (1 year)
Ciao Francesco! Figurati, grazie a te! Guarda per scrivere credo che ho
provato qualsiasi programma esistente :-D Comunque, al momento uso finale,
musescore e MUP. Mentre per "la vie en rose" avevo usato sibelius. Mup, una
volta imparato ad usarlo è molto veloce da usare, ma è tutto a riga di
testo e un pò poco deduttivo all'inizio. Ma è accompagnato da un buon
manuale e con molta pazienza si può fare tutto.

Author Douglas Martins (1 year)
impressão minha ou tem umas notas q meu ouvido diz outra coisa

Author SlikaBezOkvira (1 year)
the F in the first bar is a sharp, and can some1 help with the 3rd
bar....are all the notes correct?

Author Nick Robie (2 years)
thanks so much for this, you're amazing

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