Veneer Grafting

Dr. Richard J. Campbell of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden demonstrates how to graft using the veneer technique.

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Author Haleene Williams (3 days)
Why would you graft... Particularly an avocado tree?

Author Khorsheed Surche (1 month)
I'm no can spik English but thank you I'm from Iraqi Kurdistan

Author Gabe G. (1 month)
How old does the rootstock plant have to be before u graft with it?

Author Jerome Cabrera (11 months)
veneer grafting

Author Quazi Siddik (9 months)

Author green6400 (1 year)
does this method work on japanes maples?

Author fairchildgarden (1 year)
The wrapping is done to retain moisture. You can leave some portions open
if your graft is in a very moist environment like in a mist house or in a
very tropical climate.

Author madhavadasa108 (1 year)
I have about 20 seedlings I'd like to graft. Thing is they're already about
2 years in pots and about 3-5 feet tall. I'm thinking they need to go in
the ground and I'm not sure if I should plant them and then do the
grafting. Also the soil in some of the pots is low. I'm considering doing
the veneer graft since the trunks on the these plants is already thicker
than most scions available. Any advise would be much appreciated.

Author fairchildgarden (2 years)
@oldschoolswap You want one main trunk for you mango, so remove the weaker
shoots and try to keep on main shoot. Also, check out our video on pruning
young mangos because your tree will be ready to get pruned soon.

Author fairchildgarden (1 year)
Trees are never too old to graft, but you might do better if you cut back
your tree and then graft onto the smaller branches that sprout when you cut
it back. This process is known as top-working and is often used to change a
old cultivar to a new one.

Author DibblePhotography (1 year)
I have a few trees that are more mature - about 3 yrs to 7 yrs old. Are
these too old to graft?

Author fairchildgarden (2 years)
@agriperma You can keep the scions for about two to three days and still
have good success. Wrap them totally in the parafilm to keep them from
drying out. They should not be subjected to any extreme temperature
changes. Good luck!

Author MrElvisio (7 months)
What time of the year is the best time to graft a mango tree?

Author anbu anbulag (1 year)
thnak you, is it awesome to have a mango tree bearing an avocado hahaha.

Author Abz HTCdesire (1 year)
have you got any follow up videos on this graft? did the graft take? did it

Author Mauricio Kolenc (1 year)
Excelent video,very clear.I`ll try this kind of grafting ! Reagards from
Uruguay .

Author Tammy Plants (11 months)
May I ask if the Scion is a sprout(for lack of proper terminology) that is
an immature stem in which the end of the branch will fruit into a mango? My
neighbor has a beautiful fruiting Mango Tree which I am tending to while
away, & I noticed the look of a very immature sprout which visually you can
tell will be a mango in the making. If so, I may have access to a scion.
ALSO, I don't have a parafilm "M" wrap of any kind, is there something else
I can use to retain the moisture? Thank you!

Author fairchildgarden (1 year)
You can only do mangos to mangos and avocados to avocados, etc. You can do
different cultivars, but not different species.

Author Abz HTCdesire (1 year)
i did a bud graft on an apple tree today. my first ever graft. i think i
cokd it well, we'll wait and see

Author fairchildgarden (1 year)
The purpose of grafting is to maintain a really good type of mango. If you
grow them from seed, the tree will take longer to bear and it will not be
the same as the mother plant. Grafting allows you to clone your tree and
keep superior cultivars.

Author nickp76 (1 year)
My parents have a mango tree that is very good. I would like to graft from
it however I am having trouble starting a seedling. Any advice?

Author madhavadasa108 (1 year)
You mentioned multiple graphs on one tree, could this tree be grafted with
different varieties onto each trunk ? And also can a mango tree be grafted
at any stage of development ?

Author Mick Tree (2 years)
hi, thank you for the vid. - my question i can’t find an answer for is :
what if my mango sion is a two-day travel away from the plant/tree to be
grafted? is there a way to keep the graft wood fresh in a hot tropical

Author Abz HTCdesire (1 year)
Thank yOu! :D

Author Colin Quinn (1 year)
I am curious about the same. I am tempted to graft 2 plants that are in the
same family but clearly different all together. I am also interested in
grafting different types of coffee trees. I have several Cofea Arabicas and
am interested in grafting catora and robusta to established Arabica to see
what we get.

Author fairchildgarden (2 years)
@oldschoolswap You did not miss your opportunity. You can graft at many
different stages, including when the tree has begun to form wood.

Author fairchildgarden (1 year)
You can graft them in the container or in the ground but just make sure the
roots are in good shape and not wrapping around the container. You don't
want to graft onto a plant that has a poor root system. The veneer graft
should work well and you could even put more than one graft onto each
plant. If you repot them or put them in the ground, make sure to plant them
at the proper level.

Author fairchildgarden (1 year)
Great job. We hope it takes!

Author danielexhumed (1 year)
Hi...after everything should i just cut and plant the scion as usual using
the rooting powder for transplant?

Author Andres Jimenez (6 months)
what if you don't graft the mango tree?

Author fairchildgarden (1 year)
Make sure the seed is from a mature mango and remove the husk of the seed
before you plant it. Plant the seed in a well draining soil mix on its side
and keep it moist, but not too wet. It should germinate for you in about
4-6 weeks.

Author fairchildgarden (2 years)
@bernardint The rootstock should be about the width of a pencil or just a
bit smaller. In South Florida, it is best to graft avocados in the winter.

Author Mick Tree (1 year)
Hi Richard, in your opinion what are the 5 top tasting mango varieties if
you had to choose? I would like to graft on my already existing backyard
mango tree?

Author xiaoina (1 year)

Author madhavadasa108 (1 year)
Thanks it's a great help, alot more simple than I was thinking. I'm
wondering also about one of the mango trees I have which is flourishing in
the ground, about 3 feet tall. It has branched out alot. It's actually hard
to distinguish the main trunk because it has 4 or 5 trunks coming out at
the bottom. One is tallest, I guess that's the main trunk, but the others
are just as fat at the bottom and almost just as tall. From what I
understand a grafted tree should have one trunk. (Cont...)

Author fairchildgarden (1 year)
It should work on a Japanese maple yes.

Author fairchildgarden (2 years)
The best grafting technique for avocados is the cleft, done in the cooler

Author fairchildgarden (1 year)
The graft did take. Grafting is not easy and takes time and practice. Dr.
Campbell is very skilled at grafting and has a very high success rate.

Author oldschoolswap (2 years)
By far the best grafting video on the Internet, Congrats! I am about to
perform my first graft and had a couple of questions before I start slicing
and dicing... First, I noticed you mentioned on the lower comments that the
ideal rootstock age is about a pencil or smaller. I just grew my mango from
ceed and is a bit thicker at this point, if not mistaken. It's starting to
turn slight brown "wood" at the base (3 months old). Did I miss my
opportunity? I want to perform a veneer graft and was l

Author Colin Quinn (1 year)
I think it is fully enclosed to aid in moisture retention. The graft is
most likely similar to a wound. The new growth will find it's way out and
push through.

Author ben tax (2 years)
Hi, Great video! Thank you for posting. What age should be the rootstoc

Author agriperma (2 years)
Very informative, and clear. I have a question regarding the parafilm M,
how long can scions stay viable using that stuff? for example, I intend to
get some scions, and it may be 2 days or so, before I can graft them, will
they hold up? do I wrap the whole scion cutting with Parafilm M?

Author pfdad1 (1 year)
Thank you for your videos they are extremely instructional I have two
questions One; will the buds be able to push through the parafilm when they
start to push open? Two; can I graft small seedlings that are already in
the ground, and provide partial shade for them until the grafts heal?
They're planted right where I want them so I do not plan to move them.

Author mikertones (1 year)
what is he doing this for?wat is the purpose of this?

Author fairchildgarden (1 year)
You are correct!

Author Shawna Petty (1 year)
Why do you wrap it all the way up? Wouldn't you want to have some of the
steam you just added on exposed to the sun and other stuff that would help
it grow?

Author anbu anbulag (1 year)
can you combine two different plant? just wondering

Author fairchildgarden (1 year)
It depends what you wrap it with. If you use traditional grafting tape,
then you need to watch for emerging buds and open the tape up with a small
knife slit. If you use the more modern material "parafilm" then the buds
will be able to push through the material without your assistance.

Author fairchildgarden (1 year)
You can graft a tree at almost any age. For your tree with the multiple
trunks, I don't recommend multiple cultivars because usually one will be
stronger than the others and it will be hard to tell what is what. If you
want to graft that tree, remove some of the other limbs and try to graft
onto the strongest limbs with the same culitvar. Whichever one takes, that
is the branch you keep.

Author Freind (7 months)
Hello Dr. Richard, I was thinking to graft 2 or more colors of Crape Myrtle
together on a single root stock. The idea is to grow more colors in a
single tree. So is it possible with the Veneer Graft? or any other
suggestions for this project. 2nd when the Scion start to grow do we have
to cut the root stock? Awaiting for your helpful reply. Thanks,

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