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Author Jim Halifko (1 year)
. . . one more in D minor.

Author conductor63 (2 years)
This conductor is too busy beating every beat, the beats are always big and
the pattern predictable. He is conducting from memory, which is admirable,
but is missing cues and often looking down, which defeats the advantage of
memory. Looking down at the climax at 5:45? Oy vey. The left hand is often
vague in terms of style and nuance. Too much left-right mirroring. This is
overconducting, and with a good group, this conductor will be somewhat
ignored. This has to be a student,

Author toddles9 (1 year)
I am a flautist. I just got home from playing this Symphony with my
orchestra. So wonderful, I had to come home and listen to it again! This
young conductor is very good.

Author Guy van hecke (4 years)
zeer verheven muziek... mooi

Author callmeBe (2 years)
I like this work a lot -- especially the idea of generating so much broad
musical length out of so few/meager sparing--however you wish to think of
it -- ideas, but I really do think Frank missed many color opportunities by
over orchestrating (generally keeping textures too thick and overassigning
the instruments--especially the strings). The section beginning at 8:12
thins out, though, and the color is just delightful. Thanks for your
comments violinguy--you could not be more on the money!

Author foodiste (2 years)
you can hear the influence of Liszt very strongly in this. In the motif
especially I hear the opening to Liszt's Les Preludes symphonic poem.

Author CalebsFans (3 years)
@ZhengStudios it is about the orchestra and the music not the people there!

Author Vic McCarty (4 years)
parts of this movement sound like the united airlines music lol

Author windstorm1000 (2 years)
The brass have lots to do in this work--esp. the tuba which has all sorts
of counter melodies. A nice conductor, but it'd be nice if someone would
post a major conductor/orchstra like Bernstein or Dutoit.

Author Basileus Rhomaion (1 year)
ignorant youtuber is ignorant

Author Menno van Dam (3 years)
@LeVicomteDesCarottes tu as raison, il y a plein de connards qui n'y
comprennent rien, et puis il ne sait meme pas ecrire en anglais, on dit
nerd, pas nurd.

Author jarod goodwin (1 year)
my little pony?

Author Mary Anderson Dearing (2 years)
@ZhengStudios This is a funny comment. One might assume from it that we
judge a concert of art music by means of the applause-o-meter!

Author violinguy585 (2 years)
@gsmonks Your comment about most conductors not really conducting at all in
performance is insulting and untrue. I am a professional orchestral
musician and conductor. As a musician in an orchestra, I follow cues and
body language given by a conductor to let me know how he/she wants an
excerpt phrased or articulated. As a conductor, movement and gestures are
for the ensembles benefit. I do not just make up "choreography" to wow a
crowd, we paint a musical picture for our ensembles to interpret.

Author LegacyKillah (8 months)
Would you prefer the conductor to speak out loud to musicians during
concerts? 'hey won't you slow down, dumb ass'.....

Author potisdepotis (3 years)
I often watch classical music on YouTube, and I can't understand most of
what the conductors mean by their gestures. But I can understand all the
conductor's gesture in this video. so I suppose it is a very basic way of
conducting. though some nuanse was missed, there seems no big trrouble, and
it still is enjoyable, worth listening to.

Author Joseph Anthony (3 years)
@cdmbanks I agree.

Author violinguy585 (2 years)
@gsmonks Do you hold either a bachelor's or master's degree in music? Have
you ever studied conducting? As an educator and professional
musician/conductor, learning is a lifelong process--even the greatest
musicians of our time still look to their peers and predecessors for
advice, guidance and professional development. Having taken conducting
classes and private lessons for both of my degrees, I can tell you that our
chief mission is communication, conveying ideas to our musicians.

Author dalboy65 (4 years)
Conductor is hot

Author Norgelt (1 year)
I personaly think this symphony has the most beautiful introduction I've
ever heard! Mostly the tremolo part, mysterious atmosphere... just perfect!

Author Giulio Cisco (1 year)

Author Chris Banks (3 years)
@lufthansaprofipilot This comment manages to be rude, ignorant and wrong at
the same time. The performance speaks for itself.

Author BoyanRnR (3 years)
@Ledd00 Dje na tebe da nabasam bas ovde... :D

Author Dušan Popović Lipovac (4 years)
Ah, i LOVE symphony in d-minor! Beautiful and powerful at the same time! I
am not very competetnt to talk about orchestra playing, but I enjoy every
time I listen to this video. Thanks a lot for it!

Author triBond151 (4 years)
I like how mysterious it sounds around 4:42:)

Author lufthansaprofipilot (4 years)
the conductor is an idiot. he has no idea how to conduct... what a nurd!

Author Krystin Vesterälen (1 year)
très bonne journée tout le monde

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