Let's Play Sonic Heroes! (Part 1)

It's time for the real super power of team work! It's Sonic Heroes, vwhere Sonic brings Tails and Knuckles along for the ride as he takes the fight to Dr. Eggman who once again threatens the world. There are also 9 other playable characters and we'll see them when we get to them.

Up first we play through Seaside Hill and Ocean Palace. Also, in the intro Tails totally crashed the Tornado 2.

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Author Kirito (2 days)
i grew up with this game, it was amazing

Author VenomX (4 months)
Wait... Tails and Knuckles just jump out of the Tornado? Tails dosent even
park it? Wow.....

Author Haipā Sonikku (25 days)
I played the PS3 version. This was the first Sonic game I played

Author DashieSparkle (1 month)
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was the first 2D sonic game I played and Sonic Heroes
was the first 3D sonic game I played.... Also I actually have Sonic Heroes
on PC

Author lexfelipe12 (5 months)
the pc version is the superior version 60 fps, hd grapics the controls feel
pretty tight since you're using a keyboard, and really, its the best
version, if you ever come across it, buy it

Author Huntergamer325 (2 months)
The first sonic game I ever played was sonic heroes

Author JamesPlaysGames95 (7 months)
i love the setting for sonic heroes. nothing too cartoony, but it's full of
colour. and no humans in sight

Author XANATECHNOMANCER3000 (13 days)

Author SuperPowerSmile (21 day)
I had the PS2 version. Darn.

Author theLang-Burney98 (6 months)
Why hasn't this been re released yet

Author sonic1234529 (28 days)
This Tails kinda sounds like Tommy from The Rugrats.

Author Blood Tech (1 month)
Sorry but the Xbox version looks more well programmed

Author Andrew Vidot (1 month)
Best Sonic game their is. Sonic 06 is the worst and sonic unleash for the
wii is almost as bad

Author XANATECHNOMANCER3000 (13 days)
I Totally LOVE This GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Miles Prower (1 month)
Ps2s version is fine for me

Author TheMusicplayer51 (1 month)
OMOCHAO! What did I say about touring the great clement?!?!

Author The Floating Donkey's Apprentice (1 month)
why does everyone have sonic heroes on game cube? I have it on ps2

Author Amaroqdricaldari (1 month)
10:40 "I will create perfect and the strongest reploids!"

Author Laughing Cat (8 months)
did anyone see eggman's signature on the letter


Author ChaosControlFreak (1 month)
I don't think there's anything wrong with the PS2 version.

Author CaveFlag0 (2 months)
Nothing beats the power of TEAMWORK!!!! :D

Author Robert Oslund (2 months)
Oh god, Tails' voice....

Author Avenger Jeff (2 months)
I really like this game, it's one of my favorite sonic games.

Author Sonamysupersonicfan (5 months)
Its my favourite sonic game but if this had a chao garden...

Author The Mighty Gaming Pro (3 months)
Wtf happened to the tornado during the intro? it just dissapeared

Author blop301 (6 months)
ive only played the ps2 version and even though it does have framerate
issues im fine with it honestly

Author Sharpteeth Nile (7 months)
This game fucking sucks so hard! I prefer 06 over this garbage! But that's
just me.

Author SnesRulez - My Game World (3 months)
Does anyone know how the version on the PSN plays? It's as bad as the
original or has been improved a little?

Author Vaickingo2.0 (4 months)
I had the PS2 version... And... Yeah, it wasn't perfect... But i still
liked the game... But I HATED the special stages, heck, those were the
worst special stages in a Sonic game ever!
Oh, yeah, the soundtrack was and still is AWESOME!

Author shadowlinkbds (2 months)
I really wish this game got more praise than it does. Sonic Heroes is one
of the underrated and over hated game of the series. I liked the new
gameplay styles, the levels, and how you can play as 3 characters at once.

Author DrummerFromFife (4 months)
Am I the only one who get a Queen vibe from the Sonic Heroes theme song?

Author GABEAF2001 (7 months)
Sega... What have you done to tails voice!

Author truemetalsonic (8 months)
Sonic heroes is one of my favourite sonic games ~ its not a bad game.

Author Spidey Josh (5 months)
Clet weca sonic hires Joshua iam 8 yesad
And if you coo

Author Levi Rivaille (6 months)
Gotta be my second favorite sonic game !

Author Billygoat (8 months)
I remember my 1st time playing the game and I tried running backwards
because sonic was and I hit my head. Good times, good times...

Author Akeel Khan (6 months)
There is slow down in the ps2 version but I'm fine with it I also have it
for GameCube gc is the best

Author Milliongem0671 (6 months)
Sega needs to release sonic heroes 2 lol xD

Author cowan1234 (6 months)
My friend has played the GameCube and PS2 versions and for some reason
likes the PS2 version better. I have tried to convert him many time. 

Author SHMOUSEY86 (6 months)
Best sonic game next to SA2 

Author Indigo1Black (2 months)
I hated the team blast it broke the game!
It encouraged people to use it a lot even on tough enemies.

Author basoon222 (9 months)
I thought PS2 was okay honestly

Author Wes Rubincan (3 months)
2:20 Nightmares And A Heart Attack? Thanks,Omochao!

Author WackyIdeas (7 months)
I have a ps2 version and it's great

Author JustCallMeNate ZX (7 months)
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle has better multiplayer

Author ultimatespideyhero (9 months)
Love this game. If Sega says they made a SA3 already, I would say this is
the true Sonic Adventure 3 to me. It just feels more natural.

Author Milliongem0671 (6 months)
Sonic heroes was my first or second game i ever played. Still my favorite
game ever!

Author Leo Koncos (7 months)
i hope the tornado's on auto pilot

Author Anthony Izzi (7 months)
I played Sonic Heroes on the PS2 and I still love it to no end. My favorite
Sonic game.

Author TheWolfkid79 (7 months)
I had the ps2 version and it was just fine and I loved it

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