If you like cute dog & baby stuff, you'll love this....

Our 11 month old daughter (Jaden) with her best friend (Sadie).

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Author Suchita Hothur (26 days)
sooo cute

Author Radhika Joshi (2 months)
+Vahishta Bharucha 

Author Garrus Vakarian (6 days)

Author deb Bee (8 days)
# cute 🐶 🐩 💗 💖!!

Author Bhavandeep Singh (13 days)
1:07 ... baby goes 'that's what i'm talking about !'

Author Reem Mansour (15 days)
Letting the dogs tongue that close to your baby face isn't really a smart

Author MACY RHYMES (25 days)
“ When we are children we seldom think of the future. This innocence leaves
us free to enjoy ourselves as few adults can. The day we fret about the
future is the day we leave our childhood behind .”

Author Afootballfan7 (26 days)
The baby eventually became smaller like a lollipop being licked. 

Author Nimbus2000 (1 month)
Oh my god, that baby looks just like me when I was a baby 

Author michio adamas (1 month)

Author 伯昭 北口    (1 month)

Author dONALD Blood (4 months)
waiting for the bitching about that being unsanitary...

Author julie (1 month)
Very cute...

Author xenuthebadalien (1 month)
labs make great family dogs

Author Egemen T. (1 month)
dogs are cute until they try to rape you

Author Planet Urine (1 month)
A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love

Author TheMidnadarkness (1 month)
omg gotta love labs

Author caveman861 (1 month)
Best pillow in the whole world!

Author COCO (1 month)

Author Mohammad Husain (1 month)
I know that most of u would be smiling while seeing this

Author :D (2 months)
Awww she thinks shes a puppy!

Author Sylvia Sylw (2 months)
That's amazing video. I have yellow lab and they are the most amazing dogs.
For these who think this is discounting and unsanitary, don't watch it.
Children expose to everyday bacterias and viruses, are healthier and have
lesser chance to develop any allergies. And most of all how happy that
little girl is.
Beautiful video :) 

Author ARGIRO APTOSOGLOU (2 months)
τι γλυκο πραγματικα αυτο το σκυλι ειναι ο προστατις αυτου του μωρου.ΘΕΛΩ

Author Sophie Thornby (2 months)

Author Eric Chum (2 months)
Sooo cute

Author Jonathan West (2 months)
So cute.

Author Nate H (2 months)
labs are the best !

Author moppyau (2 months)

Author Arun Babu (2 months)
sadie is too lovingg..

Author pappajinx . (2 months)
2,675 miserable poopers!

Author jose guerrero (5 months)
The is danger lol

Author Ирина Ивановна (2 months)

Author דניאלה גריידי (2 months)

Author Marcia Sussukhan (10 months)
lol So cute!!!!! <3

Author Tee Sharin (10 months)
That's adorable! I wonder what dogs actually think? Like did he think that
was his own baby? Any who...They're both adorable ^_^

Author jeannette pabon (10 months)

Author Jade Roberts (10 months)
I know @9011jwood

Author Jelena Kostic (10 months)
sweet :)

Author axsadi sat (10 months)
then go and kiss your dog in it's tongue!!!

Author angle shahi (10 months)

Author woodjunie jean pierre (10 months)
this is so cuteeeeeee!i mean it awwww♥★

Author ilablabyou (10 months)
so cute :">

Author Sherri Foreman (10 months)
clearly these two don't love each other. soooo cute!

Author littleprincesscoco (10 months)
Your baby and dog are so adorable! Thanks for sharing!! If you enjoy
watching this cute video, you'll like our new video "Baby making
interesting conversation with dog". Please check it out at our channel. :-)

Author Delogros (10 months)
Until a love story comes along thats worse then twilight... Expect it to be
said for a very very long time.

Author matermatristo5 (10 months)
awwwww so CUTE!

Author compadre (10 months)
Why is this so nasty Kim Miller? Will it kill the baby in your opinion?
Explain why it's "unsanitary" please?

Author Christian Tolentino (10 months)
00:33 wat

Author commenceenavoirmarre (10 months)
What do you think babies lick!? ...

Author silverhorsetale (10 months)
Good doggy.

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