If you like cute dog & baby stuff, you'll love this....

Our 11 month old daughter (Jaden) with her best friend (Sadie).

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Author Wasperjohn Wasper john (3 months)
Watch 'this' before leaving the house; remember it and you'll SMILE ,

Author Christine Cope (9 months)

Author ilzhe martinez (3 months)
cute but DISGUSTING D:

Author Kit Yee Cheng (8 months)
So cute!

Author dONALD Blood (3 months)
waiting for the bitching about that being unsanitary...

Author Vernarie De Leon (7 months)
what if the baby gets worms =(

Author Mesut Subaşı (8 months)

Author jose guerrero (4 months)
The is danger lol

Author Wasperjohn Wasper john (2 months)
I hope that 'you' too will laugh at this....

Author Petco (5 months)
So cute and sweet!

Author MindGuruTV (6 months)
Best friends forever!

Author Egemen T. (20 days)
dogs are cute until they try to rape you

Author Dominique Aruede (2 months)

Author Rumtt Raphee (1 year)
If you like cute dog & baby stuff, you'll love this....

Author SuperMicklovin (2 months)
you named a girl jaden ?

Author Lorra Fae (6 months)
sooo cute

Author Jeremy Buenaventura (7 months)
Can we just shut up "OMG this baby is gonna get sick! blah blah blah."
"Shut up no hes not blah blah blah." and just see how adorable this is :)

Author Ruchira Choudhary (8 months)

Author skalarek1000 (8 months)

Author ADIBA TIRANDAZ (7 months)
i love it

Author D. Brar (5 months)
hahahaha... so sweet.

Author stewart lawson (3 months)
great,eh the dog has just been cleaning its erse end ,

Author Muthu Kannan (1 year)

Author Geeth Chaky (1 year)

Author Massimo Primiero (1 year)
So Cute So Natural.

Author Hillel Fuld (2 years)
*I'm not much of a cute dog and baby video kinda guy, but OMG!*

Author Google Philippines (1 year)
A labrador's parental instinct takes over as it tries to groom this baby:

Author Julie Shatswell (1 year)
+Rebecca Ridgick good morning :) 

Author LUIZA MARIA A. P. (1 year)

Author Vernon Lee (1 year)
Prepare to giggle.

Author יעקב יצחק שיינקין (1 year)
+Rebecca Ridgick good morning :) 

Author Anton Wratschko (1 year)

Author Vegeta (5 months)
What kind of parents let they dogs that ate their own poop 5 minutes
earlier lick babies in the mouth... dayum

Author Ana Victoria Lagos (1 year)
Mira este vídeo de YouTube:

Author Radhika Joshi (1 month)
+Vahishta Bharucha 

Author Tommy Toy (1 year)
A cute little girl and her yellow lab playing together.

Author Sreek Menon (2 years)
Happiness :)

Author steve tarros (6 months)
doggy, just finish licking hes arse , and start licking baby's hands and
face, baby put hands into mouth, well done mummy ! dogs !tongue is full of
bacteria, some bad, some not so bad, cant believe you take the chance with
your baby !!!!!!

Author Sarah Mohammad (1 year)
I love them both! I seriously love dogs. They're sweet and fun to be with.
Just remmbered my black labrador back then ironically named bianca. She
loves my mom so much and they used to do walking exercise every am. When my
mom died, bianca got depressed...didn't eat and passed away too. They are
very affectionate animals.

Author Rex Torres (2 years)
waaaa!!! so cute!!!

Author Frankie Quinones (1 year)
Realy cute

Author Christina Smith (1 year)
Look at the little girls face!

Author Monkeys R Us (6 months)
This is both child abuse and animal abuse. I hope youtube gives your
information to the proper authorities so that they can remove both the
child and animal from your abusive care. The dog could have bitten the
child at anytime and there is a huge risk of that child becoming ill from
the dog's bacteria. There is also the animal abuse part in which you put
the dog at risk of being harmed by the child who doesn't know how to be
gentle. Not to mention how disgusting it is for you to treat both the child
and animal like side shows for your own entertainment. 

Author Dharshu Gal (2 years)

Author Ella Maldonado (5 months)

Author Gezim Nexhipi (4 months)
Labs are very good with kids very gentle then other breeds

Author Michele Happe (2 years)

Author Ananthu R (2 years)

Author YinYang youis Roland J. Ruttledge (1 year)

#dogs #cute #babies #cutenessoverload 

Author Ondrus21 (7 months)
The kid is annoying.

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