If you like cute dog & baby stuff, you'll love this....

Our 11 month old daughter (Jaden) with her best friend (Sadie).

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Author Jackpot (1 month)
Horrendously unhygienic...

Author Egemen T. (3 months)
dogs are cute until they try to rape you

Author wai shan lai (1 month)
very dirty

Author Reem Mansour (2 months)
Letting the dogs tongue that close to your baby face isn't really a smart

Author Afootballfan7 (2 months)
The baby eventually became smaller like a lollipop being licked. 

Author Suchita Hothur (2 months)
sooo cute

Author Nounk Ice (1 day)
what kind of sadie ?

Author dONALD Blood (6 months)
waiting for the bitching about that being unsanitary...

Author J Salas (24 days)
It's actually good for immune systems even though that is a shock factor

Author Sailesh Katara (16 days)

Author Renzito gaston (1 month)
Es una mascota....

Author Adam Yorke (1 month)
We had a yellow boy named Bear. He decided my son belonged to him the day
we brought him home from the hospital.

Bear slept in his room next to the crib. My son learned to walk at 9
months because he'd pull up on Bear's tail like a water skier.

You idiots railing on about a lack of hygiene and the danger to the baby
clearly know nothing about labs, babies or germs that are able to be
transmitted between the two species.

My now teenaged son has a deep and abiding love for dogs and animals of all
kinds. All because of Bear and subsequent generations of dogs and cats.

Again. All of you IDIOTS, go talk to a doctor about germs transmitting
between the species.

Author Radhika Joshi (4 months)
+Vahishta Bharucha 

Author Uğur Bal (1 month)
Soo funny

Author botofslay (1 month)
jesus christ, you let dog lick child in mouth?? OMG!!!

Author Alexis Cyrus (1 month)
Awwwww so so so adorable

Author Pidgeon Games! (1 month)
i love it its cuteee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE A CUTE ATACK

Author jose guerrero (7 months)
The is danger lol

Author Bhavandeep Singh (2 months)
1:07 ... baby goes 'that's what i'm talking about !'

Author Dominique Aruede (4 months)

Author deb Bee (2 months)
# cute 🐶 🐩 💗 💖!!

Author SuperMicklovin (5 months)
you named a girl jaden ?

Author michio adamas (2 months)

Author dreamguy sudhan (5 months)

Author 伯昭 北口    (2 months)

Author julie (3 months)
Very cute...

Author TheMidnadarkness (3 months)
omg gotta love labs

Author Jeremy Buenaventura (9 months)
Can we just shut up "OMG this baby is gonna get sick! blah blah blah."
"Shut up no hes not blah blah blah." and just see how adorable this is :)

Author Planet Urine (3 months)
A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love

Author stewart lawson (6 months)
great,eh the dog has just been cleaning its erse end ,

Author Mohammad Husain (3 months)
I know that most of u would be smiling while seeing this

Author Sophie Thornby (4 months)

Author Sylvia Sylw (4 months)
That's amazing video. I have yellow lab and they are the most amazing dogs.
For these who think this is discounting and unsanitary, don't watch it.
Children expose to everyday bacterias and viruses, are healthier and have
lesser chance to develop any allergies. And most of all how happy that
little girl is.
Beautiful video :) 

Author ARGIRO APTOSOGLOU (4 months)
τι γλυκο πραγματικα αυτο το σκυλι ειναι ο προστατις αυτου του μωρου.ΘΕΛΩ

Author Eric Chum (4 months)
Sooo cute

Author Nate H (4 months)
labs are the best !

Author Jonathan West (4 months)
So cute.

Author moppyau (4 months)

Author Akshay Kalson (4 months)
both r cute .. . :)

Author דניאלה גריידי (4 months)

Author aaditals (5 months)
después del perro hacer caca y lamerse su ano y de paso chuparse su
pene,,,le pasa su lengua al bebe en la boca y lo llena de muchas bacterias,
muy lindo jajajajajajaja........

Author bfcricky (5 months)
You're actually supposed to let babies be more exposed to germs as it helps
develop the immune system.

Author sebastienwang (4 months)
any asian parents would scare to death over this video

Author doctorno0070 (5 months)
That was my sweetness limit for the week. I think I am now diabetic...

Author Dody McBee (5 months)
i want one???

Author 林俊男 (5 months)

Author Peter Naughton (5 months)

Author Jéssica Oliveira (5 months)
it's a little disgusting

Author jay gonzales (5 months)
i dont like baby stuff but i like cute dogs

Author Ben Sehon (5 months)

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