If you like cute dog & baby stuff, you'll love this....

Our 11 month old daughter (Jaden) with her best friend (Sadie).

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Author Wasperjohn Wasper john (5 days)
Watch 'this' before leaving the house; remember it and you'll SMILE ,

Author dONALD Blood (8 days)
waiting for the bitching about that being unsanitary...

Author stewart lawson (9 days)
great,eh the dog has just been cleaning its erse end ,

Author Petco (1 month)
So cute and sweet!

Author ilzhe martinez (16 days)
cute but DISGUSTING D:

Author MindGuruTV (3 months)
Best friends forever!

Author Christine Cope (6 months)

Author Lorra Fae (3 months)
sooo cute

Author Jeremy Buenaventura (3 months)
Can we just shut up "OMG this baby is gonna get sick! blah blah blah."
"Shut up no hes not blah blah blah." and just see how adorable this is :)

Author Ruchira Choudhary (4 months)

Author jose guerrero (1 month)
The is danger lol

Author D. Brar (1 month)
hahahaha... so sweet.

Author ZeppelinTheBeagle (21 hour)
That's pretty effin cute!

Author Meylis Narlyyev (3 days)
The should be careful from all that bacteria from the baby!!!

Author miamifiction (1 day)
This is so cute!!!

Author sardonyxz (19 days)
shes just waiting for those licks

Author channa subash (27 days)

Author Per Eriksen (2 months)
Labradors are great with kids.

Author TheHawksfan123 (2 months)
so much better than cats!!

Author Vegeta (1 month)
What kind of parents let they dogs that ate their own poop 5 minutes
earlier lick babies in the mouth... dayum

Author Debbie D (18 days)
Adorable!! and you cannot help but laugh (myself anyway) when you hear a
baby cracking up with laughter! :) You're little girl also has a
"protector" and "best friend" for life

Author Babiesrfunny (2 months)
watch my videos and subscribe me

Author ปิยกวี ศรศิลป์ (1 month)
O.o saliva dog.

Author Laina Roberts (15 days)
Aww love baby and the dog

Author geen naam (3 months)
That baby is like chuky:P

Author Bt Cozer (1 month)
Realy dogs are blue and amazing animals, but people?!?!?

Author jeet (3 months)
I love my Labrador , Candi is a darling to me. She is my best friend.

Author Free Dog Training Tips (3 months)
Awesome video! :)

Author 011jaffa (1 month)
This video is precious...

Author MetalproF1 (2 months)
Beautiful, true and eternal love. Labrador retriever is my passion. It is a
very intelligent animal that loves his owners and people, that's
incredible. My labrador is called Frodo and is 3 years old. He is adorable
and incapable of doing anything wrong. And the child will learn to love
animals, it is important for a human being.

Author karina baluna (2 months)

Author Amaliza Balio (17 days)
hahahahha. so cute, I remember my son when he was still baby playing with
our dog Charles. Sometimes they quarrel too. 

Author Pushkar Yadav (1 month)
looks cute and dangerous at the same time, don't you think!

Author steve tarros (3 months)
doggy, just finish licking hes arse , and start licking baby's hands and
face, baby put hands into mouth, well done mummy ! dogs !tongue is full of
bacteria, some bad, some not so bad, cant believe you take the chance with
your baby !!!!!!

Author Bejlo (25 days)
cute ;)

Author barez light (2 months)
the best thing i have to do is washing baby after every playing with dog
,because its dirty

Author Anita Makamure (3 months)
Aaawww... she is cleaning her.... lol.

Author leilana wong (2 months)
sadie's actually being really motherly and cleaning the baby up like it's
her own

Author Monkeys R Us (2 months)
This is both child abuse and animal abuse. I hope youtube gives your
information to the proper authorities so that they can remove both the
child and animal from your abusive care. The dog could have bitten the
child at anytime and there is a huge risk of that child becoming ill from
the dog's bacteria. There is also the animal abuse part in which you put
the dog at risk of being harmed by the child who doesn't know how to be
gentle. Not to mention how disgusting it is for you to treat both the child
and animal like side shows for your own entertainment. 

Author re575817 (1 month)
Some say this is not healthy. I say they are very, very, very wrong! God
Made Wolf. Human made dog. Wow!

Author Sara Vincent (2 months)
adorable.LOVE IT!

Author Panckezxo (4 months)
If you think this baby will get sick from this, you're an idiot. It's a
family pet. It presumably has all vaccinations and is free from any
sicknesses that are contagious.. you need to stop worrying, jeez

Author Greg Lopez (3 months)
that is just the Cute thing i Over saw in my Life ..... baby need Love and
dogs two 

Author Claudia Balassone (4 months)
So beautiful and sweet!! Cutest couple ever!
Me muero de amor.

Author Marcialovely (6 months)
lol So cute!!!!! <3

Author MsMojomaster (6 months)
yeah enjoying babys is primarily a women thing,but why hate babys?im not
enthusiast about babys but i dont hate them too

Author Tee Sharin (6 months)
That's adorable! I wonder what dogs actually think? Like did he think that
was his own baby? Any who...They're both adorable ^_^

Author jeannette pabon (6 months)

Author Jade Roberts (6 months)
I know @9011jwood

Author Jelena Kostic (5 months)
sweet :)

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