Minecraft C418 - CAT Music 10 HOURS

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Runtime: 600:01
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Visit my 2nd channel for more Minecraft, League of Legends and others!! By going there you help me to grow :)!


Author Thomas (1 month)
I love my cat.

Author Pedro Paulo (7 months)

Author Tory Popek (9 days)
This song makes me sooo happy! I could listen to this song all day and not
get tired of it! Amazing!

Author TʜᴇBʟᴏxxɪɴɢBʟᴏᴄᴋs (1 month)
Thumbs up if you really love this song. At least it's one of my favorites

Author CrazyKiwi (18 days)
1:46 - 2:04 is ALWAYS the part I'm anxious to hear.

Author Jonatas Araujo Neto (3 months)
quem conhece a joaquina e a estefanona sabe de que eu to falando...

Author agumon949 (5 months)
Enderman-killing, RIP Wolfea song? xD

Author Annie Ly (11 days)
I don't know how people like this more than the song minecraft wait

Author William Coelho (23 days)
Chume power !! Joaquina e stephanona <3

Author Nomit200LP (2 months)
"Meine sehr geehrten Damen und Herren,
die folgende Musik stellt die Hintergrundmusik zur Dokumentation "Hardi und
das kleine Meth Labor zuhause dar. "
Dennis Br4mm3n (2012)

Author Mantovanni Filho (20 days)

Author Moe Hoskins (16 days)
My cat took a dump on the floor when they listened to this song.

Author Max mega (11 months)
My CAT jumped on me while watching :D

Author Riley Serback (1 month)
This is my kind of music when you got jump scared from five nights at
freddys and you listen too this and you'll be like this is so calming

Author Cactus Domesticus (3 months)
The funny thing is, when my cat heard this song, it started running around
in circles. He is usually really lazy so I was kind of surprised. To my
astonishment my cat suddenly started twerking. As he started to do a
hand-stand up against the wall, while twerking, he fell over and smashed my
glass-top table and his fur caught on fire. No doubt this music piece hold
some mysterious powers over cats in the real world. Scary.

Author Kat Cuccia (2 months)
Thank you for this. I don't really ever use the music discs, and this is
the only one I like, but I kept getting frustrated with having the music
stop in game when I paused, and having to reset it myself, so it's nice to
have this.

Author xXSlyMarauderXx (9 months)
R.I.P Hipo :'( <3

Author mike joe (1 month)
I think I may have some issues. This is my favorite song now

Author Aria Evans (3 months)
best minecraft disc EVER

Author Jill Hartman Wright (9 months)
Cat is one of the best minecraft music discs

Author Jonas Vieira (1 month)
musica muinto fixe ai podem crer!

Author Rainbow Bacon (1 month)
My cat loves this song

Author Breno Freitas (3 months)
Joaquina mais kade a estefona?

Author Mandy Tran (1 month)
Sway is this song so good?!?!!?!?

Author jho7835 (2 months)
CAT = Creepers Aggressively Trembles?

Author Stampyfan103 _ (20 days)
Awesome song 

Author Nexyo (1 month)

Author Lee Glass (2 months)
That's not the full song just saying!

Author 4noonymoous | LucasLink (7 months)
TazerCraft :3

Author Ohyeahblocksndubstep (2 months)
my fave by far. such happy, many wow.

Author lucas gabriel (3 months)

Author Mr_ kenji4321 (8 months)
#tazercarft joaquina 

Author Eduardo Bona (3 months)
Joaquina como ta a karla ?

Author Jordanobanano (6 months)
This music gives the impression as if you were seeing some video of Cyriak,
if they appear in one of your videos come out songs of this type.

Author Gabriel Malisia (1 month)

Author josh juarez (1 month)
cats are fluffy

Author shaymouse123 (3 months)
Goosebumps... every time..

Author Lucas Rosa (4 months)
Joaquina ♥

Author RileyL007 (7 months)
This is my favorite minecraft song

Author Daniel Guenther (7 months)
oh boy here comes the drop

Author beeroca26 (7 days)
I love my cat cookie

Author Brandon Lee (5 months)
chirp: I thought I saw a pussy cat.
cat: meow

Author HappyGirlAndTheUnicorn (4 months)
i got to an hour

Author Noobin S.A. (3 months)

Author JockyRhonson (4 months)
I just got home... realized that SOMEONE HERE left this video playing. It's
paused at 3:27:00... There was someone here the whole time and didn't shut
it off. Tells you how much a dad doesn't give a fuck.

Author Midnight Blossom (4 months)
That's not the end of the song. There's a part where people think is the
end, but it keeps going. You didn't record the whole thing.

Author Kyra Henson (1 month)
no no no no no no no no

Author Akemasgamers (3 months)
i love this music *-*

Author dudetheiguana (8 months)
why does this song make me feel nostalgia?

Author ladygermnotta x (4 months)

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