Borderlands 2 Seraph Evolution Shield and Relic Combo! Best Health Regeneration For Solo! (1080p)

This series will show you each Seraph Weapon and Item and their effects, what the flavor text does and if its worth spending Seraph Crystals for! I will be duping these weapons a few times a week!

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Borderlands 2 is a First Person Loot n Shoot Action RPG Game. It was developed by Gearbox and Released on Sept 18 2012. Since Borderlands 2 release it has 4 campaign dlc's release, Captain Scarlett and the Pirates Booty, Mister Torgues Campaign of Carnage, Sir Hammerlocks Big Game Hunt & Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep.

Borderlands 2 has received two level cap upgrades, including new Pearlescent weapons, legendary class mods, 11 new skill points, Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode and The Raid on Digistruct Peak Included. Season 2 DLC for Borderlands 2 includes 5 Head & Skin Head Hunter Packs themed after popular holidays, including TK Baha's Bloody Harvest, The Horrible Hunger Of The Ravenous Wattle Gobbler, How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day, Miss Moxxi's Wedding Day Massacre and the upcoming Son Of Crawmerax for 2.99.

As of April 2014 Gearbox claims that no more DLC will be released for Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 3 is not currently being worked on.

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Author john bob (3 months)
If anyone has an op8 version evolution dupe me one plz ps3 gt: nathan565644

Author GetTo TheChoppa (10 months)
i dont get it ma and my firned beat Hyperius in 30min then we beat master
gee in 40 tries and then we go to the Guy who accepts Seraph crystals and
he still say you need to defeat the seraph guardian... 1.My friend beat
UVHM i beat only TVHM only does it really make a difference?

Author graystone23 (2 years)
whens the next duping session

Author Genuine33 (2 years)
How do you not have 100,000 subs -.-

Author cyrixblack (1 year)
This + commando + 50% health relic = massive tank

Author Ezio3801 (2 years)
god i love your videos.....really appreciate what your doing for your

Author dylan fogleman (2 years)
I bet the new dlc didn't really like it that much. Jay where did you get
that vladof corrosive etech wep your using its badass!

Author standrabic (1 year)
Is there a 86% version of this shild?

Author Alejandro Esparza-Sandy (2 years)
Hmm I'll have to try this out. Lately I've been good with the Neogenator &
the Blood of the Seraph's.

Author TheKlopski (2 years)
Another place to acquire seraph crystals is Pete the Invincible raid boss
at the end of the Torgue dlc. I got more off of him than a match with
hyperius and gee combined. walked out with about 20 more than i came in

Author HmgStylez (2 years)
do you have the legendary soldier mod?

Author boogieboog77 (2 years)
hey jay,what time of day are u going to dupe the buzzard beater and the
other guns?

Author MorninAfterKill (2 years)
im gonna make a video later discussing that for you guys and some thoughts
and opinions on it!

Author Sljfdf (1 year)
can you please dupe me these two weapons i will give you any gun that i
have that you would want

Author Aria (1 year)
This video was my 600th video in my favourite list :)

Author AtlasGladius (1 year)
i know you'll probably never see this but id love to see this shield on a
mechromancer with the "Sharing is Caring" skill in the bff skill tree. The
Hide of Teramorphus is good and all and the bee doesnt exactly work for
what i want. This would allow for Deathtrap to be out on the field longer
because of the health regen. Think it over, try it, if someone else could
do it id be happy to watch.

Author MorninAfterKill (2 years)
Golden Box Wonder! its actually pretty boss at taking down high leveled
enemies. i call it my buzzard beater because it does that. Beats Buzzards
like Butter :D say that 10 times fast :D

Author Blazingwheel (1 year)
please note that health regen is better then max health because of stupid
borderlands 2 system of Health gating a lvl 50 player can still be 2shotted
the same as if it was a lvl 1 vs a lvl 50 boss (health regen is best cause
as long as u stay above 50% health you can't be 1 shot) and max health
traits from skill tree is useless

Author senunkid (2 years)
The new dlc is out today anything coming out today man

Author XGN NIST (1 year)
I will dupe all my legendary equipment for all characters if somebody would
graciously dupe this. GT - Nist iz Rippin Thanks guys!!

Author wasim Hussain (1 year)
you deserve more views

Author xXMASTERofDISATERXx (2 years)
They only nerfed the bee shied on pc.

Author friendlyfreakingjon (2 years)
BORDERLANDS 2 one of the best games ever !!!!

Author MorninAfterKill (2 years)
these two items have been part of my duping inventory for the last 2 weeks

Author MorninAfterKill (2 years)
Best. First. Comment. Ever. <3 MAK

Author cyrixblack (1 year)
I really want one now lol anyone got a level 50 evolution shield on Xbox
they can dupe add me (cyrixblack) I got a sham shield I can dupe if you
want one :)

Author InhalingAshes26 (2 years)
This shield is the Seraph Counterpart of the Neogenator, almost exactly the
same so they could be interchangeable

Author Moeyz69 (2 years)
Dude hyperius dropped a load of seraph crystals and my bee shield is still
the same. Patch note are wrong maybe?

Author 3DSK8ER (1 year)
if anybody can get me an evolution lvl 61 i can dup lots of legendarys and
seraphs on xbox gt: SnazzyMoa

Author senunkid (2 years)
like new videos on that

Author BeastlyFatMan (2 years)
that wouls totally suck if gearbox was like this was not part of the game
and nerfed it i would be so mad

Author Gferd176 (2 years)
Great for Gunzerkers when combined with the Blood

Author Animas Scar (2 years)
I'm actually using the Evolution shield with a 42% health increase relic
for my Axton character. I end up with 127093 health. I'm trying to decide
whether it is worth it to switch to a Blood of the Seraphs relic. Other
than the Evolution shield I have a 2.0% health regen with the Preparation
skill and a 2.0% health regen with the Able skill.

Author redhamuSLA (2 years)
Just coming through to say WASSUUUUUP. I have no idea wtf is happening in
BL2 anymore. LOLZ!

Author HyperZ x GaminG (1 year)
Or and my GT Is RttM x ELEMENTS

Author Anderson W (2 years)
Hey, when are you duping these items?

Author TheJozy17 (2 years)
when and how do i dup with you?

Author HyperZ x GaminG (1 year)
Anyone want to help me on a new Playthrough Legendary Vault Hunter Mode aka
Playthrough 4 it has level 70 to 80 enemies and you might need some modded

Author MorninAfterKill (2 years)
what about him?

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