How to Knit * Honeycomb Brioche Stitch * Knitting Stitches * This Honeycomb Brioche Stitch is knit easily with 4 rows only. The video shows you how to knit this popular knitting stitch...

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Author Tenisha Walker (5 months)
Cool! I'll get myself a couple of knitting needles and get to work! 

Author Esteban Rubio (12 days)
Lo podéis poner en español por favor

Author Alexzandra Broyles (3 months)
I was ha img trouble figuring this stitch out even with the videos I was
looking at...then I came across this one and it was like magic. I get it
now, I understand and can now knit the stitch and it looks like it is
supposed to look. Thank you so much. 

Author Zoe Primrose (7 months)
Wonderful video. I am a beginner and EXPECT to watch a demonstration at
least twice to catch on. How wonderful can teaching be? Student gets to
watch as often as necessary and teacher doesn't go crazy! Thank you!

Author danielle herakovic (6 months)
For the love of god, SLOW DOWN!!

Author Marsha Arrowood (6 months)
would I add a stitch to knit it in the round?

Author Laura Burkett (6 months)
i miss your english videos, eliza! please make more!

Author geta s (7 months)
you move to fast......

Author melly1963able (8 months)
Anyboby knows how to make decrease on this stitch? thanky you very much

Author EnNaIrDa1986 (8 months)
You're moving waaaaayyyyy too fast, please slow down, I am a beginner and
cannot tell what you are doing.

Author Linda Martindale (2 years)
Very clear video. I love knitting brioche. The US term for 'knit deep' is
'knit 1, in row below.(k1b)

Author YaTanya1977 (2 years)
Super work!!! Good lesson!! Thanks for shearing.

Author thewoolcraftshed blogspot (11 months)
Loved this excellent video. Clear and good well planned. Loved the
explanations to understand how the stitch works.

Author xoxoannie918 (2 years)
Are you kidding me? That's way too fast impossible to follow for a beginner

Author jaemily1000 (2 years)
@abberz3589 Why so rude and unappreciative? I tried this once and got it
right away. I think that you should be a little less insulting and a maybe
a little more proficent at knitting!

Author tattermst04 (2 years)
Thank you for refreshing my memory of this stitch and it is easier than the
one I learnt over 38 years ago and had forgotten. Since then I have been
searching and trying to get the right stitch but without success until I
saw your video. I like the double layer look of this pattern. Thank you
very much again for sharing.

Author desertrose0601 (2 years)
Very interesting! I'll have to try this. You made it look very easy. :)

Author maria calderon (2 years)
Oh, in Spanish is called "punto panal"

Author RoboKimmy (1 year)
This was an excellent tutorial and such a beautiful stitch too! This will
be the knit I try in my next project, thank you!

Author Baltihorse (1 year)
Love this video! Your instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I was
looking for a new stitch to use for a scarf, I think this will work up
quite nicely :) Thanks!

Author Gayle DeSantis (1 year)
Good video. Thank you.

Author Leni Petrov (9 months)
Hi! Thanks, great video. What size needles are you using?

Author momblvr (2 years)
Excellent video!! very clear directions, very clear camera image, very
steady camera! Thank you so much!

Author maria calderon (2 years)
@ceciliadevelandia La traduccion es la siguiente. Los puntos echados tienen
que ser multiplos de dos 1ra hilera) Se teje el punto de la orilla, se teje
el siguiente p.El 3r teje "profundo" (mira las imagenes), 4to p se
teje normal y asi consecutivamente. La 2da hilera) teje el orilla, 2do
p.(mira las imagenes) teje tomando la parte de atras de los dos hilos que
quedan en el medio junto con el p.el 3er teje normal, etc. 3ra hilera
se alterna, teje p.profundo, p.normal. etc.

Author 103213able (2 years)
@anteabuel thats just creepy

Author maria calderon (1 year)
Beautiful stitch

Author Angelo John (2 years)
Beautiful stitch. Love your accent. Can someone tell me how to increase and
decrease in this stitch and how to fix the mistakes.

Author katieparrott1 (1 year)

Author MelancholyFrogTea (1 year)
How many stitches total is up to you - it depends on the size of the item
you're making. The only thing you need do is make sure that your total
number of stitches is a multiple of two. So, even numbers like 4,8,10,12,14
ect. Otherwise you can't knit the pattern repeat correctly.

Author Theleoleo88 (1 year)
there is the "pause" button ....

Author faulenPfirsich (1 year)
Wonderful Video. Love this Stitch so far. Can't wait till I get better at
it. Keep up the good work on the videos.

Author Betsy Markman (1 year)
This is a beautiful stitch, and you've helped me understand (I think) how
to knit in the row below. I've never really been clear on that. Thank you!

Author Kolrick Greathouse (1 year)
Beautiful stitch! I can't wait to try it. Can you please tell me what yarn
you are using here? I looks lovely and stretchy.

Author Patsy P (1 year)
Mrs. Elizza, the knit one deep is called a Knit One Below stitch. :)

Author Camille Rosier (1 year)
Great video. I think you mean "knit one below" when you say "knit one
deep". :-)

Author WaterFor3st (1 year)
Yes, "knit one below" or k1b.

Author Rinachiyya (2 years)
Love this stitch it is so beautiful.thanks for making this video. Yoka

Author Purly (2 years)
Oh, this is the stitch my current sweater is made out of :D Saving this for
future refference!

Author Consuelo Moncayo (3 years)
Beautiful stitch, looks easy. Thank you for your tutorials.

Author empressnyx (1 year)
Thank you so much!! This was so helpful! I couldn't understand my written
pattern about the longer loop. You're a life saver!

Author Carah Mccain (1 year)
omg this is off the top

Author Kajari38 (2 years)
I have watched several videos to learn this stitch and yours was the best.
I'm not sure why others can't follow your video. Thanks!

Author anasredlips26 (1 year)
How many stiches do you do

Author blanca cecilia lopez de velandia (2 years)
Me gustaría mucho en idioma español. GrACIAS

Author ladybug6459 (2 years)
Nice stitch and video, thanks for sharing. Why do you knit the first stitch
of each row?

Author MandyzMoon (3 years)
@anteabuel On the wrong side/row 2 you work the "1ku" on the same stitch
that you previously worked "1kd". From your description you worked these on
the plain knit stitches. Also, brioche stitches are much less dense, so how
it looks depends on the needle size in proportion to the yarn weight you
are using. For example, if you want your brioche to have roughly the same
gauge as some stockinette, you need to go down in needle size.

Author Julie-ann Arkley (1 year)
Hi I am new to watching you and find your video blilliant thankyou so much
very helpful as I wanted a nice stitch for my bag I am making

Author anteabuel (3 years)
Too many stitches on the needle, it makes the knitting too fast. Though it
was well shown where to pick the yarn, a slower and less stitches would
make this clearer. I have search for this teaching "honeycomb brioche" for
years. So thank you so much.

Author Daniel Susser (1 year)
clearly, clearly not british. Get some language.

Author bing ette (2 years)
you have some great pics but I find them too fast, thanks anyway

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