Time For Table Manners Disney cartoon about good manners when eating Cooldisneylandvideos Hbvideos

Time For Table Manners is A corny campy educational Disney cartoon about leaning good manners when eating dinner or out at resestrunts. This was 16mm film print I got off of Ebay, Enjoy Cooldisneylandvideos Hbvideos

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Author T.J. King (6 months)
I have seen a lot of these

Author connerjd (5 months)
Hey, when I was a kid I didn't run around and yell in restaurants like kids
do today. I didn't even do that at home. Even at home I didn't leave the
table without permission. The problem these days is too much political
correctness. People are too paranoid to correct kids. Yeah, I agree that
physical abuse is wrong. It still doesn't mean that you let a kid get away
with murder which is just as bad or worse than abuse. The reason that kids
these days are so screwed is because we let them act that way by providing
them with no structure in their lives.

Author Michael Harrington (3 years)
Featured cartoons (part three): MICKEY'S RIVAL (1936) TOMORROW, WE DIET
(1951) PLUTOPIA (1951) SOUP'S ON (1948) THE NEW NEIGHBOR (1953)

Author Hbvideos (3 years)
@Copper20 The date is in the movie some where but my guess is the mid
1980s, I can tell this was edited on video. MCMLXXXVII is that 1987 ?

Author kathy fowler (1 year)
I love this

Author Christopher Sobieniak (2 years)
@disneyfan85 Looks like a video that was ported to 16mm the way it's
presented here. I'm sure there was still plenty of schools that were still
using film projectors over VCR's back then.

Author Jada Williams (1 year)

Author Michael Harrington (3 years)
@mycoolhomevideos Yes, it is indeed 1987. If you notice, it says "The Walt
Disney Co.", which was what the company changed its name to in 1986.

Author Richard Smith (3 years)
"Tiggers don't like honey!"

Author 77smeralda77 (9 months)
Great video (: I love it!

Author Eric H. (3 years)
What year is this from?

Author parksprings1 (1 year)

Author Michael Harrington (3 years)
Featured cartoons (part two): THE MANY ADVENTURES OF WINNIE THE POOH
("Blustery Day" scene) (1968) THE HOCKEY CHAMP (1939) SNOW WHITE AND THE
("Mickey and the Beanstalk" scene) (1947) RUGGED BEAR (1953) MICKEY'S
TRAILER (1938) MOVING DAY (1936)

Author Michael Harrington (3 years)
Featured cartoons (part one): DONALD'S COUSIN GUS (1939) DONALD'S NEPHEWS

Author Ryan Schweitzer (2 years)
@RetroToledo Yes, I myself happen to have a few educational 16mm films in
my collection (the "Health Wise" series) that are video-to-film transfers,
and have the logo for "Image Transform" pop up for a few frames during the
countdown leader at the beginning. Image Transform was a company in
California that specialized in video to film transfers. I guess projectors
still outnumbered VCRs in classrooms in the mid 80s (I went to grade school
in that era, and the classrooms had both).

Author jetmir haxhiavdyli (11 months)
I read some of the posts on here. I just think that's a great youtube
video. My bro wants to get effective with chicks. He began to understand a
lot from Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on
picking up girls.) The strategies concerned with attracting women through
night clubs in the emails via that website helped get got him his first
sexual encounters in more than 2 years. I was really pissed though due to
the fact I heard them all. Grrrr.

Author Christopher Sobieniak (2 years)
@pvx The grade schools I went to had those old 3/4" U-matic decks on carts
and all that! Seeing a film projected on a screen kinda fascinated me more
than seeing it on a cathode ray tube! I noticed a print in my collection
with the "Image Transform" at the leader too.

Author kathy fowler (1 year)
I <3 this

Author Marcelo Marques (1 year)
Everyone should watch it.

Author dyino brown (9 months)
I'm displeased. My friend resides on the floor above me. I'm annoyed
because he recently grew really good at seducing girls. He went to the
Master Attraction site by Jake Ayres (Look in Google). All he's doing now
is banging women. He's continually having ladies back and I can't help but
hear it. It's yucky and I wish he never found that site. My good friend
just signed up and got a blowjob a week later. I am envious!

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