1000 yds Benchrest

Stuart Elliott shooting a 300 Win Mag at 1,000 yards on the Brisbane range, Queensland Australia July 2011. View through the March 80x rifle scope of the target.

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Author MichaelRich53 (2 years)
Do these Berger 190's work so much better in comparison than say Sierra's
or Hornady's etc? Thanks,Rich in S.C.-USA

Author vdub5818 (2 years)
that is one hell of a setup man

Author Hayseed1776 (1 year)
dam whats the price of that scope ?

Author Stuart Elliott (2 years)
No, the official rules in Australia and the UK allow the shooter to choose
the system they prefer. Either wait till each shot is marked. Or have no
shots marked to allow fast shooting. That is called "shooting blind". Most
US organisations shoot the 'blind' method.

Author IcabodCrane (2 years)
Pretty obvious that the morons who wrote the comments like "I could sit
there and get the same group!" have never shot a gun outside of Call of
Duty video games, eh? I'm still absolutely baffled by how many morons think
that a scope magically makes a bullet fly straight like a laser..."All I
have to do is point the crosshairs and shoot! Obviously a scope negates all
physics known to man and the adjustment knobs are clearly just there to
look cool"

Author awizardalso (2 years)
I'm happy to see that not all guns have been banned in the 'down-under'.

Author IHitmanAirsoft (2 years)
i'm presuming this is just to zero the rifle?

Author Clurie Hyden (2 years)
If you don't mind me asking, Is that bolt specific to that gun, or is it
modified? What I mean is the fact that it comes right out when you pull the
bolt back.

Author oldcratch (2 years)
I'm a Nightforce guy but thats a damn fine scope, clear even through an

Author GabLam0 (2 years)
@two45triox Damm , now thats getting serious ! haha thx for the info

Author 1967spud (2 years)
Nice shooting there buddy i still prefer the 50 power smidt , do you notice
a lot of mirage above 40 x power

Author 800lb Gorilla (2 years)
The case is what contains the powder, and forms the interior of the
chamber. Has numerous effects on accuracy.

Author dreammaker182 (2 years)
There's wind, temperature, yaw due to the rotation of the bullet, the
effect of gravity over time/distance, air pressure, humidity, length of the
barrel, rifling twist rate, wear on the barrel and rifle action,
lubrication of the bullet and many other factors that play a role. A good
marksman knows their rifle and how to prepare for the variable factors to
make the bullet hit the same spot the FIRST time every time. Most people
wouldn't even hit the target after 100

Author koolmike79 (2 years)
I thought Benchrest Competition have to wait until the shot have been
marked before shooting the next round? Does HG BR have different rules?

Author busaspeed (2 years)
shooter resembles Mark Whitlock of Marks Outdoors Rip.

Author BikerTrashWolf (2 years)
i didnt even know an 80x scope existed.

Author GetMeThere1 (1 year)
Ah! Yes, I see it now. Thanks for the response. Nice shooting!

Author AdversaryOmega (1 year)
What caliber cartridge is that you're shooting? Its looks like a weatherby
style but I honestly have no clue... is that a lead bullet or just one of
those tin coated ones?

Author superbeziJ (2 years)
Amazing Stu, , love you set up, thank you for sharing

Author Boris Kuglov (2 years)
how much do you pay for that march ?? :P

Author jmsimpson11 (2 years)
the comments on here are a real fucking shame. show some god damn respect.
if you actually did competition shooting like this and understood how low
the margin for error is and how easy it is to fuck up, you wouldnt say such
rot. its takes a skill that you guys are obviously ignorant of.

Author Stuart Elliott (1 year)
Bit of both. Chamberring by Redback Precision. Action was built in 1994 by
PSECO in Australia

Author SuperEvilLemon (2 years)
I don't think that's very fair to say, as all your video's are handgun
shooting, It does actually take skill to use these types of rifles. Get
back to me when you have some experience ;)

Author koolmike79 (2 years)
Got it sir, thanks...

Author Austin Rivers (1 year)
More than a mile! Wow!

Author Colton Ryan (1 year)
What is the scope called you got there, a nice little eye piece!, and what
do they go for, ive been intrigued in getting into some long range shooting

Author Tony Briggs (2 years)
300 WIN.MAG. I would stay that's a center fire. ...I live in WV U.S.A. and
you can shoot dear. Bear. with that round.or targets on paper.

Author MilSpec308 (2 years)
what does a scope like that set you back?

Author deveans11 (2 years)
Excellent video. Beautiful rifle, magnificent scope. I want one of them!

Author Stuart Elliott (1 year)
Sure do. Call em up.

Author 51Dss (2 years)
I agree with you - well stated - good comparison.

Author alexrex20 (2 years)
hahahahahaha gun crimes in Australia have increased steadily since your gun
ban. yep, another smart move, Australia! keep dreaming

Author randomkidgibbs (2 years)
to be able to shoot that calibre,that rifle, with that scope u would have
to have a fortune haha good vid

Author jean paul chacon gallegos (2 years)
for 1000 yards as power has to be my telescopic sight I mean the zoom or
scope. thanks

Author James Ghosten (2 years)
God bless... Australia! :)

Author J.J.M.C (2 years)
soldier4usa your who im talking about when i say ignorant to the sport or
jealous of his group. what a hater.

Author scmp200 (2 years)
a-men to that brother! give these folks a stock rifle and a target at 50yds
remove all the fancy supports and aiming devices they have and the'd by
lucky to hit in the same zip code.

Author 51Dss (2 years)
I stand by my earlier comments - I understand that it takes some knowledge
regarding ballistics to shoot a sled gun accurately. It still is not the
same thing and really has no correlation to the concept of marksmanship.
You take your gun out of the vice; set it up w/a bipod or rest it on some
bags; shoot the same size group from the same distance that you do when
it's locked in the sled then I'll say you demonstrated genuine marksmanship.

Author TheSgtJellyfish (2 years)
wouldnt this gun be illegal in australia?

Author Stuart Elliott (2 years)
I modified the internals of the Farley rest to accomodate vertical acting
coil springs on two plastic rods. This counteracts the rifle weight which
is about 45lbs. Works well. I also have been experimenting with a prototype
SEB rest and we are up to protype 2 now. This one should be in production
(from Indonesia) soon as well. Look for my video called 1,000 yard
Benchrest 27-11-11

Author TheSgtJellyfish (2 years)
@BRTshooterssupply but dont you need a better liscense to buy guns that
shoot bigger bullets? but how did u get hold of that gun? can it only stay
at the club or do you live on a farm where rimfire rifles arent good enough
(it looks like a centerfire)?

Author Stuart Elliott (2 years)
@MrJmak223 Any 6.5 or 7mm would be fine. Lots of bullet choice and the BC
of all these bullets is excellent. Generally select a cartridge that you
can buy good quality cases for. Lapua or Norma.

Author dreammaker182 (2 years)
It's the Call of Duty generation.....

Author J.J.M.C (2 years)
thats a nice gun there. some people are ignorant to what goes into building
a precision rifle and mastering reloading.

Author Lvduggo69 (2 years)
When I saw the pic on the vid I was going to make a neg comment , but
hearing u have a 80 power scope says it all !! Dude , that's some super
shooting to hit the target that close as fast as u did !!!!!!! There's some
dork calling himself " mastershooter " , I know u would never b that cocky
, but that should b your name. Peace sir.

Author BallisticRedneck (2 years)
then how come when your communist government took Australia's guns ,crimes
went up. if you're not a felon or crazy you should be able to own whatever
kind of gun you want weather its a Tommy gun or a single shot 22. if every
non felon was armed crime would probably cease to exists ,because no one
would assault anyone or rob them.

Author jakeMTSU (1 year)
They had the new MSR at my local range, and they let anyone shoot 5 rounds,
at a 8in disk, a 12 year old boy hit 4 out of 5 ... at 800yards..many
others went 5 for 5...So the gun matters... now, with that said, if you
start trying to group 10 shots in a 5inch circle at 1000 yards, there allot
of factors! allot...

Author Mr13born79 (2 years)
@WVFAN1958 Don't shoot your dear! The cops don't like that. You'd probably
go to prison.

Author GarandThumb (2 years)
I was amazed not see any mirage through that scope. Was it just the
limitation of the iphone camera or was it a nice cool day? Nice setup by
the way :)

Author jedirifleman (2 years)
Do you modify your dies to resize all the way down to the belt? Have you
found that running high pressures on magnum belted cases, then resizing
with factory dies tends to leave some swell in the belt area of the case?
How many firings do you get with belted cases vs. non belted?

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