alizee - j'en ai marre 2011

alizee 2011

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Better quality:


Author zeus7623 (3 days)
Holy shit... That's actually her voice? Wasn't her best day with the
vocals. That was sad :(

Author jakojuin (4 days)
Pobre chica, no le queda más que vivir de sus éxitos pasados...

Author Appo47 (2 months)
get that guy off the stage, give her a decent dress and treat the arthritis
she's clearly developed over the years

Author Steacy783 . (14 days)
3:44 = Your so GONE dude !

Author antonio rivera (9 days)
Asco de cabron ni cantar sabe

Author Cristo gabriel Garcia garcia (26 days)
Casi Lloro :( Nooo Como Pueden Hacer Eso Arruina Ese Tipo Una De Mis
Canciones Favoritas! :( #FAIL 

Author zeus7623 (3 days)
Well... it's the thought that counts. You see singing is for those who can
sign. These two, evidently, can not sing. 

Author Gina Carl (3 months)
One of my favorite song

Author swghetor191k (1 month)
Senioras y seniores..... cleopatra para ustedes!!!!

Author Marcos Bass (4 months)
Putz!!!! Totalmente desapontado, nem deveria ter visto, preferia ficar com
aquela doce imagem de antes dela... Até a voz piorou... Não tem mais aquela
sensualidade de antes...

Author Sheila Gomez de godos (1 month)
corsaria por lo general sobresaliente en todo

Author aussiness74 (2 months)
Seriously...lose the guy...really NEED to lose him.
Sounds like her voice has gone....say it isn't for good.

Author Tavares San (3 months)

Author rob morgan (3 months)
bad. jesus the guy was horrible

Author Andreas Veidholm (4 months)
OMG wtf is this. Is this her real voice or have something happend to her ?
Both sound horrible. She still look good looking that is the most important
thing here =)

Author Sheila Gomez de godos (4 months)
en este video desastre total

Author Pablo Gomes Kiipper (6 months)
Da fuk was dat????

Author Antonio Martínez (6 months)
Qué onda, los dos están totalmente desafinados...

Author NintenRed (9 months)
She's cute and ai like her music.

Author Janusz D (9 months)

Author Jorge Aleman (7 months)
El tipo ese ni canta solo trata nada que ver solo aruino la presentacion de

Author Константин Яппаров (7 months)
_)))видимо привык к фонограмме

Author rhfpjy (7 months)

Author Jorge Gutierrez Fuentes (7 months)
El minuto 2:16 #Priceless

Author tigerarmyrule (7 months)
and unfortunately since this we have seen the addition of the hideous but
almost inevitable tattoos. What a shame.

Author karli steth (7 months)
Who on earth is the male singer ? He is neither able to sing nor to speak
French in any way, I never before heard such a horrible French. Mais j´aime
Alizée, ma chérie mignon.

Author Константин Яппаров (7 months)
это пипец уши вянут

Author rhfpjy (7 months)

Author Shahnawaz Ahmad (8 months)

Author Mike Thomas (8 months)
Tira o pau da boca pra cantar

Author Rui Ralha (8 months)
Bien bone .B.B . gosto de boa vontade

Author Felipe Soto Portilla (8 months)
con todo y sus encantos.

Author YakoniOMG (1 year)
Dios si que ha emperado la tia esta

Author Jeannine Jeanpierre (1 year)
ou trop long!«tres bonne danseuse» je m,exprime à ma facon....jjdelarue.

Author Viviane Spier (1 year)
da sieht sie schön aus

Author Galil Fontaine (1 year)
I'd still put a baby in her belly!!!

Author EDGARITO JUSMETE (1 year)
pagaron para que ese hijo de toda su puta madre arrinara la cancion se
pasan de verga

Author Mattveys (1 year)
ужас , даже не верится что в 2004 считал ее самой красивой певицей .Голос
ушел в никуда ,про мужика вообще без комментов.

Author Alex Ale (1 year)
Alizee ты супер

Author chris redfield (1 year)
javi la cago completamente

Author Gay locodark (1 year)
lo que pasó es que no llevaron a la alizee original, mas bien presentaron a
una impostora...

Author SuperPSTutorials (1 year)
Where's all her energy gone?

Author berry more (1 year)
What is that handsome guy name?

Author Alessio Iorio (1 year)
but her too! Alizée is not good in Live exhibitions!!

Author nshh95 (1 year)
Canta perfecto y esta bonita

Author juliano pasqual (1 year)
linda canção e mais linda a cantora!!!!! queria a tradução para o

Author berry more (11 months)
Please can anyone tell me the name of that guy. Many thanks

Author Stephanie Rodriguez (1 year)
Y la cara de ella asi como de o_O que hago aquí con este haha

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