VL Christian and Oliver Chrolli , Gay Love Story

One of the best gay stories ever. It is no fairy tale, there are many people are living the dreams of being themselves. You can only your best you, otherwise you are not making use of your life to your advantage. What else is to fear but the fear of being judged and looked upon, but again you may be here in this life to change people's perception about gay people. Show the true love that is unconditional.

No copyright intended, used as part of common creative for sharing positive messages. Any concerns, please contact me. Thanks and enjoy.

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Author Chrisolli100 (6 months)
J'ai beau voir, revoir, re re voir ; je ne m'en lasse jamais. Merci Thore
et Jo pour votre jeu d'acteurs ♥ ♥ ♥

Author Jayson Cruz (7 months)
such a great story... but for me no one can beat fer and david's love
story.. this two man (oli and christian) looks good together.. but fer and
david have their chemistry on and off cam... for me fer and david should be
the number one gay couple, followed by shaun and and zach of shelter, next
is this couple oli and chtian... 

Author B777X (9 months)
the worst editing i have ever seen for a movie wa too annoying to watch

Author Tommy Brannon (1 year)
the guys are hot

Author Marcello Bonanova (1 year)
Gorgeous video! CHROLLI ARE THE BEST! Thank you1

Author nicole bernal (2 years)
awwuh <3 thumbs up if you support gayness!!! I know i sure do (': <3

Author lovebeyondnow (2 years)
Hi Lightlife4, thank you for your kind comment. Where most romantic soaps
including gay soaps got slowly disintegrated, Chrolli keep go on and on,
even when troubled waters hit. So, they are the best of all the love
stories. Yoohoo .....

Author MrRickwow (2 years)

Author lovebeyondnow (1 year)
Sia ... Breathe Me :D

Author ma111ma11 (2 years)
الله من سعودي هنا

Author dancelover1ify (3 years)
I love how you put all of the clips together so it flows easily i love
chrollie!! :)

Author Brie Denae (1 year)
this video is extremely touching... the ending made me tear up! its
beautiful that there are people out there who are accepting of all
sexualities. however, the world is still an ugly place because there are
even more people who do NOT accept others for who they are: human beings
with loves and dreams that rival their own.

Author nafesha ferdinad (1 year)
omg they are so cute love you christian you're so hot

Author kh9234 (1 year)
I am a straight girl why am I watching this??

Author AlexArtheme (1 year)
don't worry,it's normal and people have the weirdest fantasies O-O

Author lovebeyondnow (1 year)
i am sorry, but this is romance not porn hehehhe :d ... glad u like that
anyway .. :d peace

Author theatredirector50 (2 years)
Thanks for a beautiful video and a story that I would have loved to have

Author kaijean01252011 (2 years)
where to download full video? please give some links. thanks :) i really
love this couple!

Author daphnouki (2 years)
which is the song after 00:40???

Author lovebeyondnow (1 year)
No objection there Tommy :d

Author lovebeyondnow (1 year)
lol ....

Author lovebeyondnow (1 year)
we need more yeah ... :D

Author Mike C (1 year)
I love your quotes

Author jacob.c.w. Franken (1 year)
I have seen many Gay Love Stories but thi one had mij full attention;many
scenesI could not my eyes dry.This was a story full off real love,No time
for sexuality shows. The Netherlands was the first country to allow
Homosexiality marrige [2001?] Friends off me followed the intrduction.But
now saw the marriage from Oliver and Christian at a Germain Church.So full
off love from both.Sorry I followed the Holly Ceremony very emotional. JACQ.

Author kaijean01252011 (2 years)
-They are the most beautiful couple I have ever seen! :))) you're right! at
first when i saw the clip, i watched it immediately and play other

Author lovebeyondnow (1 year)
I think so ....

Author PaNdeM0niuM (1 year)
hot couple!

Author ling ting (1 year)
Verry good, I like them

Author Forever_Alive (2 years)
I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! They are made for eachother! Thank you so much!

Author lovebeyondnow (11 months)
cos we are kind loving and gentle people :D

Author Tony Dolley (1 year)
filme muito lindo para bens para quem postou o video

Author Carrington Jordan (11 months)
Hey bro, read the above, and from an impure heart and mind let us see if
you can offer an eloquent counter to the truth. Truth set us free...One

Author Rohit Shahi (1 year)
My classmates laughed when I told them I was going to burn up fat with
"Windy Fat Loss", but then I showed them the results. Go google "Windy Fat
Loss" to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

Author avjchrolli (1 year)
Where the hell is full movie..?? I guess this are all just the parts of the
movie in between. Please tell me the link to the full, else I shall die

Author Stephanie Powell (1 year)
i surport them and i will

Author Walt Walters (1 year)
well that was just uncalled for...have a great day!

Author darknessdreamsgreat (1 year)
Yes. It's from the German TV series "Verbotene Liebe" (Forbidden Love) :)

Author Carrington Jordan (11 months)
Because LOVE is beautiful whatever the source...why ask 'why'? Is there
'logic" in love? LOVE is the CREATOR, the wellspring from which all that
exists in the universe is derived-all that is pure. Evil, hatred, and war
come from the minds of those who are impure. Homophobia emanates from
prejudice & bigotry; a hypocrisy born of ignorance. Ask not from whence
love radiates-it is all beautiful and promotes harmony and balance in the
universe. Let go of the predisposition of negativity and just be.

Author CLAUDER COSTA (1 year)
This video was beautiful ... one of the best scenes that I loved was the
first kiss of Christian and Oliver ... congratulations video

Author lovebeyondnow (2 years)
glad u enjoyed it :D

Author Connie Bach (2 years)
This is by far the BEST love story I've ever watched!!!! Super! Love it!
Thank you thank you!

Author usagi chan (1 year)
i think its hot 2. So its ok. ur not alone.

Author anhar mohammad (2 years)
ههههههههههههههههههههههههه رجاجيل آخر زمن لا وتزوجو على مرئى ومسمع يلللللعلن
الفشايل O_O

Author PaNdeM0niuM (1 year)
Is Gay marriage Legal in Germany?

Author lovebeyondnow (2 years)
glad u enjoy it :D

Author julie last (1 year)
whats the song at 12;20

Author Dakota Eveland (1 year)
wohhooo Sia "breath me" love that song at 00:45

Author raykim1434 (1 year)
what's the tittle of this movie?

Author Douglas Lourenço (1 year)
I've watched a lot of Gay storylines but no one of them can be compared to
Christian and Oliver, they are just incomparable! The way the actors play
their characters, the touches, the music... everything is great! [the
writers sometimes sucks, but...] All i have to say is: this is the best gay
couple ever! I hope Christian be back to VL soon...

Author lovebeyondnow (1 year)
it is a german drama series .. search for "christian and oliver"

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