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Author ianhorshamable (1 year)
i so want to be a girl im linda

Author slimdudeDJC (1 year)
Still beautiful, though!!!

Author playngod (2 years)
incredible very pretty.....they deserve to be recognized for the women they
are :-) :-) :-:-)

Author SirLGM (1 year)
I must say they're hot!

Author MarisaTheKirisame (2 years)
All asians.

Author playngod (2 years)
amazing how beautiful they are.......extreamly attractive....

Author megagods44 (2 years)
women are women even if they were born as boys transgender ftw <3 check out
my channel for some vids of me talking about it im not trying to take her
spotlight i doubt ill get any views im not trying to disrupt any views im
sorry but i want to spread the word with you <3

Author lisabrock01 (1 year)
Until i seen this, i was against integrating into society, but i have
changed my mind and will join the cause for equal rights

Author VALERIA KUSTOVA (1 year)
very very beauty girl impresionant

Author VALERIA KUSTOVA (1 year)
Son muy bellas cada una de las chicas propias de un certamen de belleza a
nivel mundial

Author tatzz1965de (1 year)
its true u really r the most beautiful. girl. ts I every seen walk this
earth yr soooooo beautiful Iam in love

Author playngod (2 years)
beautiful girls :-) :-) :-) :-)

Author Fernando Salazar (1 year)
is it possible to do breast implants that are real cloned breast exactly
like a woman's ans have them implant and or is it possible to cloned a
vagina and have it transplant with surgery to a Ts so they really have a
more successful body as a woman, a lot of female hormones really work they
should double the dose for better results.

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