Hubitools Universal Timing Gear Clamp

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Find out about Hubitools Universal Timing Gear Clamp that easily and efficiently holds valve timing on overhead cam engines during timing belt service.

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Author 30spooln (6 days)
Got it from Snap On so no it wasn't a cheap copy just a useless tool that's
really not needed in the first place. 

Author 30spooln (22 days)
I tried this POS tool once and it broke. Made of plastic garbage. 

Author erik61801 (2 months)
if you need this, you are pussy.

Author stevan unukovic (3 months)
odlican adapter, da li moze da se kupi i kako doci u kontakt za kupovinu.

Author Hubitools (1 month)
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Author Aaron (3 months)
zip ties dude

Author Alome Chanthasinh (7 months)
Where can I get 1 in US

Author Chris Fongeallaz (7 months)
where can you buy in U.S, ?

Author stepan zorvarian (1 year)
Useful tool

Author Hubitools (1 year)

Author jose carrillo (1 year)

Author Ryan sudbury ontario (1 year)
that is among the best of engine tools!!! now all we need is better timing

Author Hubi Tools (1 year)
Здравствуйте, По вашему вопросу прошу обратиься по телефонам: В Москве:
(926)707 07 82 В Санкт Петербурге: (921)781-65-56 В Нижнем Новгороде: (831)
269 80 72. 269 80 73. 269 80 77.269 80 78 Всего доброго

Author Hubi Tools (2 years)
Did you try with the single clamp? Our Timing Gear Clamp (part number
AB70896, that is first shown on the video) is a universal tool that fits
most engine types but, there are some that it may not and in these
instances our single clamp (part number AB70905, demonstration from 1'06'')
can be used...

Author seapeddler (2 years)
Could be used as a rib spreader in open heart surgery as well. Massive
heart attack if a belt snaps while passing a 19.5 wheeler.

Author Hubi Tools (1 year)
Then you have to use the single cam clamps on each pulley (watch from 1:06).

Author Redblower (1 year)
How would I do a mitsubishi 6G75 engine with this? The belt has an idler in
between the two cam sprockets....

Author craig meier (2 years)
didnt work as hoped on my subaru. the cam gears have a lip on the outer
edge. plus the variable cam timing stuff got in the way of full engagement
of the gears

Author Hubi Tools (2 years)
So why not the other way round with the timing gear clamp to be used in
heart surgery?

Author Hubi Tools (3 years)
Indeed, you are right! This is how to do it in real conditions. But here,
for the video, we did it on one of our demonstration device so the belt was
not under tension. But you definitely should do it with the old belt under
tension when you work with this tool on a car.

Author dieselscience (1 year)
What's that song name?

Author Hubi Tools (2 years)
Indeed some specialized products designed initially for the medical
profession have displayed obvious applications across the industrial or
automotive markets. We can also name the endoscope as one such tool. Used
for probing into places of the body that would otherwise require invasive
surgery they now serve a similar function within the automotive industry,
allowing mechanics to investigate engine (or other) problems without the
need to dismantle them.

Author iang674 (1 year)
This is not much use on precision timing engines where you need to loosen
the cam pulley bolts during timing, but 90% of the time it would work the
finest :-)

Author MrSuperior (3 years)
can you make one that will hold the crank to? actually can you just do it
for me i couldnt be stuffed! nice idea :)

Author importworx (1 year)
Thats one loose timing belt!

Author Hubi Tools (1 year)
It depends where you live.

Author Jesus (1 year)
it will work for cambelt changes yes, but when you have to actually remove
the pully of the cam on say a 2.0L alfa TS motor this will not help, then
you need cam locks.

Author panther105 (3 years)
It looks like you shifted one gear a whole tooth just putting it on. Maybe
better to demonstrate this with the old belt still under tension.

Author Hubi Tools (1 year)
It's a royalty free music that comes with the program we use to make our
videos. If you want to listen to it, well, you just have to watch our video
all over again, and again, and again... ;-)

Author Hubi Tools (3 years)
@SebNormandy Actually, it is made of nylon reinforced with glass fiber. So
very strong material! If you call it plastic, then I'll say very high
professional quality plastic! ;-)

Author d3m0n382 (1 year)
Здрасти !!! и что вы за него хотите????

Author seapeddler (2 years)
Yes, precisely why Jesus was supposdly nailed to the cross. maybe they had
complex tools back then as well. Ha, ha,...

Author Trevor Phillips (2 years)
Hows he gonna do that its just cam sprockets bolted to some scrap aluminum
LOL its easy to demo something when it doesnt have to run when your finished

Author Nick Magana (1 year)
I needed that today haha

Author Liamautomechanic (1 year)
handy tool

Author mikemilenko50187 (2 years)
Make it out of aluminum and then I might buy it.

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