Nasheed - Sheikh Usama (Shamikhan)

Islamic nasheed tribute to the martyred lion of Islam, sheikh Osama bin Laden (rahimahullah) شامخا كالطود فينا

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thank you for your interest and comments, I want to mention that I just shared the video. The owner is:
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Author jontibloom (1 month)
Does anyone know where I can get Sheik Osama's famous book "how to cook
delicious meals in a cave - my Tora Bora experience" I have looked for this
everywhere but can find it even in Amazon. I understand his recipe for
Barbequed desert lizard in a date syrup is to die for 

Author Cortney Dell (2 days)
where are the pictures of him dead??? what a load of crap....

Author Astarothmountainlion (6 days)

Author arab.crescent (1 month)
الله يرحمه , و يعز أمة الإسلام

Author RedJewFluter (11 months)
Viva the PKK

Author Ismaël Islam (2 years)
n the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Say: He is Allah, the One
and Only! Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not nor is He
begotten. And there is none like unto Him.

Author Kind Arische (1 year)
Allah u Akbar from Hungary! kill jews!

Author sovietarchangel (9 months)
I Hate Isreal too

Author abu huzaifa baloch (1 year)

Author فريد اسد الحوطي (1 year)
اللهم اعز الاسلام واعز المسلمين ووفقهم لخير الدنيا والاخرة وانصر المجاهدين
في كل مكان وزمان وحال ودمر اعداء الدين حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل في المشركين
والمنافقين و الكفار اعداء الاسلام ياالله ياعزيز ياحي ياقيوم يامنتقم ياجبار
خذهم للنار فأنت اعلم بهم وادرى واخبر وعليهم اقدر ياالله ياالله ياالله
ياالله ياالله ياالله ياالله ياالله ياالله ياالله ياالله ياالله ياالله
ياالله ياالله ياالله ياالله ياالله ياالله وصل اللهم وسلم وبارك على سيدنا
محمد وعلى آله وصحبه اجمعين اللهم امين اللهم امين اللهم امين

Author gregori igrevitch pusnoff Greg (11 months)

Author lotfimb (1 year)

Author MQMCANSUCKDICK (2 years)
lol, you stupid cunt will never be a martyr, your a stupid youtube Jihadist
every comment you write is being monitored by thousands of private Western
Intelligence services, even i am being monitored, you see i was like you
all brainwashed and shit, until i discovered that the so called
"mujahideen" are ISI funded warlords using people like you to make billions
of dollars, wake the fuck up.

Author Tom Nolan (2 years)
jihadmuslim You get lost . You are nothing but a Ossama Bin Laden (sic )
asshole ! I'm damn glad that Osama is in HELL . That is a lie that Osama is
in Paradise . We can take that to court in the US only . Not in Turkey . I
dare you to offend for yourself in the US courts .

Author Ismaël Islam (2 years)
As a Muslim, I don't care about the American's eye, I care about Allah.

Author Ancient Civilization (11 months)
Rip Osama Bin Laden 1957-2011.

Author Love4Fuckistani (2 years)
I love you Sheikh Osama my great leader, May Allah grant you Jana-tel
Ferdaous. Amen!!!

Author Jayne Camargo (1 year)
Allahu Akbar from Brazil :)

Author LifeIsATest4UsAll (2 years)
USA will fall. Saudi-Arabia will fall. Saudi-Arabia is the biggest ally of
the USA. This country is led by a prostitute visiting, alcohol drinking,
pork eating family that is parasiting their own land. They are backed by
the US military in exchange for oil. And they bought support from local
wahabist leaders with power. They sold out their land, faith and people in
the whole of the Middle-East. This family and those wahabists are the
ultimate enemies of Islam, and only deserve 1 treatment.

Author Zagreus agou (1 year)
ALLAHu akbar

Author الكتيبة الخضراء (1 year)
سلام على روحك في الخالدين يا أسامة و نعاهدك على أن نمضي على طريق الجهاد حتى
يتم النصر أو نذوق ما ذاق حمزة بن عبد المطلب رضي الله عنه فالدَّمُ الدَّم و
الهَدمُ الهَدم .. و نقسم بالله العظيم الذي رفع السماء بلا عمد .. لن تحلم
أمريكا و لا من يعيش في أمريكا بالأمن حتى نعيشه واقعا في فلسطين و حتى تخرج
جميع الجيوش الكافرة من أرض محمد صلى الله عليه و سلم .

Author Ismaël Islam (2 years)
The Prophet -- Allah bless and greet him -- said: "Whoever says: there is
no god but Allah enters Paradise."

Author Jasin Ben jaser (1 year)
Allahu Akbar from germany

Author 666sturmgeshutz666 (1 year)
LoVe AllaH Long LiVE Usama

Author iNaRcHiZ (10 months)
shut up kufaar

Author LightUpon Light (1 year)
Osama died in a battle on a field in the mountains in afghanistan. The rest
is bull. The americans and pakis have a intel war. Pak intel guided the
afghans to victory

Author demha namher (1 year)
You should all be ashamed of yourselfs. Osama Bin Laden was a terrorist a
murderer. He went against islam and allah. He twisted the quran for his own
pollitical means. He was a evil coward. He was the puppet of the USA. All
you lot are thick and give us muslims a bad name. I would personally like
to whip any of your asses you cunts!

Author gangster83511 (1 year)
osama one of the first true mujahedi in our time.from germany 2050 islamic

Author Jaam Tolee (1 year)
M8 what are u a Muslim or are u a kuffar if your Muslim then u won't says
that but if your not Muslim then u will say what u said now you dirty mug

Author Ismaël Islam (2 years)
Oh, so you're a christian? Jesus can't be the son of God according to this
surah :

Author Tom Nolan (2 years)
XDiZizZ In the Holy Bible Jesus is son of God ( Allah ) . But in the Koran
, that is different . The Koran is an okay book to read and study about .
Even few people take an Koran to a Sunday School class and discuss the
differences between the Bible and the Koran .

Author iful oleolang (1 year)
ALLOHU AKBAR indonesia

Author adab moussa (1 year)
AND YOU'RE MY BROTHER! from France. salam

Author elektrofine (9 months)
fuck you stupid zionist

Author MrVidica (2 years)
heroi da miseria, vilão exemplar!!!

Author sovietarchangel (10 months)
Ura long live SAA. defeat the FSA/al nursa

Author AdelR (11 months)
and.......FUCK YOU

Author Ismaël Islam (2 years)
Who can judge humans except Al-Hakam (The Judge), Allah? And by the way,
the Prophet said black flags will raise from Khorassan (Afghanistan) and
they will conquest Jerusalem. He said we may join this army because it is
Al Mahdi's army. ;)

Author LifeIsATest4UsAll (2 years)
USA will fall. UK will fall. EU will fall. Israel will fall. In 1948 jews
came to Palestina and drove away muslims and christians, because 2000 years
ago, that land was Israel. They called that justice. Palestinians lost
their land, houses, freedom and lives. When they fought back, they were
called terrorists. The UN tells Israel to stop, but nobody cares. And while
Palestinians are dying from hunger, Israel gets military aid from the West.
Welcome to the West, the most enlightened place.

Author mohyeldeen muhajer (1 year)
أكرمك الله أخي الكريم حبيبي فريد. سلامات من أخوك محي الدين من النرويج

Author Mowgli546 (1 year)
From Canada

Author MQMCANSUCKDICK (2 years)
Ahmad Shah Massoud was killed by filthy Arabs. he is a martyr of Islam and

Author mohyeldeen muhajer (1 year)
اللهم اميييين! بارك الله فيك شيخ فريد! حبيبي لا تنساني من صالح الدعاء

Author lufer104 (1 year)
allah hu akbar from colombia !

Author Tom Nolan (2 years)
xDIZIzZ Well Bin Laden became Sharkbait . It was justice under the American
eyes and Osama Bin Laden deserves it . One thing , though God will forgive
me . Not Osama Bin Laden .

Author willytheamazing (2 years)

Author erion kaziu (2 years)
Brother dont waste your breath only Allah knows where hes going these
people are amongst the kuffr they speak out of their butt.

Author xnajdax (1 year)
Can i have as well please.

Author Abdullah Mahboob (1 year)
You will be always remained in our heards *SHIKH OSAMA BIN LADEN*

Author Chunti Jii (1 year)
I love osama bin Laden

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