World's largest snow blower HD

Over 2000 hp installed power capacity. Watch an ordinary snow blower compared to the world's biggest self-propelling snow blower. Made in Norway.

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in Sparwood BC


Author Ravias20 (6 months)
Of course we need a snow mover in Norway! But not this year! :D No snow...

Author bourbakis (5 months)
How fun to drive one!

Author Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals (1 year)
Since winter has been making it's presence known the last couple of weeks,
we thought we would share a snow blower video

Author Ellas D'Kaye (6 months)
Is a copy of Gravely "square-Shoot"- made in USA

Author wi11y1960 (7 months)
Dear Santa.........

Author bill fish (4 months)
Supper gubbis thanks for telling the truth

Author Matthias Hutecek (4 months)
this is not the largest blower, search for Schneeräumung am Großglockner
and youll see a pretty cool Snowblower called rotationplow

Author Joshua Ilac (1 month)
first of this isnt even the biggest snow blower out there and second of all
this is like a miniature blower compared to the one that the up owns

Author GeorgeVeld (3 months)
Sorry guys this most defenatly not the worlds largest snow blowers just
google snow blowers on trains

Author Denver Morgan (4 months)
If its made in Norway most likely the costliest snow blower in the world

Author IXDevelopment (6 months)
Øveraasen, of course :)

Author Harley Nut (7 months)
Awesome 8-)

Author bloodymary12 (4 months)
we need one of these for my city

Author Krandon Borth (7 months)
Asians are so bad at driving I'm starting to think Pearl Harbor was an

Author Isaac Allen (7 months)
Considering getting one of these for my driveway... Do you think it will
have enough power?

Author Hans Looman (6 months)
Now there's a snowblower! :)

Author Kriss Schrader (2 years)
I wouldn't mind taking a ride in one of these monsters.

Author Jørgen Thørnquist (7 months)
Zombie apocaplypse vehicle of choice!

Author Jamie Roberts (2 years)
Be prepared for the sprinkling of snow. Get one of these!

Author peter dulanyi (2 years)
Asta ar fi costat mai putin!

Author bill fish (4 months)
lol 2 motors not just 1

Author Tiedeman, LLC (1 year)
Since winter has been making it's presence known the last couple of weeks,
we thought we would share a snow blower video

Author Michał Topór-Futer (2 years)
Z takim smokiem zima nie straszna :D

Author Power Equipment Direct (2 years)
I wouldn't mind taking a ride in one of these monsters.

Author Snow Blowers Direct (2 years)
I wouldn't mind taking a ride in one of these monsters.

Author Jim's Repair/Jim's Tractors (2 years)
I wouldn't mind taking a ride in one of these monsters.

Author SuperGubbis (1 year)
Americans dislikes that other countries actually make bigger and better
things than them =) =) so I'm sitting laughing and reading stupid comments.

Author gekkomaster1 (2 years)
there is a good reason Oslo airport has only been closed twice since 1998
because of snow. :P

Author John Jensen (1 year)
Cool video ... but not what I consider huge. The local DOT has a dual stage
that dwarfs this, and we don't even live in an area that gets that much

Author RodChandlerII (2 years)
no a cow will not clog the chute it will go right through as happens with
any road kill buried in the snow as they clean the road.

Author RodChandlerII (2 years)
It was not made in Norway it was Made in Paul Idaho by Kodiak North West
who is now located in Burly Idaho and i am the trucker who hauled both of
them to Dundalk terminal in Maryland to ship them to Norway on a boat.
These machines were built so big that they had to cut 3" off the top
doorway of the shop to get them out when we loaded them. If I am correct in
my memory they weigh around 68000 pounds each. there were 2 total made and
they move 4500 tons per hour of snow each.

Author INFI LLC (2 years)
O hey car... nom nom nom

Author Shankar Kushwaha (2 years)
king kong with us

Author SirFrag32 (2 years)
Cocaine's a hell of a drug

Author 94meriks (1 year)
What happend to the 60km/h?

Author Dirk Broer (2 years)
Sweden and Norway get snow every year for the last couple of centuries.
Even before Columbus went to America.

Author ipadize (2 years)

Author MrSilenceMaster (1 year)
nice for a snowwar =D

Author Assassinations101 (2 years)
........meanwhile in Canada...

Author RV Liveing With Wranglerdave (10 months)
wrong the 1966 Union Pacific Rotary Snowplow. The #900081 is truly an
awesome beast. It's the heaviest of it's kind and it's powered by a massive
GM/EMD 16 Cylinder Turbo Diesel that cranks out 3000 horsepower. All the
power from it's massive engine goes to power the 12 foot diameter rotary
blades. and is the largest snow blower in the world

Author PK Finans (2 years)
Please show me this bigger train snowblower.

Author James Loy (2 years)
@skinsofarmor when ever someone says "I've done that" on you tube, its
generally considered to be lies

Author BigAndyB (2 years)
@nmariana11 try watching the full video and you will see the machine after
the volvo...

Author Scully (2 years)
according to the dick map, they also have small penises, so it makes sense!

Author BigHeadFarm (2 years)
frickin' awesome!

Author Jared Heyde (1 year)
wow those machines are awsome

Author Apophis392 (1 year)

Author joek0617 (2 years)
@vistaman73 haven't had an issue yet, although i suspect it would go right
through, my old single stage, from the 60's

Author PK Finans (2 years)
It was made in Norway by Øveraasen. Not by Kodiak.

Author Daniel Madsen (2 years)

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