[Funny] Ao Oni - YOU CANT DO SH*T BRAH! - Part 5

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Lets play let play walkthrough playthrough play through walk pewdiepie ao oni aooni korean game scary horror creepy "horror game" Japanese "Survival Horror" Japan "South Korea" Zombie Halloween Gameplay Station Friday North Carolina 13th Freddy

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 10:34
Comments: 5027

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Author morgan reck (2 months)
OMG XD i just now learned that Ao Oni means purple troll XD i am SOOO

Author Magenta Kittns (3 months)
Reminds me of attack on Titan. Ao oni are titans and the silver haired dude
is... Grandpa Levi

Author Muriel Caraballo (5 hours)
This intro is so old lol😂😁😁😁😁👏👏

Author Blu EaglEye (6 months)
At 10:30 what is that game?

Author JESS THE KILLER (1 month)
4:48 "b*tch! I thought you were dead" XD 

Author Summer Darkpaw (1 month)
I like the part when he says "hey, I'm just eating poop" 

Author Psycho Killer (3 months)
i never skip the intro

Author Jose Macias (4 days)

Author Prince Vegeta (2 months)
That amazing intro. xD

Author stanisha wray (3 days)
Bitch I thought you were

Author TheKittykat12345678 (4 days)
Awe I miss the old intros

Author Phantom3660 (2 months)
0:54 heh! XD

Author Allison Williams (9 days)

Author heleen duren (9 days)
9:54 what does it meen

Author Thomas Smythe (7 days)
Love pewdiepie's face when he teleports :')

Author Bence Dániel Bődi (11 days)
8:49 dat face!!

Author Deena Rosenthal (14 days)
BITCH I Thought You Were Dead----AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
XDDDD FAV Part in This Ep.X3

Author F Anna. (13 days)
maybe i light her pussy... DIES OF LAUGHTER LMAOOOO

Author Neko Len Kagamine (6 months)
4:30 Dat scream. i was in my happy place. then it went straight to horror.

Author Sir Kitten Lord Of Tuna (19 days)
Why is his name blue demon if its purple? Still don't understand D:

Author Chandler Guyette (3 months)
Ao oni shaking the bars was creepy D:

Author DarkApple Angel (29 days)

Author Lia Maj (5 months)
3:01 - 3:05 I'm laughing so hard! xD

Author Łucja Stęsicka (1 month)

Author Maisie Hammond (3 months)
3:30-3:35 XDD

Author Marie Neumanová (27 days)
9:54 i red GAME too XD

Author ElectricZzZ360 (28 days)
2014 and im still watching this

Author Lauren De Styles (4 months)
So when he rapes people he turns into them

Author No Game No Life (1 month)
4:48 "B*tch I thought you were dead!"
4:49 "Aghhhh!!!!!!"
daym! you just gotta burn her p*ssy xD lol no just kidding .*. my goodness

Author Deanna Gaddy (3 months)
Dayum! Steve just flew through that door.
(Steve is what the monster is called in HETAOni. Just in case anyone
doesn't know.)

Author Katey Bever (1 month)
Pewds you funny "im just eating poop" thats my fav part

Author Rein Nanami (1 month)
YOU CAN'T DO SHIT-aw wait, i gotta go to the other side... .__.

Author marshall ritchie (1 month)
:54 I jumped and fell off my chair

Author KingdomOfInfinity (1 month)
wait, b*tch i though u were dead AHHH ur so ugly!

Author No Game No Life (1 month)
Instead of "Mr. Chair", what Pewds says is "Mr. Share" :v
But it's still cool! You're so cool Pewds *brofist*

Author ming kitten (2 months)
Can't stop laughing at 54:00

Author Pro Hacker 77 (2 months)

Author Andrew Reyes (2 months)
It was jamy or something 

Author Floral Roserade (5 months)
1:40 You can't do shet brah!

Author Luigi Samonte (6 months)
Watching at 2014 :D

Author Joseph Cook (2 months)
yoooooou suck. XD you keep running in the wrong doors and dying. stop

Author Deangelo Barrueta (2 months)
I miss his raping jokes and then everyone got so sensitive about it.

Author Laurencloud9 Official (2 months)
What is the other game video link on the left called? 

Author smartcookie playsroblox (2 months)
3:04 dun dun dun! dramatic ao oni

Author blooper mooper (2 months)
he took your girl!!!

Author BitchyBatMan (8 months)
The monster looks like a really creepy telly tubby tbh.

Author Killerxd2003 (2 months)
mika had a devilish smile before she turned O.o

Author Anders Munk (2 months)
Shit the gurl Got infected XD

Author Adrian Metcalf (3 months)
5:45 - lol

Author Maria Jose Castro Doumolin (3 months)
4:50 to 5:03 I was like ºoº

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