[Funny] Ao Oni - YOU CANT DO SH*T BRAH! - Part 5

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Lets play let play walkthrough playthrough play through walk pewdiepie ao oni aooni korean game scary horror creepy "horror game" Japanese "Survival Horror" Japan "South Korea" Zombie Halloween Gameplay Station Friday North Carolina 13th Freddy

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 10:34
Comments: 4969

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Author GamemasterX2000 (6 months)
04:49 Man, she looks exactly like Severus Snape!!!!

Author Carolina Turner (7 months)
Pewds:(italian accent) I knew that FOCK XD

Author FireballSD (6 months)
Shoulda taken Mika with ya... tsk tsk

Author Blu EaglEye (3 months)
At 10:30 what is that game?

Author KenzWenz245 (7 months)
I watched this with headphones and in the dark. What the hell was I

Author Neko Len Kagamine (3 months)
4:30 Dat scream. i was in my happy place. then it went straight to horror.

Author Rue James (5 months)
Yeah the best part was when Mika turned on him xDDDD

Author CherryPai (6 months)
Pewds is so cute when he's scared :3

Author BitchyBatMan (5 months)
The monster looks like a really creepy telly tubby tbh.

Author Lia Hemmings (2 months)
3:01 - 3:05 I'm laughing so hard! xD

Author Magenta Kittns (2 days)
Reminds me of attack on Titan. Ao oni are titans and the silver haired dude
is... Grandpa Levi

Author Chandler Guyette (14 days)
Ao oni shaking the bars was creepy D:

Author Maisie Hammond (20 days)
3:30-3:35 XDD

Author Jr Mynr (6 months)
I'm watching this at midningt with headphones
Next amnesia so scary
Btw I have a game on roblox with zombies and a massive ciy with a lot more
things so go to my channel and check it out

Author Jennifer Bradford (3 months)
0:55 teleporting naked guys!!

Author Fafa Zharfan (2 months)
1:40 You can't do shet brah!

Author Rue James (5 months)
Lol xD He would've raped Pewds if he got into the cell at the beginning
when he didn't get him

Author KenzWenz245 (7 months)
I watched this with headphones and in the dark. What the hell was I

Author Idiot gaming (7 months)
the last video when you were in the dark i was yelling at you saying "USE

Author Luigi Samonte (3 months)
Watching at 2014 :D

Author Lauren De Styles (1 month)
So when he rapes people he turns into them

Author Lauren May (2 months)
I think that if you took the girl with you she would not be dead i:

Author Sylvia Sarah Salinger (13 days)
i never skip the intro

Author Ian Spraul (2 months)
0:54 laughed my ass off because that thing came so fast

Author Seantia Lawson-Smith (8 months)
AND when he had that Mika wig on..WTF?! lmfao

Author Muhd Akhfaseer (1 month)
Are the monster raping mika

Author Emo Feather (8 months)
Im sorry but obviously your being dumb.... your suppose to trap him in th
basement JAIL

Author Cherri Barnes (7 months)
he has a swedish accent and it is pronounced m-y-k-a not meka

Author Bree Derp (5 months)
4:48 - 4:55 pewdie~Betch I thought you were dead..AHHAAHAHAHAHAH YOUR SO

Author Khaliq Ibrahim (7 months)
How does one big monster fit through a tiny door? 

Author Maria Jose Castro Doumolin (1 day)
4:50 to 5:03 I was like ºoº

Author Luri Fury (2 days)
"psst, subscribe :D"

Author Dash Sonicpage (4 days)
Where the heck did Ao oni come from?? O_O' and ao oni ate mika's brain and

Author Tyler Henry (7 days)
That thing is the creepiest looking thing I have ever seen...

Author Ashley Little (10 days)
The reactions during 0:53 through 1:05 are great. :3

Author Gianna Cosimini (7 months)
"HEY. I'm just eating poop!" Lololol Omg xD

Author tonya simpkins (2 months)
creepy pewds just creepy

Author Моника Тодорова (3 months)
In 2:00 pewds was like U mad bro?(troll face)

Author Tae williams (5 months)
Pewds: Maybe I should light her pussy.
Me: WTF Lmao! 

Author DancesWith0wlz (1 month)
"Im just eating poop!"
Pewdiepie 2011

Author Pandadude12345 (5 months)
PewDiePie, u sound like Italy from hetalia !

Author Lizzy D (7 months)

Author marsbar gamer (2 months)
pewds is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool
and cute

Author Adamant Samhuns (4 months)
Hey I'm just eating poo

Author eli stylinson (2 months)
I laughed at the fact that he starts the game, and then he dies. His
reaction XD

Author Candice Wise (7 months)
At 00:53 thar scared me I screamed xD

Author Andreas Timber (5 months)
22 000 000 bros out there

Author Bethany Eningowuk (3 months)
Lol when he found the jail cell key lol I was laughing

Author Sasori Lover121 (6 months)
pewds why r u sitting lyk L Lawlet..............their faces r fucked up

Author InfinitieGriffin (6 months)
can you save her if you make her follow you?

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