[Funny] Ao Oni - YOU CANT DO SH*T BRAH! - Part 5

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Lets play let play walkthrough playthrough play through walk pewdiepie ao oni aooni korean game scary horror creepy "horror game" Japanese "Survival Horror" Japan "South Korea" Zombie Halloween Gameplay Station Friday North Carolina 13th Freddy

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 10:34
Comments: 5413

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Author Blu EaglEye (1 day)
At 10:30 what is that game?

Author Neko Len Kagamine (13 days)
4:30 Dat scream. i was in my happy place. then it went straight to horror.

Author CherryPai (3 months)
Pewds is so cute when he's scared :3

Author FireballSD (2 months)
Shoulda taken Mika with ya... tsk tsk

Author Rue James (2 months)
Yeah the best part was when Mika turned on him xDDDD

Author Jr Mynr (3 months)
I'm watching this at midningt with headphones
Next amnesia so scary
Btw I have a game on roblox with zombies and a massive ciy with a lot more
things so go to my channel and check it out

Author GamemasterX2000 (3 months)
04:49 Man, she looks exactly like Severus Snape!!!!

Author BitchyBatMan (2 months)
The monster looks like a really creepy telly tubby tbh.

Author Romania (7 days)
That scream made me laugh so much.

Author Моника Тодорова (14 days)
In 2:00 pewds was like U mad bro?(troll face)

Author Elizabeth Reyes (9 days)
0:56 that scared the poop out of mee!!

Author Kayla Donoghue (11 days)
Pewds face at 1:47 :D

Author Bethany Eningowuk (19 days)
Lol when he found the jail cell key lol I was laughing

Author SevenSumuraiFish (17 days)
Hey im just eating poop - Pewdiepie xD

Author Tae williams (1 month)
Pewds: Maybe I should light her pussy.
Me: WTF Lmao! 

Author Sphynx chan (25 days)
ao oni game

Author Pandadude12345 (2 months)
PewDiePie, u sound like Italy from hetalia !

Author Adamant Samhuns (1 month)
Hey I'm just eating poo

Author Candice Wise (3 months)
At 00:53 thar scared me I screamed xD

Author jingwhutwhut (28 days)

Author Raymond Luo (2 months)
Beetch i tough you were death! Ahh! Your so ugly!

Author Andreas Timber (2 months)
22 000 000 bros out there

Author Sasori Lover121 (3 months)
pewds why r u sitting lyk L Lawlet..............their faces r fucked up

Author InfinitieGriffin (3 months)
can you save her if you make her follow you?

Author perfectazeyo (2 months)
"It's my turn to rape her now..." xD

Author Eric Shaffer (1 month)

Author FactFox64 (3 months)

Author Nostalgik Gamez (2 months)
Killer Barney right there!!!

Author captainbertfox (15 days)
pewds why u no take the girl with u in the beggining

Author Cody Longhorn (14 days)
"I'm eating poop"

Author Bree Derp (1 month)
4:48 - 4:55 pewdie~Betch I thought you were dead..AHHAAHAHAHAHAH YOUR SO

Author nicholas82451 (14 days)
Best part ever.

Author Kimberly Causey (1 month)

Author Avina Batrisya (2 months)
Hey don't lighten her pussy ...Teehee!!!

Author TheDevilPenguin Jamie (2 months)
The troll thing looks really pervy when it looks at you after killing mika

Author Jake Gomez (20 days)
poor mika

Author Isaac Clarke (1 month)
Any of you bros jumped at 0:54?

Author Layla Macias (2 months)
Pewdiepie: Who was that?
Guy: that was Mika's voice

Author Emily Draper (3 months)
Bitch I thought you were dead AHHHhhhH

Author Bianca's Corner (2 months)

Author hoda david (3 months)
when the video start pewdiepie look like hes drunk lol :) FACT!!!!!!!

Author Angel Ramirez (2 months)
psst subscribe UHHH NO!

Author Rancid Fire (1 month)
If you bro's could listen for a second i need subs so plz sub to me and i
will sub back thank you.

Author Johan Hoff (2 months)
mika and the bro wanna eatyou to you be a baby pewdie bro

Author Billy Gabeau (3 months)
Shiz she transforms into an ao ONI girl

Author Deangelo Edwards (2 months)
Lol best line every (what you lookin at) xD

Author Lucas Reynolds (1 month)
Those is why japanese are weird Lol

Author Jack Wallace (3 months)
Hey im just eating poop.

Author Johnny Jab (2 months)
wait so that guy is a rapist ?

Author Anthony White (3 months)
lol at 03:04 aww what the fuck man 

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