Punk vs. Nazi

Mas Chara Auseinandersetzung zwischen einem Punk und einem Nazi mitten in der Stadt.
Und der PUNK wurde zum Kampf gerufen deswegen kam er mit Baseball schläger und der kam ALLEINE

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Added: 7 years
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Author Amsel-SS (3 months)
fucking punks shit all need to die! Sieg Heil!

Author Twisted Anarchist (15 days)
Stupid Nazi fascist cunts. 

Author Franky4Finger (8 days)
Drecks Nazispacken!!!

Author Erik Lemke (28 days)
Der Nazi hatte keinen Baseballschläger sondern der Punk aber egal das Video
ist eh geistiger Müll.

Author Behzad Khatibi (1 month)
Deutsch schlägerei nur schubsen hahahaha

Author Noah Mueba (1 month)
Der dumme arschgefickte hurennazi hatt schiss obwohl er ein baseball
schläger hatt du opfer

Author hincharegiorayados (3 months)
Nazi hijo de puta y el otro pendejo em vez de reventarle la puta cabeza
alega con el bastardo no es punk es un niñato que se viste o trata de ser
punk marica de mierda

Oi oi oi....

Author Hyperdrive (10 months)
I love how the Nazi actually walks like a German Gestapo officer at 1:36

Author Danielle Lavallee (7 months)
Fuck white power skins those facsist cunts can go fuck em selves.

Author Ewerton EOCS (4 months)
Idiots fighting for nothing! Why don't fight against the international

Author Lala Lulu (15 days)
das is ja wohl n fake, kein nazi schwein kommt alleine und jedem punk sind
Verletzungen egal

Author Vomit Larva (1 year)

Author OTEB NOD ANTIFA (1 year)
aca en Colombia he visto como un solo tipo se le enfrenta a mas de tres con
puñal amigo.

Author moers istscheisse (1 year)
voll der schwule fake, brech würg

Author LastChance (1 year)
so why dont you tell that to ''black and proud'', ''gay and proud'' and all
the other guys of teh left wing who ONLY support them?

Author DobermansRock (1 year)
German Men are fucking pussies and talk like pussies. Its the result of us
knocking the shit out of them in WWII.

Author Volkan Peker (1 year)
scheiss nazi....wenn ich auch da wäre ...würde ich dem nicht mal zu wort
kommen lassen der punk hat klug reagiert......merkt mann ya wer der klügere
ist scheiss naziss ....wir müssen zusammen halten gegen die nazis

Author ჰოლდენ შემოდგომა (1 year)
14 / 88

Author Catonic1 (1 year)
white power ! Fuck red punks !!

Author RoDolFo Nunes (1 year)
Bem isso msmo man... pqp skins do nazis no brasil eh tenso ¬¬.... os skins
nacionalistas até vai...mas nazi br n tem como...

Author Ruben Haugland (1 year)
hm nazi whit cap and baseball?

Author NeHamilemisin (1 year)
this reminds me B.C. 10000 stone age lol

Author airflightA (1 year)
lol glatze verscheucht asipunk mit ner base? haha opfer.......

Author Amir Adulf al Hitlerstan (1 year)
Tschetschen (Chechen) fucking Nazis, Punks, Satanists und Russian-schwein.
tschetschen wolf mit herz brennt

Author alejo (1 year)
Punk u shouda wack em on the leg!at least imobilized that nazi:)

Author CCritical (1 year)
i would have grab`d his beard and drag it punch him in the face

Author WhamIII (1 year)
i would be like USA! USA! USA! but in this day and age i personally go with
EARTH! EARTH! EARTH!... countries need to get along ffs o.o

Author Bruno Kroz (1 year)
tome no cu arrombado!

Author VolvenIV (1 year)
Who the fuck even makes those clothes with 'White Power' on them? xD

Author Mr "TUBORG" (1 year)
LSD......makes them "peace" LOL

punk AND nazi *

Author Timon S.W. Martin (1 year)
i would have smashed used that bat just for wearing that ignorant jacket.

Author sag ich nicht fick dich (1 year)
dem punk hät ich nicht geschubt ich hät ihm die fresse poliert

Author xTime2Killx (1 year)
jedenfalls im internet...

Author Koka Kola (1 year)

Author LastChance (1 year)
yes and and if you look REAAAAL close you will notice the second one is
also holding a bat details..

Author ak99701 (1 year)
why did you bother putting this on youtube???

Author pyrofreake1 (1 year)
du sollst böller vids und nicht so was gucken =) wann kommt eigentlich
wieder ein neues ?? l.g pyro

Author Vomit Larva (1 year)
You never hear anyone calling a black person nazi when he says fuck all

Author joollooj (1 year)
co to kurwa bitwa na kutasy?

Author RoughGuysEntertainment (1 year)
i guess You are the men!! muhahahahaha

Author Jimis Papas (1 year)
Nazis out Nazis raus

Author Anghelo breatget (1 year)
Haha punck scheiße

Author Rafa Campagna (1 year)

Author Mats Meissner (1 year)
beides Votzen

Author Paulo Nuñez (1 year)
two pussies

Author jasokool (1 year)
white bauer od. hab ich da was falsch verstanden, beides asoziale versager^^

Author amino1611 (1 year)
the punk is pussy with an baseballbat fucking pussy punk that nazi is strong

Author Ich zocke gerne Kollegen ab :) (1 year)
Where do you come from? Is it important to start a fight? Is it important
picking up every moment of having the chance to kick someones ass? I guess
you are a really retarded person who always waits till a fight goes
straight to the end that gives you the chance to jump on the loosers head.
And when he layes helpless on the ground you kick him in his face? So why
don't clear up the situation with verbal methods?

Author oxxonswe (1 year)
Just smack the punk down.. he has a bat but not the guts..

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