Madonna Revolver Live Montreal 2012 HD 1080P

Madonna Revolver Live Montreal 2012 HD 1080P MDNA Tour

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Author Michel Kettermann (6 months)
Hey, could you repost the video with the audio on?
Thank you.

Author Jacques McKraux (1 year)
nice. hidden #vulva

Author jacinthe moreau (1 year)
Big screaming of this song ! ! ! I was at Madonna show last year and it was
crazy ! ! ! 

Author juliano farmer (2 years)
i saw the show 4 times so far ...any one more ?

Author Кирилл Бердников (1 year)
да!!!! это Мадонна!!! )))))

Author Marco Torres (2 years)
i love how it seems that the crowd really enjoyed this performance

Author Rubén Cito (1 year)
Queen of the world!

Author alexpreik (2 years)
Some people says that in this part of the show, she use playback, but NOT
is a effect in the microphone, because the original song "REVOLVER" (FROM
THE CELEBRATION ALBUM) sounds like this, she used that effect in the
original, version and now in this AMAZING TOUR<3

Author namch any (2 years)
Lipsync or live, auto tune or not. I would pay 600 fold many times to go
see a show like that. It was flawless. If I want to relax and hear the best
voices in music I would go to see Adele and maybe I take a nap in the
middle of the concert. But man gaga is not competition for nobody. She
neither have the best show, not the best voice, nor the best songs.

Author Gaetano Di Stefano (2 years)
old people are shocked.. HAHAHAHHA

Author thebanalist (2 years)
she can be a Bond girl. she's fiercer than the past 10 Bond girls combined

Author bblanco943 (2 years)
why do some people in the audience seem like they're not enjoying the show?
shit this is gonna be the best night of my life october 11

Author Emanuele Fanfarillo (2 years)
This is lipsynched, the choreography is hard and a live autotune effect may
sound horrible on a performace like this. Now let's all shut up and enjoy
the show <3

Author Cleiton Moraes (1 year)
I Agree with you but the audience wasn´t the best . Just the intro and girl
gone wild the public were enjoying.

Author AviationNation10 (2 years)
Its just a voice affect you can hear hear say 'what's up Amsterdam' and
stuff in other videos

Author Danilo Cipriano (2 years)
it is lypsync. girl gone wild, revolver, gang bang all have pre recorded
vocals, but she occasionally sings over this track. u can compare all the
concerts and will notice that is a track with the same vocals in all
concerts. but madonna fans dont like to admit it, so its pointless to say

Author soapwonder (2 years)
Lots of happy and smiling faces in the audience! Love it! It's just the
most amazing feeling to have Madonna singing & dancing right in front of
you! When I saw her in London from Gold Circle, it was like heaven, totally
worth the wait! I couldnt believe it! Too much to take it all in!

Author utoo87 (1 year)
Can't wait for the DVD!

Author Steve f. (2 years)
I was there !!!!!!!!!!

Author julios24 (2 years)
Shut up bitch !

Author Latinchiboi21 (2 years)
amazing! i love the song and choreography to this song

Author marc dany (2 years)
all pop singers use it to help or for some numbers, and more if they dance
and move so much...and for people like Madonna still with more reason cause
she has a lot of big tours behind her....

Author kristian guillen (2 years)
yo la vi en mexico es hermosa la amo

Author madonnamontreal2012 (2 years)
You Mean Performance and Video Shooting LOL ;-D

Author Eduardo Lopes Cestari (1 year)

Author trelikardia83 (2 years)
wow AMAZING videos!!!! do you have the whole concert??

Author Brian McKenna (2 years)
Wow great video!!

Author Keanu Marinas (1 year)
MADONNA IS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author tiago marins (2 years)
And btw Revolver was never on my play list but now it became one of my
favorite Madonnas track .. This performance is flawless ..that's what a
true artist does .. Brings life to a song that's not a hit ..

Author David Guerra Castilla (1 year)
Great audience!!!

Author Caio Locci (2 years)
Vê a cara de bobo de algumas pessoas na plateia? Pois é, estarei assim no
dia 4 de Dezembro. <3

Author Pug1311 (2 years)
Correct. This is autotune and she IS singing live.

Author SonofEmmy2 (1 year)
I keep coming back to your videos. Such a wonderful capture of this
brilliant show.

Author Emigdio Posadas (2 years)
I just see their faces at 1:40, and i can't believe that i'll be there in
64 days

Author Milan Benek (2 years)
Okay, her facial expressions are quite confusing, so PLEASE, would SOMEONE
tell me whether she's faking the singing or is this shit live? I love her
anyway, mind you. The show is whats important to me nyways.

Author vclch (2 years)

Author Jane McFord (2 years)
People don't understand that madonna never was a good singer and neither
Britney. That's why I love them we don't give a fuck how they sing as long
as they do the show. And she doesn't lip sync you can hear it because it's
not good

Author ROBADAMATTI2007 (2 years)
she is the best very good video!

Author 72hacker (2 years)
dry crowd!!

Author Guillaume Gauthier (2 years)
cant wait to see her in ottawa!

Author Sara Ramirez (1 year)
shirley le gusta mucho

Author lovebirdy21 (2 years)
perfect show thank you for uploading the shows the only shame is that it
isnt a complete show , thank you so much to let us fans relive the moments

Author Steven Morrissey (2 years)
Hahahah!! That´s me. I didn't know my name, I didn't sleep the night
before, I didn't eat anything. Sure I was acting funny!! Counting the days
to November 24/25 too. LOVMDNA

Author philyire (1 year)

Author paperettabu (2 years)

Author madonnamontreal2012 (2 years)
Oh No i Need One Right Now...

Author MrCaucasianasian (2 years)
Everyone is like 40+, even in the front row :s

Author madonnamontreal2012 (2 years)
Not Again... A Forum on Lypsinc last year on my DigitalBritneySpears people
were only talking about that for 3 months...

Author Aditya Gunawan (2 years)
OMG! If i were there, i would die suddenly when seeimg the queen on stage.

Author Steven Morrissey (2 years)
I could see her at 50 centimeters from the GT, believe me, her expressions
are real, she's singing I dare to say the whole concert. And us fans, as
JaneMcFord says below, we don't give a if she´s not a good singer. I mean,
who else can pull off a show of this magnitude? U2? Love her forever since

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