Floyd Mayweather Jr Slapped by Dad in training Dispute WOW! 24/7 Floyd Mayweather heated in a very degrading argument with dad ending with a slap. I could not get over this. The champ can take a good shot! LMAO 24/7 Drama!

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Author VAD6909 (26 days)
SR- Mothafuckin but a goo-goo ga-ga

Really??? Lmao

Author johnwayne87 (5 months)
Jesus fucking Christ, I couldn't understand nearly any of what Floyd Sr.

Author samuel torres (5 months)
no matter if I'm 52 year old, if raise my voice like that to my father
i would've gotten bitch slapped a long time ago.

Author fvhitman4hire (6 months)
Never get in the way of a father/son argument… if Mayweather dick riders
and the camera crew weren't there, I'm sure jr. wouldn't be talking to his
father like that.

Author FreedomFighter2112 (6 months)
Mayweather will only fight 3 types of boxers. 1 - Those that move up from
lower weight classes and have to make weight just to fight him (Marquez,
Maidana, Hatton, etc). 2 - Those that are at the end of their careers with
diminishing skills (De La Hoya, Mosley, etc). 3 -Those that don't have
speed or quick hands (Alvarez, Cotto, Guerrero, etc) . Although, Pacquiao
is near the end of his career, he still has the Speed and Power that
Mayweather doesn't want to deal with. This is the main reason why
Mayweather has avoided Pacquiao for 7 years now.

Author James Yoo (5 months)
this is way i have a big problem with this guy just rude and arrogant and
have no class what so ever and he dissing mma remember floyd box is only
one style son look at what happen to james tony

Author Rico Suave (6 months)
I wish the first knockout you get is from your own Father.

Author Salim Mahmood (6 months)

Author PyroPry11 (6 months)
I just reported this video for misleading text. I hope this video gets
taken down and this YouTube channel will lose all their views.

Author rafael puna jr (19 days)
Not a good example to everyone to talk to your own father just like that
its a big SHAME

Author Shell Byrd (27 days)
He's totally disrespectful . that's still his father, and for him to insult
his father's boxing game is whack.

Author Van Rathbun Jr. (6 months)
This is one of the main reasons that I don't like Mayweather. He has no
respect for his father.

Author Angel King (1 month)
Floyd Sr said: " 40-1" 😜

Author PONCHODAGOD (4 months)
I hate niggas like Floyd Mayweather and 50 cent, they go straight for the
throat during a simple argument. Why would you say all that about your
father? Just put him out the gym and cool off. If he do that or act like
that towards his father what would he do to anybody else? Anybody around
him is stupid or just in it for the money. You can tell alot about a person
during a simple argument, you can't take things back. No reason to say all
that about your father in front of the world.

Author Ian Floran (2 months)
wait that is floyds trainer

Author JULIAN URIBE (2 months)
911 was an inside job 

Author Tony Tran (6 months)
That's why I would never consider Floyd Jnr a champion - the way he talks
to his father...

Author Randy Thomas (5 months)
Dumb ass title. I just came to write this because everybody already saw
this shit on tv. Foh

Author Mayweather_Retires_Undefeated (5 months)
Why would you cut off the end?

Author teanshin (5 months)
So where was that slap?or it was so quick that I missed it?

Author Loren Bayardo (5 months)
Wow sooo much respect *eyes roll to back of head*

Author hen mil (5 months)
Looks like these two brothers need some healing. Happy to see father and
son still together, but hate to see them bringing up the personal stuff in
front of a country that eats stuff up and spits it back out. Lots of
critics out here waiting for stuff like this. I hope they continue to
work out those unresolved conflicts from the past. Outsider looking in....

Author Ahmed M (5 months)
In the austin powers voice " daddy daddy wasnt there take me to the fair
change my underweaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

Author BelBlu3 (5 months)
It's nice to see they're cool now.

Author Jason Gade (6 months)
I've looked at this guy for along time, and haven't seen anyone with his
talent. Sure, Pacquiao is his best match up, but I haven't seen many
weaknesses in him, until after watching this. Get in his head. He's
rambling at the end, barely able to contain himself. You get a fighter who
has some talent, but can seriously work him over mentally, they'd have a
shot. He wouldn't be able to handle it. 

Author Christian Gerhardt (3 months)
And that ladies and gentlemen is what our children grow up to. That is
what they show should be the loving relationship between a dad and his

Author John Pandolfo (6 months)
Usually it's mom issues. Of course with Floyd it's daddy issues. No wonder
he is the master of defense or better known as "RUNNING AWAY" in fights. He
had no male figure in his childhood. 

Author Imran hud (6 months)
he soon went running back to his daddy.

Author gargrubee (7 months)
It's weird when a father calls his son mother******

Author Endtime Pilgrim (7 months)

Author Quakeinc14 . (5 months)
How do you talk to your father like that? Kick him out the gym when it's
named after your pops lmao that's fuckin' stupid. If it wasn't for your
pops you wouldn't be here 46-0 dumbass. 

Author Josh Rolin (5 months)
this is sickening, when was the slap though???

Author Tony S. (5 months)
Love everyone was afraid to hold JR back and then Roger came in and took

Author PyroPry11 (6 months)
MISLEADING TITLE. you suck 2lickemlow

Author Andy Taveapont (5 months)
Who ever made this video is stuped I was ready 2 see chit go down but all
I see was a old man that can't even speak and a man who need 2 shut the
fuck up

Author PortxCityxDizzle (5 months)
Floyd said how can u be a trainer if u ain't been shit as a boxer yet he
getting trained by his uncle roger who was a mediocre boxer his self lol

Author henry cruz (5 months)
Dammmm be slapped him so hard i didn't see it

Author Adrian Brice (5 months)
Message to the Mayweather haters: Take the yearly income of your entire
family tree combined. Square it. Mayweather's is bigger. Guaranteed. 

Author tonysnow94 (5 months)
Fuck pacquiao leave that shit in the past

Author Victor Arellano (5 months)

Author kam marley (5 months)

Author Ronda_6721 (5 months)
Well this is obviously old, Floyd Sr. and Jr. reconciled since then. Floyd
Sr. is now his son's trainer.

Author jowell rivera (5 months)

Author Patrick Rogers (5 months)
What a lowlife, scumbag piece of shit.

Author Christian Omila (5 months)
i watched the video twice.. whens the slap happen? and what fight camp was
this? i think he said 41-0?

Author 1969jerwin (5 months)
BIG MOUTH, like father like son

Author john ashley (6 months)
I can't see a slap

Author marcos arroyo (5 months)
100% agree with freedomfighter2112

Author PortxCityxDizzle (5 months)
Floyd said how can u be a trainer if u ain't been shit as a boxer yet he
getting trained by his uncle roger who was a mediocre boxer his self lol

Author BobbyKite (6 months)
where did he slap him?

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