Kings Island OPENING DAY 2012

Cold, wind, rain...not what I expected for opening day at Kings Island, which celebrates it's 40th anniversary this season. The unseasonable weather made for a smaller crowd than usual, and most everything was open and running, so we were able to ride quite a bit of stuff. I arrived just before 11am and met up with friends in the afternoon. Here are highlights of my 11 hours in the park. Filmed 4/28/12.

Besides the lack of sunshine during the day, I had some technical issues with this video, so my apologies for the quality of some scenes. Hopefully these issues will be resolved next time out!

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Author Elijah Garrison (5 months)
It's amazing living 15 mins away from kings island and having gold

Author CoasterBob62 (2 years)
I live near Columbus, same general area as you. It's great living between
the 2 parks!

Author Hank3666able (2 years)

Author CoasterBob62 (2 years)
But of course! :D

Author smallville2448 (2 years)
Vortex is An Arrow designed by Ron Toomer, it replaced The Bat which was
also an earlier Arrow but had multiple mechanical problems and was way
before its time. Arrow i also designed Big Bad Wolf, Iron Dragon,
Shockwave, Anaconda and Top Gun (Now Flight Deck) to Name a Few..I believe
Face Off or Invertigo as its now called is a Vekoma design. Hope this helps

Author TransformerFreakGuy (2 years)
It is the 40th anniversary of kings island

Author Firstbritney Lastborbor (2 years)
I'm going to kings lsland in July 27 for my bday and I'm going to holiday
world in august 5 and I'm going to disney world next year

Author CoasterBob62 (2 years)
Monday is a pretty good day to go.

Author Jordan Roberts (2 years)
I love your channel

Author CoasterBob62 (2 years)
I'd like to get down there eventually but not next year :/ Sorry!

Author kev492001 (2 years)
Where do you live Coasterbob?? Newark here, pretty much right in the middle
of Kings Island and Cedar Point, but haven't been to either of them since
2001 :(. Looks like fun still so thats nice. :)

Author mstngken (2 years)
whats going on with son of beast are they just going to let it rot?

Author callmemarc (2 years)
Bob, have you been to Holiday World? The Voyage is so awesome!

Author kev492001 (2 years)
Nice video, haven't been there since 2000! I wonder if anyones ever trying
getting in the fountain in the front? I can see why they don't let people
but would be nice, people do that at the real Eiffel Tower in Paris and it
looks refreshing with the nice scenery! I've heard they used to make the
fountain an ice skating rink during the winter. But I don't believe they
do that anymore, shame. :)

Author Summer Hubbard (2 years)
did anyone notice how the guys said its raining on our gorilla??

Author Max Myers (2 years)
r u goin june 2nd

Author PhysicalWreck (2 years)
I live right down the street from KI and we hear the fireworks at 10:00
every night :)

Author Meghan M (2 years)
I started riding the Beast at 7 years old and it never gave me headaches or
whiplash, even when I was a kid. It was always one of my favorite rides in
the park.

Author ashers56 (2 years)
Haha , in the beginning you said, "Theres no metal detecters . I said the
same thing when i went! hahah. im 14 and i live around kings island so i
get a gold pass to go whenever i want, and thers a BUNCH of things they
changed this year!

Author nick sanders (1 year)
One time when I was in vortex I look down a my buckle had not clicked!!

Author CleanSongz4U (2 years)
Cool,you get the best of both worlds. : D

Author nowheredust (2 years)
i used to have a freind that worked on the racer, his name was patrick

Author Officalridewarriors (2 years)
Kill2chile: Happy Birthday from the Official Ride Warriors! We hope you
have a fun and memorable day at Kings Island!

Author juggernaugh75321 (1 year)
At 2:30 that was me yelling "Its raining on our gorilla."

Author Jennifer Lopez (2 years)
I was there that day! it was so cold. but still had a lot of fun

Author Justin Stewart (2 years)
im guessing the son of beast will NEVER be open agan??

Author Emily Charneski (2 years)
witch person i ride that ride so much

Author MegaCookie105 (1 year)
Did you know this place is hunted?

Author stephanie0618ful (1 year)
Thank you so much for sharing this! It's my favorite place and I haven't
gotten there yet this year! I can't wait;)

Author awesome423100 (2 years)
@Hank3666able The Deliruim wasn't closed at the beginning, I went at the
end of May and it was opened but my cousin went just a few weeks ago and
she said it was having technical difficulties. I don't know how much longer
it will be closed... I hope it will open soon because I'm going later this

Author 69ChevroletNova (1 year)
Why was there metal detecters at Kings Isl.?

Author Scott Kristof (2 years)
I was there that day. Whoelse was too?

Author CoasterBob62 (1 year)
Both rides' lines are usually a bit long for me, so I don't ride them all
that often. I really like FOF and will ride it over & over if there's no
line. Firehawk on the other hand is probably one of my least favorite
coasters. I prefer a more traditional sit down experience.

Author Caleb Wikman (1 year)
That's me baby!

Author AwesomeDude799 (2 years)
i live in st.louis missouri near six flags st.louis but kings island is 1
of the parks on the list of parks i want to go to someday so ima go there

Author fireman200000 (2 years)
I cant wait to go, me and my friend are gonna ride all the rides

Author mintrev (1 year)
@Jacob Berry- Ive planned on doing that this year lol

Author shyguylover1102 (2 years)
they repainted invertigo to look like stinger at dorney park, WICH THEY
TOOK FROM GREAT AMERICA!!! and i no how u feel about crypt its sad

Author Dan Kreeger (2 years)
bob does cp passes work at kings island?

Author Natsume sama (2 years)
Requiescat in pace, Son of Beast. ;_;7

Author Elza Olama (1 year)
did u go on any rides yourself?

Author Kaitlyn (1 year)
Wow I was surprised to see Firehawk going...

Author SuperTaco077 (2 years)
its closed forever i think

Author MrEioq (2 years)
im going tuesday? the 19th? does it look good too go then? just asking..

Author Guhuskies6 (2 years)
wow... SOB looks like its in really bad shape... i dont think even if they
wanted to they could reopen looks like all the wood is just

Author tatumalchik13 (2 years)
what happened to son of the beast?? is it closed?

Author deathrooster14 (2 years)
Thanks! Never been to King's Island! :D

Author ♥xKittyKatx♥ (2 years)
I moved away from Ohio about 3 years ago. We used to love coming to Kings
Island :') I miss being here and riding my favorite ride, Diamondback. The
last day we came, there weren't any lines for DB, so I rode it over and
over. Man I love Ohio... :'(

Author Najee Aamir (2 years)
This looks like Cedar Point...the raptor is my ish

Author CedarPoint1345 (1 year)
Coaster Bob, I know you loved Phantom Theater when it was still open, so
what do you think of Boo Blasters on Boo Hill? Better or worse than PT? (I
personally thought PT was better. BB is just too... well... weird for me.)

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