Classic Hollywood Leading Ladies 30's 40's 50's 60's

Hollywood Leading Ladies from the 30's 40's 50's 60's All beauties, all fabulous actresses. All Legends in their time and, even now.
Notice how each of them have such beautiful eyes!
My most favourite has to be Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman, and, Maureen O'Hara.
With background music of Ernesto Cortazar

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Author reginald hayden (11 months)

Author 9819dante (1 year)
Lucille Ball ???

Author Blackgam3r (1 year)
Just imagine in 30 years this is how everybody's going to see Justin Bieber
and Will Smith

Author Allison Pinault (1 year)
Amazing video, but no Esther Williams?

Author Рома ксго (11 months)
great gob!!!! they are best ladies to all time !!!!

Author Daydreamer (10 months)
Thank you for such a lovely comment. They are all so beautiful, aren't
they. :) Gracias por Esta encantadora como mi vid usted. Tan feliz que te
haya gustado.

Author Michele B (1 year)
where is Carole Lombard?

Author Cynnie (1 year)
Thanks..grace and style..Classic

Author lmo222 (1 year)
Lana Turner was so beautiful! Most of them are no longer with us. R.I.P

Author Daydreamer (9 months)
The music is by a fabulous pianist called Ernesto Cortazar. The piece is
called Nights of silk and tears. His music takes me to places in my mind
where I can just drift away into the peace of nothing-ness. Amazing
pianist. I've never heard anyone who seems as if they are stroking the
keys..with love and, making love to it. As you can tell, his playing
reaches deep. If you type in his name here at You tube, you'll find a lot
of his music set to lovely videos. Thanks for the comment. :)

Author truthteller372 (1 year)
No Jayne Mansfield and Dorothy Dandridge they where both beautiful women
and should be put on this list .

Author prudie xo (1 year)
Nawh Audrey :')

Author Diedra Joyner (9 months)
Who is the instrumental piece by and what is the name of the song, it's
just beautiful?

Author J Russo (1 year)
Great Job . Daydreamer

Author jumper2079 (2 years)
The leading ladies of Holywood today haven't got a THING on these ladies.
Beauty like this just doesn't seem to exist anymore.Not to mention that
only a fraction of the "ladies" in Hollywood today should even be called
that. These ladies would turn over in their grave if they saw how leading
ladies act today.

Author Shabannie (10 months)
I enjoyed your wonderful video. ------Ellen

Author Dominik Mendan (1 year)
only one picture of Linda Darnell? :o

Author truthteller372 (1 year)
Grace Kelly , Audrey Hepburn, Jayne Mansfield , Sophia Loren , Dorothy
Dandridge , Lena Horne , Judy Garland , they where all very beautiful women

Author LoonyLikeLuna (2 years)
And Carmen Miranda...? ):

Author YellowThunderFiM (1 year)
I don't know why.. But I think I was born in the worng time.. I love this
music.. :)

Author ronne alfaro (1 year)
I will do anything to go live in the 40's -3

Author melanie jones (8 months)
these are the real women. Their not naked on wrecking balls, their not
snorting coke, and their not out whoring around. These women had plenty of
class and didnt need to take drastic measures to get attention.

Author pececita72 (10 months)
my godness!!!!! Its so difficult say who is the most beautiful!!!! for me:
in that order....1.- AVA GRADNER...2.- VIVIEN LEIGH....3.- INGRID BERGMAN,

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