Warning - Judgment has Begun - A Prophecy about America - Great Depression Money Crisis

WARNING - Judgment has Begun!
A Prophetic Word Against America

by Nathan Leal

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God Bless You

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Author WatchmanElad (5 years)
So true-So true Watchman, we have begun a time of darkness such as never
before seen since creation. I pray that our God will illuminate His truth
in all people that we would have eyes to see and ears to hear and take heed
the warnings of His wrath.

Author chews4life (5 years)
Its amazing that God is so loving and patient with mockers and sinners. 2
Peter 3:8-10 Thank you JESUS for being patient with me and not letting me
go. Repent. Turn to GOD. He is Loving and forgiving. Love in CHRIST.

Author ghostfish01 (5 years)
One need only watch the news to see that God is shaking this nation at it's
very foundation. America is in grave danger of God removing His hand from
this nation. America will pay for the sin of the murder of unborn children
in the womb. One need only look at the devestation of AIDS. I lost a
brother to this disease due to his lifestyle, and noone will ever convince
me that it is not a judgement on an abominal lifestyle. God help us as a
nation to repent.

Author watchmanscry (5 years)
In spite of your words of "peace, peace" when there is no peace, the
judgment continues.

Author SkinedFlesh (5 years)
Your Fear mongering is the last thing this country needs. Your even worse
then the media. This country will do as it always has. The great nation of
America will persevere. Why is he casting his judgement now, When we the
World were at our height before the economic failure. Was he responsible.
Was he upset that mankind had been doing good without his presence, and
maybe we could govern ourselves. I am Christian and do believe in God but
it just doesn't seem right that he would come now.

Author gioDMP (5 years)
the sorrow that is coming is not because god is fed up....its our fault and
we try to create a being that will forgive us and make us feel better and
"help us out" in the days ahead. Stop filling yourselves with fear and
bullshit videos like these. Stop being so selfish that u go find god cuz u
think ur gonna get somethin in return(protection?)....just do what is right
because we all know good from bad. And instead of waiting for gods help

Author desertdoggz (5 years)
You must be a jehovah's witness, am I correct watchman? as in the
watchtower society? Just wondering!

Author nimmnoss (5 years)
but if my people will humble themselves before me sayeth the LORD aand beg
forgiveness I will here there prayer and heal thier land

Author watchmanscry (5 years)
I know that you are having fun with this right now Beavis. But be careful
about tempting God. You may get something that you did not expect. Peace

Author Grace Asanga (4 years)
if i dont have a problem how will i know that God can solve it and what it
meant to trust in the lord. God fogive us, through all this we'll learn to
depend on your words. remain blessed

Author latincongas (5 years)
Dude, you are totally wrong!!!

Author BrianNElizabth LaChance (5 years)
Thanks for posting, even though I know it was a hard word to proclaim. I
will send you the vision God gave me in a video response.

Author ruli ramos (5 years)
incredible, i agree

Author watchmanscry (5 years)
Are you asking me to mock me or are you really wondering? Go to my website
and read my statement of belief.

Author hdiylove7 (5 years)
Sharing National Sunday Law by A. Jan Marcussen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author WatchmanElad (5 years)
I agree brother, it is ours to WARN and present the message of God as we
receive it, some will fall among the rocks, some in the briers but thank
God some will fall in the fertile soil. I take no offence to those who
disagree but only pray that our Lord will bless them with (and all of us)
with His truth. I hold to the hope that the world will repent such as the
time of Jonah and that the Day Of The Lord will be postponed. ~Watchman Elad

Author Rasengax (5 years)
You should subtitle this message in spanish so that the other part of world
knows your message. Thank in Advance.

Author HeavenSentMedicine (5 years)
JESUS CHRIST has RENAMED the USA "the USS TITANIC!!" another sign to
all...."that which is highly esteemed amongst men is an abomination with
GOD!" (Luke 16:15 aka "that which is highly esteemed amongst the
PROUD-HAUGHTY-USA is an OBAMA-nation with GOD!!" (Selah) New-Amos 3:3-8 Let
those with ears to hear, HEAR! and those with eyes to see, SEE! REPENT
NOW(!!) as in JONAH CHAPTER 3 and LUKE 17:26-36 and REMEMBER LOT'S WIFE!"

Author fettkatt87 (5 years)
Please forgive us JESUS! I will allways PRAISE YOUR HOLY NAME.

Author watchmanscry (5 years)
I decided to leave the words of this scoffer here to show that, as it was
back then, so it is now! The scoffers and mockers come out from under the
furniture like "cockroaches" but they are afraid of the light. And they
will seek to hide from "the Light," our Lord Jesus, but they will find no

Author beavis1a03 (5 years)
Sup playa, I'm back. No depression yet. I'll be back...

Author ShannCole888 (5 years)
If people believe the warnings God is sending them, is in some way wrong,
Go read the Bible...! Look at the History of God's Judgement, what the
people did, what America is doing, what God warned would occur, what did
occur...God's Judgement is coming...! Don't wait,and test God, Repent,and
turn from your wicked ways...

Author beavis1a03 (5 years)
And if you're wrong, will you become an atheist? If this doesn't turn out
to be the next depression, will you admit to being a fraud? I thought'll probably sneak out the back door and pretend it never happend.

Author WatchmanElad (5 years)
So true-So true Watchman, we have begun a time of darkness such as never
before seen since creation. I pray that our God will illuminate His truth
in all people that they would have eyes to see and ears to hear the
warnings of His wrath.

Author watchmanscry (5 years)
Yes, I am a fool for Christ. God Bless You.

Author TouchedbyHim (5 years)
AMEN.....the message is; we are ALL spiritual, ETERNAL is
our choice where we shall spend eternity......He is coming back so very

Author Athinea Hera (5 years)
what are strongs?

Author Glynda Linkous (5 years)
Many will not listen and will harden their hearts, but it will come all the
same. I have also been shown some of what is coming, as have many others.
God bless you for having the courage to speak the truth.

Author R Davian (5 years)
time for ashes to be poured on heads an dont for get to pull out the sack
cloth cause your gonna need it. the sin's of the church's have gone on for
far to long.

Author Michael Puskas (5 years)
I know in my spirit that what you are saying is true. God wants the hearts
of His people. NOW is the time to get all things in order and connect with
God and His word. I have been feeling this and say AMEN! The Lord is God!

Author worldartsdocmiller (5 years)
Remember that America really is Babylon or the Great Satan and it will
surely fall. The real Jews are the Palestinians who have been there for
thousands of years, the non-Semitic Khazar converts are from Magog and
Gomer (Khazaria) Tubal, Meshech and Togarmah (east Turkey) where the
Khazars originated). So, the Devil has fooled us; Israel (Palestine) has
already been decimated by the hordes of Magog with the help of Babylon (the
US) so the US will soon be gone. Dr. Miller

Author beavis1a03 (5 years)
With all seriousness, while I am having fun, I would also hope that any
higher being would be above and beyond love, hate, anger...etc. Those are
human emotions. If a being can create and destroy universes at will, I'd
hope it's a little more emotionally stable. Cheers mate.

Author WatchmanElad (5 years)
Here are a few points for the nay sayers, these coming days affect all of
us, these warnings are given in love and at Gods own direction (many will
be invited but few will come), the sins of the nations (against God) will
not be permitted to continue and the message we give is that of repentance.
Pray and truly seek God in this day for every knee shall bow and every
tongue confess Jesus Christ, Lord of lords and King of kings regardless of
your steadfast belief pro or con.

Author spanishmommyof2 (5 years)
I believe...and I'm listening! Thank you for your words. God Bless You! God

Author globehunter2 (5 years)
God is revealing his anger in these events that are plagueing us daily! he
is showing us that he and he alone is the one in Control. No man can pay
off God,s judgment): no President can turn back the rising water,s and
raging storms coming apond us. No one but God Almighty can prevent these
grapes of wrath from destroying the wicked. Aremen

Author followhimtolife (5 years)
That is pretty cool. You might be on to something.

Author theVirus7 (5 years)
how did he contact you?

Author kenandjasha (5 years)
It is truely amazin. This is a great vid.

Author Chris (5 years)
God once judged the world, being that he Loved the world so much, that he
gave his begotten Son. The judgment is not a penalty, it is an award.

Author beavis1a03 (5 years)
Not afraid of anything, much less your myth. I will say loud and clea,
there is no God! It's nonsense and it's been around for thousands of years.
If there is a God, may I be struck down now! Still around...

Author Charis114 (5 years)
As a Christian, I believe what Nathan is saying is 100% true. I'm "afraid",
not about what will come, because America has been enjoying her sins for
too long, but my 16 year old son is far from God. please pray for him. His
name is Joshua. Thank you and God bless/

Author johnaio (5 years)
Thank you. I would say very accurate but even if I didn't agree it wouldn't

Author KMags8 (5 years)
AMEN! Great video, and thank you very much for this message. I have been
feeling this is my heart for a few months now. The time is coming people!
Repent and get right with Jesus Christ NOW! Anyone interested in the Gospel
of Jesus Christ, PM me. God bless you all, in Jesus name, Amen!

Author karensera (5 years)
Thanks for sharing with us Nathan. A friend sent me your audios & I believe
you. I have shared your audios with others. Few are speaking the truth, few
can hear God's voice. They are not listening for it. Thanks again. Keep
going and do not get discouraged. The Remnant is with you.

Author sorrysonofa (5 years)
You're full of beans, and you are downright lying in this video. Yes, you
made that message up.

Author johnny kline (5 years)
these are the times of sorrows. repent !open your eyes and your ears. end
days men will become lovers of pleasure, rather than lovers of GOD .lacking
of affection for one another, wars ,rumors of wars, heady ,high minded
people, fierce, accusers, boasters,unthankful,unholy.despisers of those who
are good. put on the suit of armor of GOD. The book of revelation is
here.Listen to this video this is a good man.

Author danny19691969 (5 years)
people its not to late to be saved! in romans ch10 vers 9-11 that if you
confess with your mouth the lord jesus and believe in your heart that god
raised him from the dead, you will be saved! for with the heart one
believes unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto
salvation. in acts ch 2 vers 38 then peter said to them repent ,and let
every one of you be baptized in the name of jesus christ for the remission
of sins, and you shall receive the gift of the holy spirit !

Author WatchmanElad (5 years)
I too have been speaking of this day for many years and wrote By Way Of
Prophets in 1991. I have noticed more watchman with the same message of
repentance and dont expect a pre-tribulation rapture that John Darby taught
in the 1800s. Although I am heartbroken over the condition of the nations I
am thankful for a merciful God and ministers who teach the truth of He that
reigns on High and His Righteousness. May He continue to have mercy on us
all, amen.

Author ddiiaa52 (5 years)
It is a message that we are living right now. You can see God's judgement
everywhere. We are living in the endtimes!!!

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