Balochi song by Mir Rustam Lashari


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Author faisal baloch (5 months)
truly sung by rostam baloch and i think its a history,,,,,,,,,,,,, comment
from abudhabi............

Author saeedjaani (7 months)
great Rustam jan

Author Baloshi2007 (5 years)
Nooroz and Baloch, go n search history .... guys don't know Balochs call
them self Irani, Pakistani, Afghani... Balochs got own ethnic

Author Hamed Azezean (11 months)

Author Nadeem Baloch (2 years)
mir khoda tra kher danth ke balochi sakafat ta sate tage

Author mohsinbaloch100 (2 years)
dont fight we all are baloch hana?

Author azeem2204 (3 years)

Author Khuda Bakhsh (3 years)
wa wa lashari wa

Author abdulrahman jadgal (1 year)
zinda bati mir lashari

Author NBBalouch (5 years)
yes Baloshi2007 ur right.

Author Amal Hayat (9 months)
Eh Ghana baz mana wash nabit.

Author wigwamSixty3isback (5 years)
Balochi do celebrate Norouz dont they?

Author gruner88 (5 years)
Waja tai mehrabanient. Balochi sabz bat.

Author albaloosh (4 years)
great !!!

Author Baloshi2007 (5 years)
We Are Slave of Iran Pakistan.. How can we celebrate norooz or any day of

Author sarbaazdotcom (5 years)

Author saddam hussain (3 years)
baaz washy song hai rustum u.........

Author ibliiiiis (4 years)
aala aaaaaaaallllaaaa v good buloch got talent

Author moiz rakhshani (2 years)
the gr8 one of rustam love ya :)

Author saddam hussain (3 years)
baaz joan sauty mani bras....

Author shaz mughal (2 years)
am not baloch but like the beats ....make me dance :):)

Author Adnanrahim36 (5 years)
asalam-o-alaikum Dear Rustam How are u?u sing many nationalist songs then
why balochi dress never wear?we want to see in Balochi dress during singing
and plz cut ur Baarot

Author TheBaloch1 (4 years)
yar rustam bia pada mulka pada deewany kany, bia o mureed bia o mureed bia
deewany kany

Author TheBaloch1 (4 years)
Very Nice Song, Yar Rustam Lashari ha sak baaz shaabaashen k ha moderen
music taha balochi e inqleb aaortag.

Author shakoorbaloch (2 years)
bandda tawar biya rustam

Author prince0fjordan (5 years)
Wow dats realy koooooooooL

Author jeelashari1 (4 years)
i proud be lashari.......... LOVE MIR RUSTAM

Author zamur zehri (1 year)
rostam mirlashari nouroz

Author Naeem Jamali (5 years)
wa bahi rustam thai jawab nai

Author abdullah said (1 year)
اصلن بلوج اصليه اروبيه

Author ODYKrAzZy (5 years)
Long live Baloch Nation.

Author pcconf (4 years)
pretty song lovely thanks for video zobbi jaan

Author albaloshi333 (4 years)
waw rustam waw Baaz VSH.

Author Atta Hayat (2 years)
Best ever wa lashari brother u r the best I have one suggestion why don't
you make song for Shantol ....

Author azeem2204 (3 years)
good song

Author edessa18 (4 years)
Wow, the amazing voice.. Bijî Balochistan û Kurdistan! ^^

Author proprotools1234 (5 years)
عاشووووو ولاد العم البلوش باااااااااز وشي اغنيي

Author richard Vienot (1 year)
Très très beau - jamais diffusé sur les médias français! quelle
honte!!!!Comment peut on se priver de si belles choses?

Author Arshed Mehmood (3 years)
very nice song love u Baluchistan

Author Baloshi2007 (5 years)
we don't need their land we just wants our land back ... Baaz habar maka
mulka bager.. thai sar dagar sho

Author shu bal (5 years)
wah..! Love yeu Lashari..! mind blowing song

Author Amir Irani Albalooshi (4 years)
I Proud Of U /\/\r Rustam

Author zamur zehri (1 year)
the best baluchi singer

Author here2die4you (5 years)
my name is imran baloch and i'm happy to see so nice balochi songs and i
'll be even happier if i sneek through more songs to any braat who can give
me balochi songs u're most welcome thank you

Author aqibhassni (3 years)
nice sooooo i like ittttttttttt mir rostam lashri

Author Minji100 (5 years)
What a great song, what great music, and what a great singer.. Am a Baluch
from Oman and never heared such Music of baluch before.....many thanks for
posting it so it reaches us....Thanks

Author Khuda Bakhsh (3 years)
good songgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Author moushtaqhassni (2 years)
good song

Author baloch009 (5 years)
wah Rustam baloch , keep rockingggggg

Author sheikhhussaini (3 years)
Happy Jashn-e-Nauroz to all Balochs of Pak, Afghan & Iran.... a great
song... Long Live Balochistan

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