Captain James Cook - Mini Series - Intro

An Australian - German co productionBased on Captain James Cook's three voyages. It was on his first voyage, in 1770 (while in the South Pacific region to observe the transit of Venus), that Captain Cook discovered the east coast of Australia.

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Author katyrick09 (4 years)
What about the soundtrack, pretty good?

Author Sarita Mendelson (5 years)
How can I see this in English? I miss this series so much.... Is there
anywhere I can buy the DVD? Thanks

Author dpazos2001 (6 years)
I can buy this serie. Help me. Buenos Aires. Argentina. Thanks

Author NintendoRepairs (3 years)
Hmm... Just found an old VHS tape with it in English recorded off TV. I
don't know how much of it is on there.

Author LahainaPrintsellers (5 years)
Heh at least you still understand even if it is in German! Anyone have
anymore info on this mini series? Available in english? I sell prints and
our collection includes original engravings from this expedition so its
really cool to see this stuff recreated. This took place in Kealakekua Bay
after arguments over petty thievery by the natives. I mean they had never
seen iron before and Cook was on their island so its easy to see how this

Author timdutchboy (5 years)
This looks awesome. I'm gonna buy it from a site in australia :D

Author zacpowerable (2 years)
that is a good video zacpower

Author arwynt (4 years)
I remember watching this with my dad when I was a kid, Saturday evening TV
at its best! In Greece they had it in original English. If I ever find
English dvds, I'll buy them in a heartbeat! Excellent series! Thank you for

Author Boszilvi (6 years)

Author pektor72 (6 years)
One of my alltime TV series. and the soundtrack is great too (especially
the end titles). Thanks from Israel.

Author Boszilvi (6 years)

Author timdutchboy (5 years)
You can buy it on a shop on ebay.They ship it to you for freee

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