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Author garrett simmons (10 days)
do you have to get them in that order

Author tomoyo sakagami (3 months)
When u save Mia go back to the diner cuz Scout left a key and a book there
for u

Author Yuji Kaido (3 days)
Honestly most of the video guides this guy makes aren't very good this one
especially, If he bothered to think at all you can only get 3 on his second
playthrough cause the only car with 4 seats you aquire in lafferty. which
he does not visit in his second playthrough like this video shows. what he
did was retake footage an stick it together an called it a 2end playthrough
but it honestly was 3 total lol

Author Angel (3 months)
do you have to get the survivors in that exact order? Or could you get all
males for instances like blake, swenson, noah, harrison first then on
second playthrough get warren, mia, sheila, jane?

Author kevin houze (11 months)
ending and a relic you unlock after beating the game

Author Keshia Ramirez (11 months)
Anyone know where the new car keys are on the mission to find Merle?

Author jose gonzales (10 months)
its in the relics seccion

Author uno344 (11 months)
how do you get the pipe

Author GhostFace1301 (1 year)
I think unlimited ammo ruins the game

Author 68mediumrare (8 months)
sounds hard but thx

Author DirkWiggler69 (9 months)
Just let this is not a cheat glitch, it has to do with the relics in the
extra menu, and if you read all the descriptions of them it will tell say
infinite ammo, plus you after you have unlocked all the relics you have to
make sure to use it.

Author rockerhippie71 (1 year)
Every man, woman and child please!

Author enjoythesilence169 (11 months)
In the mission where you find Lucky Les and the gas... Take the ladder up
to the rooftop to meet Blake. Head over to your right on to the other roof.
There is a ladder you take down to another room. In that room you'll find
the lead pipe. Very useful weapon! Hope that helps and you find it

Author thelaxbro395 (1 year)
the police station across the street from the gas station, on the upper

Author Mr. Chaiinsaw (1 year)

Author Junisthelast (5 months)
Marpa dont feel bad this game seems to hard

Author Trystin Lamereaux (1 year)
Is this how you get every man woman child achievement???

Author SuperSillypie (9 months)
lol 5 days isn't that amazing try 3 hours

Author MrJedroi258 (8 months)
Hershel aproves.

Author Eliminator TAGB (1 year)
How did u get 4 survivors at the end I only have a car that can have 3

Author Luyanda Mnuna (11 months)
Is it possible that you can post a link to a save game file so that I can
copy that to my saved game file to unlock the unlimited ammo mode coz I am
a novice when it comes to this game dude!!! Stealth is not one of my
specialties when it comes to gaming

Author jose gonzales (10 months)
well ,complete the game,dindt find the people to get unlimited ammo,i
complete the game and gave me that as a relic when you find the rest of the

Author truenord2 (1 year)
Or you can use cheat engine scan for the amount of ammo not in your clip
shoot then rescan and repeat till u find the value and change it to 9999 or
do the same for ammo in clip and have infinite ammo to shot without having
to reload you can do this with Food aswell

Author enjoythesilence169 (1 year)
You've cheated some how. How in the world can you execute so many walkers
in a crowd without the others ganging up on you? I tried it and once I
execute one the other 6-7 of them gang up on me immediately after the

Author MayTheBestComentWIN (1 year)
Damn how do you even find these things out?!?

Author Daniel Trirron (1 year)
where are the batteries to get blake?

Author xXwOoDdOgxX (1 year)
I can't seem to get to the place where you find swenson and shelia

Author GhostFace1301 (1 year)
I a preorder bonus

Author ryan williams (1 year)
How do I get to Sheila and Swenson

Author xXwOoDdOgxX (1 year)
Oh never mined u got it haha

Author HALLOMA13 (9 months)
Can you do a walkthrough?

Author marioman81811 (1 year)
i know how go to extras in main menu

Author ImDaBeast209 (1 year)
To get infinite ammo u have to find all the relics

Author TheSouthparkkid11 (11 months)
Who ever used infinite ammo sux I finished this game in a 5 days. 1000
gamerscore bitch

Author marpa (6 months)
This game is way too hard... Can't get pass level 1 (First key) lol

Author Generic Name Here 〈-------- (11 months)
Is Harrison said his girls will be there it's a long shot but are his girls
Andrea and Amy.

Author sneakybeast642 (1 year)
Where is danvers on the map?

Author Erick Alvarez (7 months)
What is the gun with the scope

Author 545noah (1 year)
Is this game even good cause I mean it looks fun but the reviews are awful

Author Ethan Bird (1 year)
Lol i was tired. u got PS3 if u have add me ethanjames98

Author MaubroHD (8 months)
in the diner after you help mia

Author seekerdude (11 months)
thanks it helped out a lot

Author weenie pee (10 months)
cool video it going help me out so I don't worry about ammo

Author flyingcowgames galligan (9 months)
i want to cheat but I suck at this game ill never do it

Author King Pin (1 year)
How do u get herd mode because when i got the game and finished it there
wasnt no herd mode.

Author dozerherrera (8 months)
How can u take four survivors in one car

Author iiHOST1 (1 year)
Amazing great video. Thanks so much..

Author Ethan Bird (1 year)
its in the extras menu

Author green miner (1 year)
You need to save blake first! he gives probably the best relic! other than
infinite his is the best otherwise.

Author SuperSillypie (9 months)
you dont need to go to memorial hospital to get noah just make sure you go
to the mall to get him

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