[DWPoop Short] Day of the Moon Deleted Scene

At the end of Day Of The Moon , Rory hears more than he wanted in this extended cut / alternate ending. WARNING : watching out loud may make nearby people think your watching porn :)

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Author ozian_whovian_broadwaygeek (6 months)

Author timelordgeek16 (1 month)
Oh I love it!
Very catchy I am the Doctor theme at the end. Don't suppose I could use it,
could I......?

Author EnglishPony (5 months)
Bloody brilliant - almost too realistic :L

Author NarwhalSociety (5 months)
I ship this so hard.

Author BlueJerms Jermsgaming (6 months)
Amy's choice ;)

Author Chipolita Chokapik (4 months)

Author ozian_whovian_broadwaygeek (6 months)

Author Austin Rivers (6 months)

Author Rose Kingston-Smith Darvill (Prof Riv Song) (3 months)
OMG this is TOO realistic! Good thing I know its fake. (Really REALLY

Author Melody Pond (3 months)
Wtf mom??

Author Oliver Antal (9 months)
From the Adventure Games

Author Emma Kern (1 year)
&this is what happens when you have the doctor and a female alone in a room
for to long.......

Author August Kjærsgaard (1 year)
Amy pond and the doctors secret.

Author Harrison Cox (1 year)

Author Amy Neko (1 year)
Lol. This is fucking hilarious.. If a little bit too sexy.. Can't stop
laughing my arse off.

Author Jazzalona (1 year)
Whats the end song. if yours can i have a download?

Author Oliver Antal (1 year)
amazing :D

Author adamcbourke (1 year)

Author FishyindaSea123 (1 year)

Author mollione (1 year)
Hahaha this is edited really well :D

Author tuxedomask (1 year)

Author Dzintarz Jackson (1 year)
... wtf

Author Jocelyne (1 year)
I love the 'I Am The Doctor' remix at the end.

Author Elinor Coakley (1 year)
seems leit

Author Elinor Coakley (1 year)
legit i mean

Author Only Oni (10 months)
I'm scared...

Author Anthonydoctorwho fan (1 year)
2:03 i love it did u make it sick i love it

Author Ultradalek7 (1 year)
And that's how River Song came to be

Author SkybrewSam37 (1 year)
Je me sens sale X(

Author Pooper Imaginario da lnf (1 year)
and super adult to YouTubewill get accused

Author MadDalekDude (1 year)
The Doctors dickomotor The Doctor and Amy alone <=============3 Rory walks
in <=3

Author Margaret Brown (9 months)
What did you dooooo?!?!?!?!?

Author PlanetProductions123 (1 year)
lucky doctor :J

Author SimonB198207 (1 year)
So.... the Doctor was 'breaking her in'? I don't believe her was her
first... :) Good job DoctorWhoPoop

Author BrainDeadBoffin (1 year)
Amy: It is definatly an umbrella day! Weirdest thing to say during sex ever.

Author StarMotionAnimations (1 year)
Maybe I shouldn't have watched this.

Author Anthonydoctorwho fan (1 year)

Author lolnoortje (1 year)
how do you remove copyright from videos? :)

Author Anthonydoctorwho fan (1 year)

Author Doctor Who Poop (1 year)
You love it

Author Wilson Campana (10 months)

Author MrPitRull (1 year)
i'm cumming

Author Lucy Taylor (9 months)

Author Vegard Kildal (1 year)

Author Francisca Rayen Carvajal (10 months)
ohhh this is so silly! but the finl really made me laugh, so very ever much
silly xD

Author Alex Potterton (1 year)
A Who-rdon? XD

Author Keeler Rhodes (1 year)

Author Doctor Who Poop (1 year)
Literally remove the video and all speech from the episode... this video
took about 10 attempts to upload

Author Anthonydoctorwho fan (1 year)
i subbed please sub back

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